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May 10, 2023
Mar 9, 2024
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Lost Pages Mod APK differs from other games in its genre mostly because of its turn-based deck-building system, which puts a unique and novel spin on the traditional mechanics of the subgenre as a whole.

About Lost Pages Mod APK

Unlike most other card games, you do not take turns drawing cards in this one; instead, you take turns playing cards with the energy associated with your turn. It stands apart from all other card games now on the market because of this.

The game Lost Pages Mod APK has a distinct gameplay and a brand-new kind of turn-based deck building system. It differs from other card games in that you must use energy to play each turn rather than just drawing cards at random.

Lost Pages Mod APK

Experience random elements

The player in Lost Pages Mod APK draws random elements (fire, water, earth, and air) rather than standard playing cards. The player may influence the outcome of the game by ability and strategy thanks to this innovative method, which greatly decreases the role of chance.

The “Ether Element” mechanism encourages players to construct lean decks because they can cast many more spell seals depending on the number of Ether Element cards, they have available. In contrast to other deck-building games, Lost Pages Mod APK contains a disproportionately large collection of spell seals, relics, and runes.

These elements will evolve as the player advances and will ultimately offer a variety of enjoyable gaming experiences.

Only a few players have succeeded in finishing the game on the hardest setting in Lost Pages Mod APK, which is updated often.

Lost Pages Mod APK for android

Experience the ultimate deck-building system

Become one of the first players to finish the game by experiencing the ultimate deck-building system!

Your decisions will affect the plot of the 125,000-word interactive book “Lost in the Pages” by a group of authors. It is totally text-based, devoid of images or sound effects, and run by the unlimited, unstoppable force of your imagination.

A dozen stories to choose from

There are more than six different stories available, ranging from fantasy and science fiction to mystery and horror. Can you save your uncle and bring order to the tales, or will the threat looming over him destroy you?

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary, with any orientation.
  • Travel the seas as a mermaid, ride a dragon, explore futuristic worlds or become a detective. The choice is yours!
  • Stick to tropes, or break them!
  • Save not one world, but many!

In Lost Pages Mod APK, the player doesn’t get cards; instead, they draw random elements like fire, water, earth, and air. By using skill and strategy, the player may use the one-of-a-kind system to lessen the influence of chance and affect the game’s outcome.

The player should construct a deck with a constrained number of cards in order to make the most of the “Ether Element” system. This is because the player’s access to spell seals scales directly with their Ether Elements collection.

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Various memorable experiences

Compared to other deck-building card games, Lost Pages Mod APK includes an extremely high number of spell seals, relics, and runes. These elements, which adapt as the player advances through the game, will offer a variety of enjoyable moments.

Players have seldom finished Lost Pages on the toughest difficulty setting because of the game’s ongoing upgrades. Utilize the game’s most advanced deck-building tools and compete to win the round first.

A novel deck-building mechanic

The Lost Pages Mod APK has a unique deck-building system. This place is amazing because it recounts the grand tale of how the moon was created. Every game session will have unique stages, opponents, and prizes. With so many distinct spell seals, relics, and runes accessible, the game’s synergy possibilities are almost unlimited.

Players can choose from more than 20 different “meta” deck tree variations at any moment. There are 46 different degrees of difficulty and several different card kinds to pick from (Attack deck, Fire deck, Wound deck, gold deck, Expire deck, and so on).

Lost Pages Mod APK latest version

Main Features:

  • Unique deck-building system.
  • An epic narrative based on the birth of the moon.
  • Different maps, monsters, and rewards for each run.
  • Limitless synergy with hundreds of spell seals, relics, and runes.
  • More than 20 different types of “meta” deck trees. (Attack deck, fire deck, wound deck, gold deck, expire deck, etc.)
  • Up to 46 difficulty modes.

download Lost Pages Mod APK for android

Download Lost in the Pages MOD APK


  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Unlocked Characters.
  • High Dame.
  • One hit.
  • God Mode.


Playing Lost in the Pages Mod APK, which is available from TECHTODOWN.net without the need for root, is free and goes more quickly.


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