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Dmitry Gavrilov
January 5, 2023
Android 5.0+
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What is Instander APK?

Do you know you can’t download a media file like a video or picture posted on Instagram without a downloader? Or that ghosting your presence isn’t allowed on people’s stories and posts? Or how difficult it is to get a verification badge without having to go through a long, tedious process as well as going through your life on the Network? Instander apk is an Instamod for Android phones that lets Instagram users access extra helpful features that might help them resolve the aforementioned problems. This program allows you to utilize the platform of its platform rather than the standard IG app to get access to your Instagram account. As a result, you may have the best social experience imaginable.

This is a safe app that guarantees users a great browsing experience without any danger of being banned due to using modifications because it comes preinstalled with effective and professional anti-ban features.

Features of Instander APK

Instander is a Instamod that can do everything you need from Instagram, and it has many of the same features. It was initially created to provide users with several additional features that they had been calling for but couldn’t access through the original app, including the following:

Download pictures and videos

I’m a huge fan of amusing vines, and Instagram is one of my primary sources for these videos online. My appetite for memes and vines is generally slaked here, but whenever I attempt to download these amusing pictures and videos to my phone, the experience is never long-lasting. Third-party downloaders have their benefits, but they have limits. Using the Instander APK without an internet connection allows you to save images and videos to your device, as well as remove the original program and save space by using it as the main platform for accessing your IG account. Travel about the network and whenever you discover something exciting. If you want to download more media from Instagram


Close Friends List

Sometimes I like to tell my stories or articles to a select few, probably because the material may contain an inside joke that only they would be able to understand and find amusing. That’s why I do it, and some of you undoubtedly have your own reasons. With the Instead APK, you can build your very own list of close pals from You may make changes to this list at any time by adding or removing people, and they will not be notified either way. The pictures and videos attached to your friends in this list are frequently labeled with a distinct tag that distinguishes them from other shared files. Finally, those you share with can see that you’re sharing with close pals but won’t be.

Instander Hide Stories from List

I may sometimes conceal my tales from certain individuals I don’t feel could handle my published material properly for privacy and security reasons. The Instander apk allows you to hide all photos and videos you want to publish on your stories from specific persons, including live videos. You can now post anything you want, as long as it meets the conditions of

Allow Message Replies

We’ve all had those unpleasant people who can’t wait to respond to your every post just so they can offer you a piece of their unwanted opinion in the comments. At least I know I have this problem, and maybe there are a few others as well. There is no way to avoid such negative vibes on Instagram’s standard platform because they constantly

Save Story to Archive

If you don’t have enough storage on your phone to store a few more photos and videos, you can activate this option, and the app will automatically save pictures and videos to your archive so you don’t have to look at them on your phone. You also gain some privacy because only you who know the password have access to your account, so attackers. To archive a video from living, click the button to save it. You may store live videos to your archives for 30 days only you can view them.


I don’t mind my fans reposting my feed items and IGTV videos on their stories. However, this isn’t true for all of my postings, which is why I like the Instander APK’s fantastic function. When you turn this off, other individuals would not be able to include your feed posts to their stories. Finally, you may choose to automatically share photos and videos from your story to your Facebook profile and share them with your friends.

Instander APK has No Advertisements

When you open the Instagram application on your Android device, there are lots of sponsored ads that will automatically display in your feed. These can be video or picture advertisements that use your data just like regular movies do when they’re played and watched. When you download the Instander apk for Android, you gain a data-free platform with which to view.


Wide Search Content

There’s more to life than just watching videos on YouTube. With Instagram TV, you can discover trendy videos on the network. Watch your favorite celebrity’s entertaining clips here by following them on the app. Aside from IGTV films, under the search category, you may find a wealth of material, including DIY tutorials, Travel content, Food photos

Analytics and Crash Reports

Under the privacy option once more, users can choose to turn off analytics so that data gathered from their in-app activity isn’t used. If you want to provide a more customized user experience by allowing the app to analyze your behavior, you may opt to enable this. Finally, you have the option of sending crash reports every time the program crashes so.

Ghost Mode

There are a few settings you may adjust under the “Ghost Mode” option if you want to be mysterious towards your followers or people you follow. You may turn off typing status here so that individuals who might be texting using the app don’t realize that you’re writing anything. This is quite useful when sending sensitive communications, as I’m sure you know.

Second, the Instander software is ideal for those who enjoy being secretive about other people’s tales by hiding their presence as a viewer. You may choose to conceal your viewing habits from other people’s stories, and they won’t be aware that you watched it unless you specifically intended for them to see it. Finally, you could be the sort who doesn’t have an immediate response when he or she receives a message and doesn’t want to appear rude by leaving individuals on reading. You may read someone’s message in your DM and close the app without them realizing it with the ‘Don’t mark directly as reading’ option.

Quality Improvements

You may enhance the quality of various Instagram images, such as videos and photos, with this Instander function:

  • IGTV
  • Photo
  • Reels
  • Stories

The image quality of Instagram photographs tends to drop as the screen width is reduced, according to some reports. However, by enabling the “Photos in maximum quality” option, this limitation is frequently overcome, allowing you to see photos in a high-quality format or their original form. Use higher-resolution graphics than were used on the official Instagram application


Smart Gestures

Although these are not essential, they may be a sign of how an individual is feeling and what he or she is thinking. Gestures, for example, are a significant ingredient that distinguishes different platforms from one another. You may swipe left or right using the Instander app to go between pages, magnify a photo by long-tapping it


Many additional little elements are essential because they’re the details that count. The ability to view Instagram stories in full-screen format is important to a lot of users. Other features include an in-app browser that allows you to follow links immediately, auto-playing videos, which may be disabled to save data, and suggested friends, as

Donate to get verified

I’m not talking about the real Instagram verification badge here. If you like and use the app, you may choose to donate something to the developer as thanks and support for the cause, and you will be recognized as an Instander supporter. Other Instander users would be able to see your badge. It’s really straightforward: simply give anything.

Discover People

Your soulmate could be on your contact list waiting to DM you. You may meet individuals by following the Instagram users on your contacts who have an active account and learning more about their lives through their postings.


The most effective way to use Instander is via the Android Device Manager. This is possible because the app itself didn’t have a lot of features as it was built for tiny kids, and it’s not difficult to make changes using the API that nearly any developer can do with programming knowledge. Although it comes with few capabilities, like as sun and


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