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Mar 4, 2024
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Drones have made capturing beautiful videos and photos easier than ever. But to master the art of flying them, a person needs to be a natural pilot. No worries—Litchi is here! This application gives you the ability to control drones and capture the perfect video.


One of the latest innovations in drones is a remote control app. With this new application, users can connect to many new generation drones and control them automatically. The app will bring more modern features to users that cannot be found on the drone itself.

Introduce Litchi for DJI Drones Mod APK

Litchi for DJI Drones Mod APK is an application that links to a user’s drone in real-time and gives the user a new interface. It can be complicated and hard to use for beginners, not only that, but it also uses special characters that only experts can understand. The different interfaces in Drone Deploy will be divided into a few categories. One of them is the drone control interface, which has a route map and settings. I can change the color of buttons or change their position in this interface. The app is designed to give the user a superior feel. When you first open it up, the app has an interface that’s unlike any other app. It’s military-grade, with tons of customization options.

Highlight Features Of Litchi for DJI Drones Mod APK

Connect to your project easily

Litchi for DJI Drones Mod APK is a drone app that can connect to any drone the user chooses. The app will not allow the user to interfere with the signal of another drone. The app will also encrypt the connection and improve the connection range, whereas this will only increase the user’s efficiency in controlling their drone. This application is unique in that it allows users to control up to two drones at the same time. Users can use two different tabs on their screen: one for the drone on the left and one for the drone on the right. Once connected with the phone, they can modify settings like changing quality from standard to HD, and explore other features that the app introduces.


Design the way your dispenser is simple

When users manually control drones to take pictures and record scenes, they feel uneasy. But with this app, it will be different. Users can set the drone’s travel route and direction of rotation so that it operates on its own without the user having to do anything. The map is automatically updated when the user moves to a new location, so they can see where they are going. They can also hover or orbit around a specific target location, to capture a 360-degree view. Drones are the way of the future. With their new route booking feature, they are simpler than ever and able to keep your hands-free while you’re having fun with friends.

Smart object detection

Do you feel like you have to control the drone and track the object at the same time? If so, “Litchi” has a cutting-edge feature. It will allow users to let the drone scan objects automatically and then it will be able to control the drone to follow objects any way the user wants through the app. With this drone, you do not need a cameraman to show the world your perspective. With the features set in place, the drone will follow you without any outside assistance. It’ll become an electronic pet that is with you all the time and will record everything that’s happening.

Leverage VR for extensive tracking

A new generation of drones that lets users connect to virtual reality and experience the world through their cameras is a pretty cool feat. But what if you could truly become a drone flying around, seeing every angle of the scenery up-close? That’s what Litchi offers: You don’t just watch a drone. You are the drone. With VR, there is no need to worry about using the controls on the drone. You only have to connect the VR and turn your head to control where the drone goes. The camera will follow your eyes for a truly immersive experience.

Various modes for easy control

For the first time, users will have real-time control of their drones. They can change the image quality, insert various effects, and use different filters for recording. With Litchi’s flight modes, users will be able to control their drones in ways they never could before, bringing a sense of manual control to this popular trend.


Another cool feature of the application is that users can live stream on multiple platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, in real-time. This feature drones cannot have, and it makes the application more valuable. Litchi is the perfect app to explore a whole new world with your drone and get limitless access to new features that your old drone can’t have. Explore an expansive new world while enjoying unlimited creativity with Litchi.


Is Litchi for DJI Drones Mod APK compatible with all drones?

Litchi is designed to work with a wide range of DJI drones. However, for specific model compatibility, it is advised to check on Litchi’s official website.

Does Litchi for DJI Drones Mod APK require any special permissions?

While Litchi does require permissions to access certain functions of your device (such as GPS for navigation), it does not require any permissions that aren’t necessary for its operation.

Is it possible to control multiple drones with Litchi for DJI Drones Mod APK?

Yes, the application allows users to control up to two drones at the same time. The screen will be divided into two tabs, one for each drone.

Can I live stream my drone footage with Litchi?

Absolutely! Litchi allows users to live stream their drone footage on multiple platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in real-time.

Does Litchi have a virtual reality feature?

Yes, Litchi leverages VR technology to provide a truly immersive experience. The drone’s camera movement is synchronized with the orientation of your VR headset.

Can I design my own flight path with Litchi?

Yes, Litchi allows users to set the drone’s travel route and direction of rotation, making it possible to operate the drone autonomously.


The art of photography and video recording has been brought to a new level thanks to the emergence of drones that can be manually controlled. With them, people can capture a wider, taller landscape and shoot photos at angles that humans cannot. However, many people still feel very limited in controlling drones, so they will look to Litchi, an application that makes it easier to control drones. With that application, users can connect to most new generation drones, and make them operate automatically, even setting their routes. The app will even bring users more modern features, and cannot be found on drones.


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