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LINE Mod Apk is not your typical messaging app. It also has features that allow you to chat with friends and family without paying a dime, or using data! LINE comes complete with a friendly interface, good-looking graphics of cartoon characters, as well as the ability for users to call their loved ones anywhere in the world at no cost whatsoever.

LINE Mod Apk

Introduce LINE Mod APK

With LINE, we’ve made it easy to share all your excitements and events with friends in a truly personal way. You can take photos or shoot videos of what you’re doing right now as well as post voice messages about the progress on that project report for work; then when they are done sharing, just send them off! LINE has a user-friendly interface, making it simple and easy to use. The app also features the TimeLINE feature which allows you to update friends with new information or save comments. Additionally, LINE Video Call supports video calls that are great for group meetings as well!

Highlight Features Of LINE Mod APK

LINE is the easiest way to express yourself. It’s not just about sending emojis; LINE has over 10,000 stickers for all occasions and moods that can’t be found anywhere else! With a Sticker shop loaded with unique designs from around the world, you’re sure to find one (or ten) perfect for your message – it’ll make your texting more fun than ever before!

Line Mod Apk free

Video calling with the group

Group video calls, intimate conversations, or large round tables can happen anywhere with up to 200 friends in your group simultaneously. Create a new chat room and organize it however you want! You might be surprised by the connections made during these virtual meetings. Polls are a great way to make quick decisions and avoid lengthy discussions. Whether it’s what restaurant you want for dinner or where you’re meeting up with friends, polls can help make the decision-making process much easier. Enjoy a free video call with anyone in the world, even if you’re calling from different countries. Create your own filter and use cool effects to make that special someone feel like they are right there next to you!

Share everything with your friends easily

With the new app, you can share everything with your friends. You’ll be able to tell them what you’re thinking or show off a snap of that beautiful sunset in less than ten seconds! “Convenient chat when anything is possible.” With these easy-to-use features and quick sharing, you’ll feel like nothing’s been in the way before! In this digital age, social networking is a part of our daily lives and can be used to share with friends the moments we’ve been up to. With messages, photos, videos, and locations on TimeLINE, you’ll never miss out!

Use tons of unique stickers

The sticker store is a never-ending treasure trove of stickers. You can find everything from Disney characters to animals and emojis on your journey through the store!

LINE‘s auto-sync feature

Meaning you never have to worry about your chats not being updated. Whether on the go with mobile LINE or connected to your desktop version using PC, Mac, and other devices; All your chats are always automatically synced between instances.

Unlimited storage space

Keep is a free, safe place to store all your memories. Unwanted photos and videos can be framed as artwork in Keep’s powerful gallery feature or deleted with the handy “Delete” button. The app is available on iOS and Android devices from the Google Play Store.

Connect with friends around the globe

LINE is a fantastic way to stay connected with friends and family, even when they are far away. You can call them for free after watching ads or use LINE Out to make international calls at low rates!

Join the fun games

Face Play: Gather up your friends and get ready to do some serious flexing! Get new high scores in solo mode, or battle it out with a friend for double the fun.

Line Mod Apk Unlimited Cois


Q1: Is LINE Mod APK free to download?

A1: Yes, LINE Mod APK is free to download and offers free messaging, voice, and video calls.

Q2: Can I make international calls using LINE?

A2: Yes, you can make international calls with LINE. After watching ads, you can call for free or use LINE Out to call at low rates.

Q3: How many stickers does LINE offer?

A3: LINE boasts over 10,000 stickers for all occasions and moods, available through the Sticker shop.

Q4: What is the ‘Keep’ feature in LINE?

A4: ‘Keep’ is a free storage space provided by LINE for storing all your memories. You can store photos and videos, frame them as artwork or delete them as needed.

Q5: Can I use LINE on different devices?

A5: Yes, LINE‘s auto-sync feature ensures that all your chats are updated across devices, whether mobile or desktop.

Q6: Can LINE be used for group video calls?

A6: Yes, LINE supports group video calls with up to 200 friends simultaneously.

Q7: What is the ‘Face Play’ game on LINE?

A7: ‘Face Play’ is a fun game on LINE where you can compete for high scores in solo mode or battle it out with a friend for double the fun.


LINE Mod APK reshapes communication around the globe, allowing you to enjoy not only messaging but also free voice and video calls wherever you find yourself. Download LINE and discover the reasons for its global popularity and number one ranking in 52 countries.


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