Modern Combat 3 Mod Apk v1.1.7g (Unlimited Money) Download

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Mar 15, 2024
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Modern Combat 3 MOD APK features a 13-mission campaign with stunning cinematics and unforgettable encounters. With 12 players, 6 maps, and 7 different modes, this is a fast-paced multiplayer game. This game will not disappoint you with its addicting ranking system with over 90 experience rankings, high-tech modern weaponry, and next-gen high-quality graphics.

What makes Modern Combat 3 appealing?

With the cooperation of Gameloft and Activision, two giants in the game production industry, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation was born as a miniature version of Call of Duty for mobile phones. All parts of the game are optimized to run on mobile phones. But it is not cut off what has made the name of the elder Call of Duty. The game has gained over 500k downloads and a 4/5 rating on Google Play alone. And below are what makes the game get such overwhelming popularity:

Modern Combat 3 mod apk

Attractive storyline

The plot of Modern Combat 3 is as simple as those some breakaway terrorist factions from North Korea, Pakistan, and Russia have allied together to form the “KPR,” and have taken control of a significant portion of the United States. As a member of Phantom Squad, you’ll be tasked with a range of high-risk clandestine operations to help the team turn the tide. Doesn’t it sound intriguing?

Different game modes

Modern Combat 3 is a massive, violent, and well-polished shooter. Modern Combat 3 is the best first-person shooter on mobile devices, especially for multiplayer gamers. It has a 12-player online multiplayer mode that spans six maps. All of the “standard” modes, such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, and zone control, are available. Leveling up, weapon challenges, kill chains, perk customization, and more are all available in the same way they are in Call of Duty. The best part? All online multiplayer is available for free as part of the game’s $7 price tag.

Modern Combat 3 mod apk techtodown

High-tech modern weapons

Assault rifles, SMGs, light machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, handguns, and rocket launchers are among the 21 weapons available in Modern Combat 3 (the same number as in Zero Hour). Unlike its predecessor, Modern Combat 3 does not employ real-world weapon names, instead choosing fictionalized representations of real-world weapons. You are free to choose the gun that suits your playing style. Most of them can be purchased in the store. However, to save costs, if you see the enemy is using a good gun, don’t hesitate to take them down to get that weapon as a trophy.

Impressive 3D graphics

Modern Combat 3 is made with top-notch realistic graphics. The map in the game is extremely large, the objects, vehicles, and characters are all made in great detail. Epic explosion effects make you feel like yourself on the battlefield. You should use headphones when playing to detect the direction of the enemy based on the sound. Use this to hide and give the enemy a small surprise.

Why is Modern Combat 3 MOD APK required?

Modern Combat 3 is currently a paid game on Google Play. You can own and play the game for as much as $7. But if you cannot afford it, you can go with our Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation MOD APK. We offer it to you for free, and you can download and use it whenever you want. The version was also designed to make you a lot of money.

Modern Combat 3 mod apk free download

FAQ about Modern Combat 3 MOD APK

Can I play Modern Combat 3 MOD offline?

  • This is an offline game. So, you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere you want.

Is the Modern Combat 3 MOD safe?

  • This MOD is 100% free. We have tested it several times and it’s 100% working without ruining your privacy.

Is there any special requirement to install Modern Combat 3 MOD?

  • This MOD is compatible with Android devices running the operating system of Android 5.0 and up.

In conclusion, Modern Combat 3 MOD APK is one of the best, most realistic smartphone FPS games with even higher intensity and an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States. Download the game and take part in epic shooting battles.

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