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ISS Detector Pro MOD APK will be a useful tool for spotting satellites on Earth and pinpointing their specific location. The app will notify you when and where to discover the International Space Station or the Iridium cannon. Of course, you will receive a reminder a few minutes before it appears so that you never miss a pass.


Overview of the app ISS Detector Pro

ISS Detector Pro is considered to be the most well-known application in the world right now for people who are interested in and passionate about space travel or astronomy and want to find interesting things in the moonlit sky. This curriculum will likely prove to be highly beneficial for everyone. It belongs to the category of education and was made by RunaR for free.

Unique tracking

The application is fairly straightforward if you are passionate about anything in the universe. With the help of this program, you may view the night sky as realistically as possible. Another outstanding aspect of the software is its unique tracking capabilities, which enables you to monitor anything on the world.

Observe all titles

Users only need to choose the option to view all neighboring satellites in order to get a prompt reply. With the aid of the application, you may observe the satellites that are the most realistic, and from these satellites, you can notice the bright regions that demand your attention. It’s noteworthy to note that using an intermediary prism, this observation will allow you to glimpse that satellite’s highlights.

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Calculation of transfer

No satellite on the planet will actually remain stationary; they could move at any time. Users can make use of the feature to compute the displacement of these satellites in order to change the direction of view and see the desired satellite. This computation is increasingly being improved to have a respectably high accuracy in order to provide consumers trust when using it.

Zoom to the maximum

Users can zoom in on specific locations after selecting them. The ability to launch will be quite strong, and users will be able to see all of the satellites and stars in the sky. Users will gain a better understanding of the maximum zoom by catching satellites around the world and analyzing their movements. 

Comets tracked

The program’s special comet tracking functionality is another draw. With the aid of this function, you will be able to see all the comets that are close to the planet and their current speeds. Realizing the traits of each sort of comet can only be done through observation.

Introductory notices

Notifications about the motion of stars and satellites will be available in the application. Users will be able to more clearly see the movement with the assistance of the notification feature provided by the program. Additionally, the users can schedule a time for monitoring thanks to this notification. You can use a variety of notifications, including ringtone and message alerts.

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Why download the latest version of the app ISS Detector Pro MOD APK from TechToDown?

All in all, ISS Detector Pro is a fantastic program for astronomy enthusiasts. It can occasionally be a helpful tool for those looking to study and further their scientific research. And even with all of its incredible capabilities, ISS Detector Pro continues to deliver the majority of its incredible features for no cost at all. Android users may easily download and install the software on their mobile devices without having to pay anything.

But since the app is a freemium product, you’ll have to pay extra to access all of its capabilities, which is something that not everyone could afford. As a result, you might prefer to use the updated version of ISS Detector Pro available on our website. You can have fun with it by using the totally free, unlocked software, without any advertising, and other things. And all you have to do to properly install it on your devices is download the ISS Detector Pro MOD APK and follow the steps we’ve provided.


That’s all about the app ISS Detector Pro MOD APK. Download it now to explore the sky.


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