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If players join monsters in their squads in Puzzle & Dragons, they will be able to recruit superheroes from Marvel comics into their squads in MARVEL Puzzle Quest. For Marvel fans, the latest version of MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod APK is a fun, casual game worth checking out.

General information about MARVEL Puzzle Quest

MARVEL Puzzle Quest is a match-three puzzle game with an intellectual twist. Players will command the superhero troops to fight in spectacular fantasy battles using these intelligent screens.


When combining diamond matching games with exciting combat role-playing screens, MARVEL Puzzle Quest features gameplay similar to Boost Beat, Kill Me Again: Infectors, or Toon Squad. The player will create powerful combinations to fight enemy-based conflicts by combining three or more diamonds of the same color into a horizontal row or vertical column. You will be the winner when each member of the enemy team’s health bar reaches zero. Apart from the intriguing mix of gaming genres that don’t seem to go together, MARVEL Puzzle Quest also appeals to players because of its character system. Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman, and Captain America are examples of superheroes from Marvel comics and popular science fiction films. They will show you how to command your favorite Marvel characters in breathtaking combat RPGs, participate in online PVP tournaments, and establish alliances in the game. It is time to unleash your superhero’s full potential and join the fight for justice!

Intriguing gameplay

In MARVEL Puzzle Quest, the game is played in 3v3 teams, with each player selecting three superheroes from their squad to combat. Players will turn each successful diamond stack into damaging attacks that attack opponents during the battle. As can be seen in the game, there are six diamonds on the board, and the player must build an attack by forming a row of three diamonds of the same hue (or more). The unique feature is that players will be able to activate each superhero’s attack skill by matching the correct diamond type for that character.


When the user correctly sets the color of diamonds on Hawkeye, for example, the superhero will cast the skill “Take Aim,” which doubles the damage of the assault. There will only be one superhero fighting in one turn. Players will also attempt to perform combinations of correct matches of the diamond that the superhero uses to activate the special skill to maximize the amount of damage. When the amount of damage dealt is dependent on the hero’s strength AND the number of combos taken, the role-playing component is evident. The highlight of MARVEL Puzzle Quest is that each superhero has unique abilities that vary depending on the superpower.


MARVEL Puzzle Quest provides players with two main storylines and multiplayer modes. Players will face more difficult opponents in the storyline game. It is also the main source of income for gamers when they level up their characters. Players will need to complete objectives based on each superhero’s storyline to acquire their skills. Meanwhile, in the PvP section, gamers can challenge other players at their leisure. In PvP battles, the opponent will attack and respond to the player automatically depending on the system’s AI. It is also necessary because players are not constantly available to accept challenges from others. To limit the player’s turn, we employ a fitness system. It is also seen in a lot of mobile games. MARVEL Puzzle Quest is a fun, casual game for fans of Marvel comics. The diamond stacking screen, which is both informative and entertaining, is available to players. What’s more impressive is that the game is available in both PC and mobile versions, providing gamers with a wider range of experiences.


Special Features of MARVEL Puzzle Quest APK

Points of Command

Players will use the command point in MARVEL Puzzle Quest to collect Legendary content packs and increase the five-star character’s power. A command point will appear next to the hero and ISO-8 points if you own it. You can earn command points by doing things like.

  • According to the tale, the main mission reward of the story series.
  • In both the story and the versus events, alternate rewards are available.
  • In terms of daily incentives

Single-player bouts and MARVEL Puzzle Quest‘s plot-based conflicts are part of the storyline series of events. All of these matches feature the Marvel superhero team. The combat tournaments, on the other hand, are part of a series of events organized by the publisher. It includes online forms as well as combat with real players.

Pack of health

After each combat, the Health Pack allows players to repair or restore their character’s strength. Each player will be given five health packs, to begin with. Additional power packs will be replenished during gameplay, up to a maximum of five. Health Packs can either be earned as task rewards or purchased with real money.


Alliance feature

MARVEL Puzzle Quest‘s alliance feature allows players to establish a team with friends or real-life gamers. For special rewards, allied parties will fight each other. During combat, you can also talk with alliance members to trade tactics. Each coalition must have at least one commander.

Battles Need

When you finish a battle, they give you a combat boost, which you can utilize in the next match. Each match allows players to select up to three add-ons. When assaulting foes, the summons will enhance ability points or damage.


Competitive fighting tournaments are held during the four-week season. Individual awards can be won, or players can join an alliance to collect points and compete for positions on the Versus Tournament leaderboards.

How to earn rewards in the MARVEL Puzzle Quest?

Basic in-game awards are earned by winning battles in a combat tournament or event. The second option is to compete in competitions and events (including alliances) with scores and rankings, to receive daily rewards (for alliances), or to receive via Facebook friends.

Form of Team Combat

The Team-Up function allows players to use heroes that are not on their team in battles. By allowing players to select Marvel characters to assist in the fight, this game allows for greater strategy versatility.

Points for Deadpool

It is possible to get through the “Tacos” tokens, 1000 hero points, or the rare cover of Deadpool, the figure that offers the daily task, by confronting the numerous enemies included in these challenges. The point you gain once a day for winning a match using Deadpool while using the existing squad is known as a Deadpool Point. However, you will only receive points if this character is a member of the squad, you are in charge of. Team-Up characters that are not official or supported are not counted. The super-powerful Whales form of Deadpool Point is frequently redeemed and used.

How to play MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod easily?

  • It is a three-on-three match. To play with, the player selects three distinct superheroes. Diamonds can be stacked on top of each other and used to assault opponents in the game.
  • There are six diamonds on the board in this game. To construct an attack, you must make a row of three of the same color (or more). There is also the unique feature of matching the sort of diamond that corresponds to a character to activate their skill.
  • In the game, if all of the diamonds are the same color, a superhero will attack. Each time, only one superhero fights, and they are unable to return. Make a match with the diamond that your hero activates if you want to do more damage in one turn.
  • A role-playing game is also available. If you make more combos, you can do more damage. This is unique in that each superhero has unique abilities that are dependent on their superpowers.
  • Iron Man is a tough guy who can absorb a lot of punishment. Other superheroes have special abilities that benefit their team. There are two modes in this game: narrative and PVP. In the story mode, you battle adversaries who are increasingly difficult to defeat. This is also the major method for earning money and leveling up your character.
  • Missions allow players to develop their characters. They can also participate in PvP matches for free. When playing a game, they instinctively attack and respond. Because players do not need to be connected to the internet to play the game on their phones, we should use the fitness system to limit the number of turns each player has per game.

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A.Q.s about MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod APK

What do I need for MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod?

  • Before installing Marvel’s game app, players will need a mobile device that runs on the Android operating system.

After the installation is complete, where will MARVEL Puzzle Quest be installed?

  • The MARVEL Puzzle Quest app will be installed on the device’s internal storage or SD card once the MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod APK installation is completed.

How do you update this game?

  • If automatic updates have been enabled in the settings, it will update automatically.

Aside from competing in tournaments or events, what are some other ways for users to earn points on Marvel Puzzles Quests?

  • Players can earn rewards from competitions such as alliances, daily incentives, and presents from Facebook friends, among other things, allowing them to level up their characters faster than they would by completing tasks on their own.

The game does not place a strong emphasis on plowing and pulling but instead encourages players to relax and enjoy the diamond leveling screen. What’s more impressive is that the game is available in both PC and mobile form. To give yourself more alternatives, try the MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod APK version!


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