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Since over twenty years ago, Call of Duty (CoD), a giant in the video game industry, has mesmerized gamers. Many titles from this renowned franchise on different themes, stories and styles of gameplay have been published by Activision.  This title is created for diehard fans who love first-person shooter (FPS) experiences full of adrenaline as well as thrilling online multiplayer modes that will leave you breathless.

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What is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty or CoD for short is a seminal first-person shooter (FPS) video game franchise developed by various studios and published by Activision. Launched in 2003, it took no time to grow into one the most popular video games that engaged players with its immersive and pulse racing action.

The very heart of Call of Duty provides a first person perspective where players become soldiers or agents in intense combat situations. A huge variety of weaponry and gear is open to players; they will need to get acquainted with shooting mechanisms if they want to kill enemies and achieve objectives. Since then, the franchise has come a long way. The original titles dealt with World War II historical battles while modern warfare, futuristic conflicts or even zombie thrillers can be found now under the umbrella term “Call of Duty.” There are indeed many kinds of preferences when it comes to gaming which makes Call of Duty stand out through its remarkable versatility.

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Core Experiences in Call of Duty

Thrilling Single-Player Campaigns

If you want a story-driven game, you can find it in Call of Duty as it offers an engaging single-player campaign. These campaigns are always full of emotions and they often draw from history or fantasies. This is evident when storming Normandy beaches or surviving through the harsh realities of dystopia in the future as CoD’s single player campaigns have been designed to immerse players completely.

These campaigns go far beyond shooting enemies only. Storylines with interesting characters makes one feel connected to the script. Players bond with their digital friends and see all the good and bad sides of war (or other disputes). The Call of Duty series invests a lot into its single player campaigns as they are meant for world-building purposes, with some backstories that introduce lore for future sequels.

To read some comprehensive reviews on previous Call of Duty campaigns, visit’s special section dedicated to Call of Duty. They provide important information about each campaign’s storyline, gameplay mechanics, and overall quality.

Unparalleled Online Multiplayer

Call of Duty’s online multiplayer is its lifeblood. It is a battle area where millions from across the globe participate in various fast-paced games which pump adrenaline rush. These modes cater to different playstyles, from the chaotic thrill of Team Deathmatch (eliminating the opposing team) to the more strategic Domination (capturing and holding key objectives). Such challenges include Search and Destroy whereby attackers plant bombs while defenders try to defuse them leading to tense battles that force both sides to rely on wits and quick reflexes.

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The online multiplayer scene in Call of Duty always feels like war because people take it so serious just like any other competitive games. Players get better at this game by learning new skills, climbing ranks, making rivals (sometimes friends) among fellow warriors who have their own virtual lives too. There is no higher achievement than winning a hard earned match or outsmarting your opponents. Apart from the competitive aspects, Call of Duty is rich in community engagement. Together, they can build clans and join forces with their buddies to make strategic plans for the rest of their lives summing up this as more than just an online interaction.

A Diverse Library of Call of Duty Titles

The Call of Duty franchise has a large collection of titles which keeps on growing so that every individual who enjoys playing computer games can find something for themselves. These titles are generally defined by the period theme thus allowing players to choose those that delve into specific historical periods or deal with futuristic scenarios.

Echoes of War: World War II Titles

For lovers of history and fans looking to experience classic CoD style, it all began with WWII in the franchise. For instance, titles such as Call of Duty: Big Red One and critically acclaimed Call of Duty 2 take players through some great battles that define global moments at this time.

Modern Warfare: The Gritty Realities of Modern Conflict

On another level, there are modern warfare chapters like Modern Warfare 2 which are set in contemporary times and do not beat around the bush about it either. It offers dark stories through thrilling campaigns and intense online multiplayer such as one seen in iconic game called Black Ops III.

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Visions of the Future: Futuristic Warfare

Call of Duty features games like Advanced Warfare or Black Ops III that provide a glimpse into future warfare fantasies. These games have themes with advanced firearms, bionic implants and post-apocalyptic environment making them unique and full-packed action ones to play through.

Beyond the Battlefield: Unique Call of Duty Experiences

The Call of Duty franchise has never shied away from experimentation, and titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops that take place in Cold War Espionage or offer a thrilling cooperative zombies mode against hordes of undead are great examples.

However, this is just a tip of the iceberg in terms of the wide array of Call of Duty video games one can choose from.  To have a look at comprehensive list of Call of Duty games with their release dates and platforms check out’s dedicated Call of Duty hub where you will get valuable information to help you make your choice for an exciting journey that awaits you with a suitable Call of Duty game.

Call of Duty Mobile

While Call of Duty reigns supreme in the military shooter genre, another titan, ONE PIECE Bounty Rush, offers a thrilling anime-inspired pirate treasure looting experience for mobile gamers.


Call of Duty is one of the biggest names in gaming, blending explosive action, gripping storytelling and unrivalled online competition.  With its library spanning different settings and genres, there is a title for every gamer waiting to be found under the umbrella name of Call of Duty.  Thus, soldier prepare yourself! For You are about to join the fascinating world called- The World Of Call of Duty.

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