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What is Live NetTV app?

Live NetTV is a great Android app that allows you to watch live TV from a variety of stations. Almost every live tv channel on the planet is available on this app. The Live Net TV application also gives you the option of selecting a quality level. You can choose between SD and HD quality depending on your needs. Entertainment, Sports, News, Kids, Action, Movies, and so on are all available on Live Net TV. You can also choose your TV station based on your location. Try the other apps like Cyberflix app, Oreo TV and Cinema HD if you want to view movies and TV series. Try Thop TV if you only want to watch sports. And these apps are absolutely free.

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What makes Live NetTV so special?

Maybe you are the type of spectator that enjoys making endless lists of movies and series you would like to watch. Living in such an era, where entertainment is almost completely streamed by digital channels, this is not uncommon. Every day, we learn about new releases, making it a bit hard to keep track of the entertainment industry. A lot of new channels are updated at Live NetTV, you can watch channels Live TV on this app For all the lovers of stories told by video, there is Live Net TV. This is not one of the streaming apps, meaning you cannot watch movies with it. However, it does keep track of everything going on in the movie and series industry for you. Whether it is a new release of Netflix, or a new movie going to the cinema, Live Net TV got it.

If you want to find streaming apps, you can search for apps like Thop TV, Pocket TV Well, it does not stop there. Although Live Net TV app does not stream series and movies, it does allow you to watch real-time TV on your mobile phone. The great advantage of using Live Net TV is accessing free live tv channels from many places in the world, and many different languages. Language students can profit from it by tuning in live tv channels from Spain, India, or Qatar, learning Spanish, Hindi, or Arabic as people use it in day-to-day life.

It is exclusively for Android operational systems, not being available for iOS nor in the Apple Store. Live Net TV is a free app but supported by ads. Browsing its interface, you will have to face many ads often occupying half the screen and wait for video ads with about 30 seconds of duration. Developed by Ghali Apps, the app delivers a very satisfactory user experience. It is intuitive, simple, easy to install and to configure, and works on the vast majority of Android devices. The app streams each Live TV channel for the spectator using an API service.

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Live Net TV features

When you land on the app’s Home Page, you will be able to browse the huge catalog of the most popular movies and series. The main use of the app is to keep track of your ratings and movie list. You can easily share a title on social media, letting people know you are interested in it. Live Net TV provides some biographies about the most popular and famous actresses and actors. You can satisfy your curiosity and check if she or he is in any movies you have not heard about yet.

In the Top Rated and the Popular sections of the app, you can check with titles that are gaining the most attention from the users. This can be a good hint on which movies or series you could add to your lists.

Live Net TV Channels available

The live TV channels available on Live Net TV are not static. The developers continuously change the app’s portfolio by adding or removing new channels, in different languages, and from different countries. One of the disadvantages of the Live Net TV app is the absence of a program guide. If you want to know what is passing in each channel, you have to tune it on. As of the day in this post is updated by the last time, Live Net TV counts only with 27 channels. They are:

Booba – Cartoon for Kids (entertainment, comedy, and cartoon):

As its name suggests, this American channel is specifically aimed toward the children audience. If you want to teach your kids some English, may this can help you.

Talking Tom (entertainment, family, comedy, and cartoon):

like the one above, this channel broadcast kid entertainment content.

Live Music (entertainment and music):

100% music content from the USA.

Music (entertainment and music):

the same thing as the above, only music is streamed. The focus of each one is very similar also, both preferring to broadcast electronic and pop music from the United States.

Nasa (news and technology):

the official National Aeronautics and Space Administration channel. It broadcast mainly news and documentaries about the latest space and aeronautics technology. If you are into engineering, this is the right channel for you.

Quran (family and religion):

A religious channel for Muslims from Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

NBC2 News (news, family, and documentary):

One of the most famous American channels. Based in Florida, it broadcast a huge variety of content, from local and world news to movies and series.

France 24 Spanish (sport, animals, news, documentary):

France 24 is a state-owned TV network. Based in Paris, it is broadcasted in four different languages, all of them being available on Live Net TV, as you can read below. France 24 Arabic (sport, animals, news, documentary). France 24 English (sport, animals, news, documentary). France 24 French (sport, animals, news, documentary).

Euronews (sport and news):

It is a news channel covering world events from a pan-European perspective.

ABP Ananda (news):

A news channel broadcasted in Hindi from Bengali.

ABP News (entertainment, news, and family):

From the same company as the above, this Indian channel transmits more kinds of content other than news.

NewsX (news):

An Indian channel focused on the hottest and latest news.

Republic Bharat TV (news):

Founded in 2019, this channel is also India-based and transmits news in the Hindi language.

Bein Sports News (sports and news):

An international network that offers sports and new content in the Arabic language. It was before a member of the Al Jazeera network, becoming an independent channel in 2013. It serves the Middle East and Northern African region.

Bein Sport (sport and news):

A subsidiary of the above one, also transmitting sports-related content.

Sky News Arabia (news):

A joint venture of Sky News and Abu Dhabi Media Investment Corporation, transmitting daily news in the Arabic language for the Middle East and Northern Africa audience.

A Spor (sports and news):

Turkish sports live channels.

Deutsche Welle (news):

One of the most popular European networks, focusing its content on world news. Although being based in German, it only streams in the English language.

Al Jazeera English (news):

The first English-language to be headquartered in the Middle East. It is an affiliate of the Qatari network Al Jazeera, the biggest TV network currently in place in the Middle East and the Arabic language. It does not only serve the Qatari audience, but also the English-speakers audience in Europe.

Al Jazeera Arabic (news):

The main channel of the Al Jazeera Media Network, owned by the Qatari government. As we see from the list above, the news and sports categories are the main focus of the Live Net TV app. Hence, the people who can get the most out of live net tv application are the ones that enjoy watching world news and live sports events and matches.

The greatest advantage is that you will access not only in one breaking news or live game in one language or country but in several. There is English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, and Hindi, and games from all over the world!

11 main categories of channels on Live Net TV, as of 2021.

Check them below: Animals Comedy Cooking Documentary Entertainment Kids Movies Music News Religious Sports Technology Beyond these categories, the channels available on Live Net TV serves the following countries: Australia: 3 channels, all in English. Brazil: although this category appears in the menu, there are no Brazilian channels available in the app. This seems like a bug or a placeholder for future additions. Canada: 3 channels. No one is in Canadian French; they are all in English. France: 5 channels, but 4 are different versions of France 24.

Each version is streamed in a different language: Spanish, Arabic, French, and English. Germany: same as in Brazil. Although Deutsch Welle is available in the app, it is found under the USA category and it is not available in German, but in English. India: 4 channels, all in Hindi. Qatar: 8 channels in Arabic. Saudi Arabia: 7 channels, all in Arabic. Spain: 2 channels, one in Spanish, the other in English. Turkey: 3 channels, one in English, two in Turkish. United Arab Emirates: Same bug, no channels available. United Kingdom: 4 channels in English. United States of America: 11 channels, including NBC 2 and the Nasa Channel. All of them are in English. Some channels overlap countries. For instance, Al Jazeera and Bein Sport appear in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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How to download and install the Live Net TV Mod APK

If you want to get the Live Net TV Mod APK file, you will have to go to the app developer’s official website because the Live NetTV app is not yet accessible on Google Play Store. For all customers who want to download the app and watch movies on their mobile devices, we have outlined the downloading and installation instructions below.

Installing the Live Net TV app in the Firestick TV

Maybe you are not satisfied with using your Live Net TV on mobile. If you have a Smart TV, you can share your smartphone screen and watch your favorite channels on the big screen. However, if you do not have a Smart TV, but you use a Firestick, you can still profit from Live Net TV features. You only have to download the app directly in your Firestick through the Downloader app. With just a few steps with the downloader app you can install Live Net TV for Firestick TV/Fire TV/Fire TV Cube/Amazon fire TV. Below, we are going to show each step in the process:

  • Step 1: Allow the installation of apps from third-party sources by following this path from your Firestick initial page: Settings > Developer options > Apps from unknown sources. Switch the letter to on and return to the initial page.
  • Step 2: Search for Downloader and get the app.
  • Step 3: After it is installed, launch the app and type the URL address of a link containing the app. Do your research first and find a trustworthy source to download that in your Firestick.
  • Step 4: Click on Go and wait for the download to complete.
  • Step 5: After the download is finished, you have done it! Now on, you can enjoy all those live channels directly from your Firestick TV!

Users can refer to some similar applications: Oreo TV, Thop TV and Pocket TV

How to download Live Net TV APK for Android

Live Net TV is one of free live tv apps. However, it comes with tons of advertising, often taking up half of the screen. If you want to have a more pleasant experience while browsing through your movies list or the available channels, you can click download button above and install Live Net TV APK Mod version. It is the same app but modified to block ads while in use. It is really simple to download Live Net TV APK. The only difference from installing a regular app is that you need to grant the right permission (just like in the Firestick option). To do it, in your Android device, follow this path:

  • Step 1: Settings > Biometrics and safety > Install unknown apps.
  • Step 2: Once you are the, look for your browser and click on it.
  • Step 3: Switch the option to on and you’re done! Has been allowed. Click “Download” button above the Live Net TV APK file and open it from your browser.
  • Step 4: Follow the installation process normally until it is completed. If the APK was good, you will face no problem.
  • Step 5: After the installation, you will be able to access all those different Live TV Channels on mobile!

We hope you liked our post! Do you have anything in mind? Maybe you noticed that the Live Net TV developers have already updated their channels list and it is different from the one you just read? Leave a comment! We will love to hear back from you! See you in the next post!

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