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Sep 8, 2022
Feb 27, 2024
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Take a trip across the galaxy and explore countless worlds in this space adventure. You will embark on an extraordinary journey as you attempt to discover what lies beyond each new sector of deep space!

What’s waiting for me out there? The possibilities are endless with so much open territory ahead, but I know that nothing lasts long when it comes down to us all being alone together.

Introducing Iron Marines Invasion

Introducing Iron Marines Invasion

With a wide variety of stages, unique worlds, and special operations to explore in this game you’re sure to have fun! You’ll learn how each mission can be completed with its own particular terrain as well as style.

The enemies that await are also different from one another so it will take some time before they become repetitive or boring because there’s always something new coming up next on your journey across the Star Wars universe alongside Rey – May the Force Be With Her!

Lead the Federation’s troops across space, with help from Heroes and Units that will allow you to boost your RTS game skills to their maximum level.

Journey to a galaxy far away and fight alongside friends against extraordinary enemies in this fun, action-packed game. Engage with fierce creatures on your quest for peace!

Lead the Federation’s troops across space, with help from Heroes and Units that will allow you to boost your RTS game skills to their maximum level.

The invasion is at our gate!

Lead an elite force of space marine soldiers in the most intense battles imaginable. ally yourself with Federation’s best plasma rifle shooters, assault carbine tacticians, and heavy weapon specialists for planetSide missions that will test your skills like no other!

The new squad system in this game means you can choose from a variety of units with different skills. So whether your party needs someone who is good at fighting on foot, like the rangers; or if they want some heavier armor for when things go bump in the night – we’ve got them covered!

Heroes are needed to keep peace in the world! Take on the role of a trainee and learn how you can be one in this game. You will have access not only to boosting up your army’s morale but also becoming more powerful through the use of skills that help them fight against upcoming enemies before they attack–or even detect when it is time for an engagement.

Become an expert on the greatest mysteries in the galaxy!

The more you explore the world of Record Link, and learn about its inhabitants-the stronger your army will be. The game’s encyclopedias offer a wealth of tactical information that can help bring down enemies in battle or even survive them if they’re encountered head-on!

Enjoy the features of Iron Marines Invasion

Enjoy the features of Iron Marines Invasion

  • An entire galaxy to be discovered.
  • 25+ campaign missions that will take you on an incredible journey through space. You’ll have the chance to explore tons of planets and defend them with your strategy!
  • The ancient art of Special Operations has been around for as long as humans have existed. In this new era, we’ve perfected our skills and now offer 70 different operations that will boost your Marine abilities to the peak level!
  • You can field a 24-person detachment from 8 different unit groups for the perfect army that matches your needs and style. Whether you want more standard troops, elite soldiers with heavy armor, or magic powers – we have it all here in one convenient package!
  • The 8 heroes of this galaxy are waiting for you to train them. They’re strong and powerful, so make sure that their skills grow into something amazing!
  • The 8 Special Weapons that will boost your army to new heights! These instant-bursting weapons like bouncers and toxic bombs are great for taking out groups of enemies in one go, while drone factories provide an alternative method when you need more troops on the ground.
  • The finest army deserves the best equipment, which is why we’ve packed 40 upgrades for your troops. You’ll be able to defend yourself with defense drones and napalm rockets while also gaining access to new types of blasts that ricochet off surfaces or bounce across uneven terrain!
  • With 20+ achievements to your name, you’re certainly not just a rank-and-file real-time strategy enthusiast. You have true expertise in this field!


The galaxy is your oyster when you play as an elite military force in this real-time strategy game. Choose between Casual, Normal, or Veteran mode to customize the experience for yourself and fight across different planets against computer-labeled difficulties – if it’s too easy then try Impossible Mode!

The best way to play a game is offline. With an amazing real-time strategy experience, you can enjoy it anywhere and explore incredible worlds! Iron Marines Invasion is an epic, real-time strategy space odyssey that will give you hours of colorful and fun gameplay.

Offering a compelling story with beautifully destructive battles in which players can indulge their every military fantasy without having to worry about any online connectivity requirements or limitations!


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