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Mar 13, 2024
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Meitu Mod APK is One of the BEST FREE photo editing App in the world!, Most advanced way to make your photos more beautiful, Brilliant beauty App unmatched even by Professional Cameras. Powered by celebrities and influencers, Meitu is the perfect beauty camera App to customize your pictures. Beautify yourself and add text, apply filters, blur the background and more! – The latest material for Ramadan collaboration with celebrities, let’s celebrate with Meitu with beautiful photos! – Super popular natural photo editing software all over the World. – Selfie, creative photo editing, photo beautification, Meitu AI technique, one App all done! – Meitu‘s new gameplay trick with 1 button! Updates every week.

Introduce Meitu Mod APK

Meitu, founded in October 2008, is powered by artificial intelligence and is China’s leading social and processing platform. With the mission of “Meituo products to make the world a better place”, Meitu Corporation has created a series of software such as Meitu Xiuxiu, Beauty Camera, Meitu, Meitu Magic Mirror, Meitu Mobile, etc. Hardware products have changed the way users create and share beauty as well as popular selfies. On 15 December 2016, Meitu was listed on the main board of the HongKong Stock Exchange (“Stock Exchange”), stock code: 1357. In 2010, Meitu established R&D department inc, Meitu Imaging Lab MTlab, which is dedicated to research and development of artificial intelligence (AI) related fields such as computer vision, deep learning and computer graphics and promote enterprise business development with core technology innovation . As of June 30, 2019, the Meitu Image Matrix and Community App has been activated on more than 1.69 billion independent devices worldwide, with more than 308 million monthly active users. In addition, Meitu currently has more than 625 million users overseas and more than 10 million users each in 12 countries: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, United States and Vietnam. more than one million users in 56 countries.Meitu is the All-in-one photo and video free editor on mobile, which gives you everything you need to create awesome edits.

Highlight Featur Es of Meitu Mod Apk

Edit Images

Make your photos fabulous and sensational! – Effects: add filters to your photos and create different moods. – Mosaic: includes anything you want to hide. – Magic Brush: doodle your photo with different brush options. – Add-ons: customize your images by adding text sticker frames. – Collage: combine multiple photos into one collage using in-app template text and layout options.

Effects Animation

No more boring photo! Bring them to life and bring them to life with 10+ original and unique effects!

Effects of Art Unique Photos

The latest technology that automatically turns your portraits into stunning illustrations!

Qualifications Instant

Select the level of the beauty of your choice. – Get flawless glowing skin, straighter nose, whiter teeth, etc. In just ONE tap!

Features Body Retouch

Adjust your body with the features you like to use the functions in the application. – Skin: firm tones and adjust your skin tone exactly how you like! – Blemishes: get rid of unwanted acne scars spots and etc. – Eyes: brighten and enlarge your eyes and completely remove dark circles. – Body Shape: Want to be slimmer slimmer, shorter, more muscular, shorter or taller, muscular? Whatever your beauty preference, do it all with Meitu!

Intelligence Artificial

With Meitu innovative AI technology automatically detects your facial features and can add movement cute stickers or hand-drawn effect to your face while taking a selfie. – Compare your work with real photos every step of the way with just one tap! – Instantly share your edited photos with friends and family via social media. – Having a problem? Let our engineers know about any problems or suggestions in our feedback section!

Photo Amazing Magic

Photos so dynamic effects in a single click, like the story in the movie come true!

Picture Animation – Stunt Cute Dolls Special

Selfie or upload photos, soon produced a funny doll stunt by relying on AI, pinched face, change the hair, clothes, everything is personalized!

New Features Cutout Photo – Cute Photos and Pictures

New visual technique, the latest photo cutout feature has been launched, along with various types of static or dynamic backgrounds, cute and attractive photos!

Mechanical Magic Meitu – Andy Robot Sketch

Sketches AI robot Andy was born! Easily create special illustration style photos!

  • How to Play New Reconstruction Face 3D – rely on Adjustment Minim Faces – New features practically very popular – the reconstruction of the face, sides of the nose, the tip of the nose, the chin, the height of the lip, at will adjust the details of the face, such as plastic surgery micro casually adjusting, create more perfect selfies!
  • Hundreds of cute Material type – Stop None Monthly Update – Every month in addition to launching different materials with dreamy, cute, trendy styles also cooperate with famous roles or popular illustration painters create limited exclusive materials, leading the trend.
  • Beautify Photo – Relaxing Playing With Photos with good texture – Optimized intelligent: Built-in some situations photos, casually find the most suitable pattern. – Amplify: manually adjust the brightness, contrast, color temperature and saturation, the photo immediately has a nice texture. – Filters: various types of shooting style colors, choose at will keep it good. – Frames: casually use various types of frame characteristics, one button is right away. – Magic pen: rainbow, snow, halo, other characteristic pens, after being drawn directly add value. – Mosaic: the background plus one painting, along with the portrait lock function, casually displays a sense of art. – Stickers: various kinds of cute stickers, once pasted, the cuteness increases; also added with a personalized sticker feature. – Writing: added a writing watermark, using a photo to write a diary.
  • AR Camera Selfie Cute – Effect of Photographing Dynamic Super Attractive – Various types of stickers dynamic cute, attractive, coupled with dynamic music, they can use various filters freely, take pictures, record video, one key play freely, one second turned into a beautiful girl , very interesting special AR effects, artists, netizen stars also really like!
  • Perindah Images – Manual Setting Your Best Photos – Polishing Bleaching: The disabled are all gone, the skin whiter. – Eliminate spots and acne: relax a little, spots and pimples disappear immediately. – Slimming face and body: whichever slim you want, just push it, it can also enlarge the breasts and buttocks. – Remove wrinkles feature: fine traces, wrinkles also don’t need to be afraid, once rubbed, they disappear immediately. – Eliminate dark eye circles: immediately remove dark eye circles, parting with your eyes. – Eye enlargement: click immediately has innocent big eyes. – Eye brightening feature: apply lightly, creating both bright eyes. – Height increase feature: with one easy pull there are slim legs.
  • Puzzle – Many photos made One Works Perfect – Free, brochure, collage, 4 main modes create your personalized photo wall.


Q1: Can I use all the features of the app for free?

A1: Yes, most of the app features are free. However, some premium features may require in-app purchases.

Q2: Does the app have features to remove blemishes and acne?

A2: Yes, the app includes features to remove blemishes, acne, and other unwanted spots from your photos.

Q3: Can I adjust the skin tone with this app?

A3: Yes, the app allows you to adjust your skin tone to exactly how you like it.

Q4: Can I use the app to create collage photos?

A4: Yes, you can combine multiple photos into one collage using the app’s in-app template text and layout options.

Q5: Can I share my edited photos directly from the app?

A5: Yes, you can instantly share your edited photos with friends & family via social media directly from the app.

Q6: Is the app available to use in different languages?

A6: The app is primarily in English. However, it may support other languages depending on your device settings.

Q7: How can I report a problem or provide suggestions?

A7: You can let our engineers know about any problems or suggestions in our feedback section within the app.


In conclusion, Meitu Mod APK stands as a comprehensive tool for all your photo editing needs. Be it skin smoothing, collage making, or adding trendy effects, Meitu equips you with an extensive suite of features. The app also ensures user-friendliness with its intuitive interface and multi-language support. Its continuous updates and commitment to incorporating user feedback make it a reliable choice for both professional photographers and everyday users looking to enhance their photos quickly and efficiently. Embrace the magic of Meitu, and take your photo editing game to the next level.


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