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Mar 6, 2024
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We have always marveled at dinosaurs even though they went extinct millions of years ago. There is just something amazing about these giants that we have created countless movies, shows and even games around them. If you have a great passion with Jurassic World, then you will love this Jurassic World Alive Mod APK!

A little information about Jurassic World Alive?

Jurassic World Alive is already holding immense popularity and has crossed over 50 million downloads. It’s one of the best dinosaur games available on the Google Play Store which features the Colossal 3D graphics, cool animations & breathtaking storylines. Moreover, the gameplay is dynamic, including numerous prehistoric animals along with dinosaurs challenging & destroying each other in thrilling battles. Excepting all these interesting features, you can also enjoy an online mode and compete with the actual players all over the world.

Jurassic World Alive MOD

What’s special about the Jurassic World Alive Mod APK?

Jurassic World Alive is free to download. But still, it is an Android game so it contains tremendous in-app purchases that require hundreds of Indian Rupees for getting unlocked.  However, you don’t need to get stressed because we are offering you all the privileges & infinite purchases free of cost with the Jurassic World MOD APK. Yes, you read it right. It is possible to unlock everything without a VIP subscription. The only thing you need is this exceptional app, and that’s all! Keep reading on to explore more special features about this app.

Unlimited free purchases

Dino Bucks is the foremost resource or gaming currency in the Jurassic World Alive that helps in speeding up dinosaurs, gaining coins, and food. Bucks can be bought by the prize wheel, from events, or by spending real money. But there is no need to play such events anymore. Just download the Jurassic World Alive MOD APK and you can have smarter gameplay and get all in-app purchases for free because this modified version contains infinite bucks’ script. Isn’t it exceptional?

Unlimited Coins and Foods

Coins are the primary currency in this game that are needed to buy anything even for a single add-on in Jurassic World. Also, it is easy to activate Food Production and buy Buildings and Decorations, if you are having plenty of coins. Moreover, food is also an important resource in the game which helps in upgrading the dinosaurs.

So what Jurassic World Alive MOD APK can do you a favor is offering you an infinite amount of money and food for the free and rapid expansion of new land & creatures. Isn’t it a goal?

Limitless Card Packs

Jurassic World Alive is a gigantic game, consisting immense resources. Except for Coins and Bucks, the game also grant you with the cards for making this game multi-functioning. These cards are useful for buying resources to operate in the Jurassic World.

For freely purchasing and using these cards, you can download the Jurassic World Alive MOD APK. This modified version features unlimited and all cards unlocked. Just enjoy it!!

Jurassic World Alive

Unlimited DNA

In case you need some more reasons to love the Jurassic World MOD APK, it awards you with infinite DNA which is used to recreate dinosaurs. Generally, you need to spend real money, sell relics, or win the special missions for acquiring DNA. But with this modified version, you can experience unlimited DNA at no cost. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make a Jurassic World of your own.

Free VIP subscription

Jurassic World Alive also contains a VIP membership which you can purchase by spending some real money. After unlocking this, you can update numerous legendary dinosaurs every single season. This means that you can have access to all sorts of dinosaurs such as Carnivores, Herbivores, Pterosaurs, and all other free of charge.

Out from the novels & movies, the grandest creatures of the Earth now have been brought to live in the Jurassic World Alive MOD APK. Download it create your own Jurassic World.


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