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Are you a fan of animation, romantic anime series? Or you are single, the game My Dragon Girlfriend Mod APK will be very interesting to you. It’s a fun hypothetical dating game. The game has cute anime graphics, a system of choice. You will have a set of three options for game characters. Your choice of character will dictate how the story progresses. Keep reading to learn more about the game.

Introduce My Dragon Girlfriend Mod Apk

  • A plot of the game

My Dragon Girlfriend has a plot based on a romantic but not real love story. You are on your way home, passing through the park, you meet an injured girl. She asks for your blood, and you agree to give her blood. The next day, you find that girl in your room named Alice.

  • Characters in the game

My Dragon Girlfriend Mod APK has a set of three options for characters that you can choose. They are Alice, Seychelles, and Merle.


  1. Alice is the girl you saved at the park and is in your room. Alice is a Tsundere dragon girl with a grumpy but cute attitude She was injured in the battle against the rulers of the demon world. You saved her so she decided to stay and repay you.
  2. Seychelles is your classmate. She was a dragon but came to the world to live like a normal person.
  3. Merle is a sweet but clumsy dragon. She is a dragon from the demon world and came to the world to bring back Alice.

These three girls are the characters of the game, they all have feelings and want to be with you. You will choose a character to date. That choice of yours will lead to the game later.

Highlight Features of My Dragon Girlfriend Mod Apk

You have free Premium Choices

My Dragon Girlfriend Mod APK has many mini-games. Through each mini-game, you will have the option to increase your intimacy with the character. You can choose all premiums for free. You do not have to consume any ruby when using premium choices.

The game has an interesting plot

When playing My Dragon Girlfriend, you will be free to express your flying imagination. The game helps you become the main character, there are many loving girls around. You are given the choice to date a girl in a whole new fantasy world. You will play mini-games and develop your affection and intimacy with the chosen character.


The game has impressive Anime style graphics

My Dragon Girlfriend has a cute anime graphic style featured. The game builds characters with lovely images, lovely looks, and many attractive, interesting sounds. Each character has built its personality and impressive and unique way of expressing emotions. Through the minigames, you will get used to the characters, interact with them more, and develop more affection.


The game has an attractive gameplay

You are the main character of the dramatic dating game. You have the right to choose the character to play with you and decide the next course of the game. For each female character you choose, you can choose to end the relationship or continue playing mini-games to develop a relationship with her. An interesting game with cute anime graphic design will surely captivate you like when you read a comic book.

Some tips to play My Dragon Girlfriend Mod Apk

  • Alice is a kind girl

She is a tsundere dragon girl. Although she has a gruff demeanor and speaks harsh words, she is very kind. With her sweetheart, you can make her feel happy with donuts.

  • Seychelles loves spicy food

If you choose Seychelles, give her spicy food every time she cries. She left her world to come alone to the human world, so she has many difficulties. Then she sometimes cries, you should respect and treat her well.

  • Merle loves peace

Merle is a lover of peace, fighting to bring harmony to everyone. She came to your world to take Alice back to her world. She tries to fulfill her duties, and you should respect and trust her peace-loving spirit.

How to download My Dragon Girlfriend Mod Apk

  • Step 1: Uninstall other versions of the game on your phone. Go to phone Settings >> Security>> Unknown Sources >> Turn it ON
  • Step2: Go to on your Android devices. Type: “My Dragon Girlfriend Mod Apk”, choose the latest version.
  • Step 3: Choose: “install” and wait till it finishes installing.
  • Step 4: Open the icon of the game on your device’s screen to experience.


Is My Dragon Girlfriend Mod Apk free to download?

  • Yes, you can download My Dragon Girlfriend Mod Apk for free on your Android devices

Do I need to pay to play?

  • No. You can download it on our website and play it without paying anything

Who the game is suitable for?

  • Due to the game’s plot about dating boys and girls, the game is suitable for those who are 12 years old.


My Dragon Girlfriend Mod Apk is a fun dating game in a fantasy world. You will have relaxation with a simple, fun game. You are free to imagine, choose and decide to date the characters in the game. If you are a fan of cute anime and have experience dating those characters, download now and enjoy!


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