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Download the newest Last War MOD APK to experience unlimited gameplay, featuring endless money and gems. Click to download immediately and access all the thrilling, action-packed features.

  • Unlimted Money
  • Unlimted Gem


Envision a world destroyed by an endless contagion, where mankind fights against interminable waves of the living dead. Last War is the embodiment of this dismal reality; it is a post-apocalyptic strategy survival game that will test both your mettle and strategic brilliance.

In Last War, you become a leader who guides survivors through wastelands. Establish a safe place, collect resources and make alliances with other factions in order to secure some future in the unforgiving world around you.

Yet your goal is not limited to staying alive. You need heroes : legendary fighters having unique powers : to protect yourself against infected hordes which attack without respite and cement your position among other players in war-ravaged earth.

Last War MOD APK

What Is Last War?

Last War plunges players into**The Broken World**, also known as the aftermath of global disaster. Inhabitants no longer recognize their surroundings for what they were before — they teem with sick people everywhere now. However, nobody knows where all this started despite different stories being told about its origin here or there.

You are given the most important role in such deserted lands : hope carrier; someone who can lead others towards normalcy again after everything has fallen apart around them.Building shelter becomes therefore top priority because without it life would be almost impossible under these circumstances so **you must gather necessary things**like foodstuffs , water tanks etcetera while looking for good building materials among other items needed during construction process itself . Your people should live somewhere safe like shelters or barracks together with their army units where they will stay until further notice depending on situation .

Still, survival does not only revolve around bricks and mortar since infected roam wasteland thus posing constant danger to any growing civilization .This is where Last War shows us its true colors by offering various ways of fortifying bases strategically through watchtowers , walls etcetera which should be placed at different points within players’ territories. Those who want to succeed also have to learn how best they can manage resources because every now and then your subjects will need one thing or another while faced with never ending threat from hordes of undead creatures.


The success of your community in Last War heavily relies on base building which serves as a springboard for establishing vibrant society capable of repelling infected attacks effectively .Initial phase involves setting up simple structures that can keep people alive momentarily during this trying period . Some examples are given below:

  • Shelters: These are basic units designed to offer refuge against violent weather conditions outside coupled with constant danger posed by infected individuals lurking everywhere around them.
  • Command Center: This acts heart from where all necessary operations aimed at ensuring survival within such harsh environment revolve around. It’s here that various supplies brought in by heroes get managed, buildings upgraded among other things being done regularly.
  • Resource Production Facilities: Farms, mines and water purification plants fall under this category since they play vital role in provision of essential items required for sustaining growing population as well fueling expansion activities carried out thereafter.

Game Features

Last War has several game features that will give the core gaming experience more depth. Here are some of those elements:

  • Daily Quests and Challenges: Everyday, you can participate in quests and complete challenges to gain rewards. The goals can change dynamically, shifting from gathering resources to eliminating certain types of infected.
  • Hero Customization: You may customize your hero’s look and outfit them with gear that complements their strengths. This will allow them to grow stronger and eventually become powerful warriors on the battlefield.
  • Social Features: Connect with other players through this game by forming alliances or working together. Guilds could declare war against each other or different alliances may unite their power, trying to reach higher positions on leaderboards.

Last War MOD APK


In Last War, you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by an unstoppable plague. But among all this devastation comes opportunity : an opportunity for you to be that light at the end of tunnel; a leader who can guide his people towards survival and prosperity when everything else seems lost.

Last War boasts deep strategy elements which will test your planning skills along with heroes from various backgrounds ready for battle across vivid landscapes filled with challenges & rewards alike. So gather up your courage, bring out those heroes and let’s fight till the last one standing!

If Last War‘s post-apocalyptic setting isn’t what you’re looking for but still want a strategic adventure then European War 5 might just do it for ya! Take a trip through history as you rewrite famous battles from six different eras while conquering vast empires across the globe. Command legendary figures such as Julius Caesar or Genghis Khan during large scale wars set in entirely different periods altogether!


Are there any special events or unique challenges in Last War?

Indeed! There are time-limited events that offer fun opportunities within the game. These might include unique challenge modes with special rewards, increased chances of drawing high rarity heroes or even thematic leaderboards where players can compete against one another for prizes based on certain criteria. Keep your eyes peeled as these events can help you progress faster and obtain more valuable resources & heroes.

What tips do you have for new players in Last War?

  • Campaign missions are key: The campaign acts as a tutorial by introducing core mechanics while also giving out significant amounts of resources which can greatly speed up base development.
  • Join an alliance early on: Alliances bring many benefits to beginners such as access to advice from experienced members, resource sharing between allied bases and cooperative challenges that yield larger rewards than solo ones.
  • Diversify types of heroes chosen: Do not only go after those deemed strongest but rather aim at creating teams with different roles (combat specialists, gatherers or supports) so that they can handle various adversaries effectively.

Are there any hero classes that are recommended for beginners?

Depending on the style of the game, heroes who have resource-gathering abilities can be very useful for beginners. These characters can greatly speed up your early base building, letting you unlock new structures and research technologies quicker.

Is it possible to play Last War on PC?

Last War is currently designed as a mobile game available for download from Android and iOS devices primarily. At this time there is no official version for PC. However, using emulator software could allow you to play the mobile version on your computer, though this is not officially supported by developers.

How do I get heroes in Last War?

Here are different ways to acquire more heroes:

  • Hero Recruitment System: Use in-game resources or currency to summon heroes with different rarities.
  • Campaign Progression: Earn specific heroes as rewards for completing campaign missions and objectives.
  • Limited-Time Events: Take part in special events that offer unique heroes or higher chances of obtaining high-rarity ones.


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