League of Masters Mod Apk 1.37 (One Hit, God Mode)

Jan 24, 2022
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MOBA games with their engaging gameplay features and minimalistic mechanics are a League of Masters: Legend PvP MOBA. Your character will move around the level to complete similar challenges as they do in a typical MOBA game. You will unlock new characters through gameplay and compete against other players in PVP battles or dungeons in Campaign mode.


Join the dramatic battle of Moba

Players will get a taste of the MOBA genre in League of Masters, a game that lasts about 10 minutes. Such a short time frame means this game has some differences from other games in the same genre, such as Arena of Valor. Specifically, in League of Masters, the field is only one lane instead of three, and teams can range from just one to three players. This simplicity of the game screen creates a direct face-off between players and enemies on the field. It is straightforward to follow even for mediocre players, which is why they can depend on one another to take down enemies or destroy enemy towers. All they need to do is observe the environment and use skills correctly and increase the power of their champion.

Complete the goal at each level

In this game, you must choose a champion to go into the level. When entering the game, you will be in combat. You must pay attention to dangerous places such as turrets, which you must destroy to win. To have a chance at winning the match, you need to have minions. One way to increase your skills in this game is easy, but you will need to prioritize. You can choose 3 skills that you want to focus on – these will be stronger when you reach level 6. Of course, you will need to worry about how much mana you have, because when you use skills too much, you’ll lose energy and be unable to participate in battles with your teammates. Also, there will be some potions scattered around on either side of the battlefield.


There are many points in this game that you can find, but the upgrade items are the most important. For example, each character has a certain number of item slots. When you click on a slot, you’ll see a list of items that only increase your stats. You’ll need to choose which stat you want to buy and continue your upgrade. Improving the stats on your character is important, but with these upgrades can come challenges. The prices for these upgrades will increase, and you’ll need to choose which one suits your character best. For characters that do damage, increase their damage and crit ratio first, and you might also want to upgrade another stat to make the character more durable overall.

Unique setting system

Online gamers will find 20 powerful characters with different skills inside League of Masters. When you want to play a new character, you spend time learning about their skills. This will provide an enriching experience. The characters all have different strengths, so you’ll take time to adapt to them.


I love the unlocking mechanism in this game! All you have to do is collect enough materials and then you get the character you want! I feel like it’s more understandable than games that force you to wait for time to go by. The only downside is the limited number of champions.

Characters Power Up

The character’s level is equivalent to your level. Therefore, you will need to play through many matches before being able to upgrade the strength of the champions to help you easily overcome the difficulties in the game. Two other modes besides PVP are campaign mode and practice mode.


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