Idle Monster TD Evolved Mod Apk v71.0.0 (Unlimited Money, One Hit Kill)

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Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK is a never-ending idle Tower Defense game in which magnificent monsters battle bad people in a lovely 3D fantasy RPG setting. Unlock, improve, and, most importantly, evolve over 120 different monsters to protect the gateway from an endless swarm of invading humanity.

What is all about Idle Monster TD Evolved?

Swell Games LLC’s Idle Monster TD Evolved is another Tower Defense game. It features never-ending fights between monsters and humanity on increasingly epic scales. However, you will be the commander of the monster group, whose objective it is to prevent human invasion and the destruction of monster territory. Yes, it is a flipped scenario that promises to provide gamers with a wealth of new inspiration.

And below are what you will experience in this game:

Build strategic defenses from monsters

The gamer’s objective in the typical tower defense gameplay is to arrange different units in the proper spots on the map. These units are dungeon and shadow monsters this time. They have the ability to cause genuine earthquakes on the defensive map.

Human forces, on the other hand, would approach incessantly in order to destroy the monster base. They are growing in size and strength, so you must continuously strengthen your defense. Simultaneously, delve further into each creature in the collection to learn about their weaknesses and strengths. At that point, gamers must figure out how to combine them in a sensible way in order to maximize the capacity of each unit.

Idle Monster TD Evolved Mod

Unlock and upgrade many unique monsters

Idle Monster TD Evolved currently offers over 40 distinct monster towers. Each monster has a distinct appearance and strength that is influenced by the elements of the world. It could be fire, water, snow, electricity, magic, or something else. They can be possessed by dragons, rabbits, bees, robots, tanks, demons, or jungle monsters. Each character will have three upgrades to unlock new appearances and abilities.

The rarity of the characters is separated into epic, legendary, and mythological. The higher a monster’s level, the more expensive it is, but the more effective it is. Gamers must collect gold coins to unlock new features, boosting their chances of winning on the battlefield. Furthermore, upgrade more to improve damage, attack range, golden ratio, enemy HP, and so on.

Explore multiple maps

In Idle Monster TD Evolved, players will be able to explore 5 different maps. Each map has its own set of regulations, allowing them to develop their own distinct strategies. Forests, snow, deserts, dungeons, caves, and a variety of other themes can be found on these maps. You will observe them with a distinct beauty and enemy system. So it’s interesting to investigate them and put many of your new techniques into action.

Bright graphics, epic effects

Idle Monster TD Evolved‘s graphic style will take your breath away. It vividly conveys the people and effects. The old monster system returns with a cute and interesting new look, as well as powerful skill effects. Furthermore, the battlefield scene with its varied motifs contributes to the inspiration. Furthermore, the combat effects and incredibly appealing music make gamers impossible to take their gaze away from the lively defensive engagements.

Idle Monster TD Evolved

Download the latest version of Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK

Idle Monster TD Evolved, an outstanding idle tower defense game, with little to be desired. Simply click to play, yet the appeal is not insignificant. It will take players on an adventurous voyage across several different maps and engage them in various defensive skirmishes. Unlock powerful monsters and mix them to create the most insane defenses.

And for those of you who want to enjoy the game to its best, we highly recommend you to download the Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK. This MOD gives access to the Unlimited Money and One hit kill options. As such, you can unlock all monsters and maps as well as defeat the most powerful bosses. Isn’t that a goal?

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • One hit kill
  • No ads


All said and done, it’s now time to download Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK and enjoy your time.


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