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The survival genre is the most popular category of gamers, it created the success of hot games like PUBG, ROS as it is now. However, the charm of the immersive genre has not diminished, which can not mention Idle Heroes MOD APK from DHGAMES. Having Avenger Legend, Idle Heroes as juniors must be taken care of by DHGAMES. Even though it’s been 2 years, gamers still love it. Idle Heroes is an exciting journey, from the beautiful and mysterious Forest of Sarah to the most majestic god in the sky. With you, gamers from all over the world will travel side by side to explore magical, magical places, and there, you will lead your Heroes to ancient ruins and start the fight. fight with dark forces.

Idle Heroes Mod Apk

Idle Heroes MOD APK – Epic RPG fun

There are hundreds of characters in the Idle Heroes MOD APK game, and players will need to take their time to get acquainted with all of them. Players can also use gems or coins so that they have good equipment for battles. There are daily rewards that players can earn as well, and these can help with the progression. Idle Heroes takes players into a fantasy RPG world that they will need to explore, battle against monsters in dungeons, find treasures and experience an epic adventure!

Players start by creating their Hero character from one of four classes: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, or Priest. This hero then embarks on many journeys throughout the game’s vast universe; fighting battles solo or alongside friends (online multiplayer) as well as encountering new characters who may join your party for future expeditions. These heroes are not controlled directly but rather have skills that activate automatically when certain criteria are met e.g., every few seconds while idle). The player does choose how much skill energy is consumed per use- the more energy used, the greater the damage dealt or healed. Players can also tap to deal damage or heal allies, as well as use a shield that blocks all incoming attacks for a short time.

Idle Heroes Mod Apk free download


The game takes place on a world map that the player can traverse and explore, visiting various outposts and locations they discover along their journey. Idle Heroes features over 300 different stages to conquer with varying objectives such as collecting items or defeating monsters; some of these require only one hero while others need five heroes in total to complete. As you progress through the story mode quests your party will gain strength, allowing them to take on more difficult challenges.


Idle Heroes offers players over 190 different heroes to collect that each has their own unique abilities and skills. Players will need to arrange a lineup of characters that complement one another to achieve victory, while also looking out for the opposing team’s strategy. Players can acquire more powerful heroes by defeating them when they appear on the world map or completing special quests from NPC bosses with rare hero drops. They can also trade with other players at the local market using gems if they want the specific character(s) but don’t want to wait for them to be available again through regular play-throughs.


In battle, Idle Heroes features auto attacks where you choose your attack type (auto, melee, ranged) and release the attack. You can also arrange your lineup of characters in a certain formation which you will have to invest in dealing with the opposing team’s strategy.


Each character in Idle Heroes can be upgraded with equipment and skills. There are various items that you will need to craft, find, or buy from NPC shops using gold earned through quests to increase the power of your heroes.


There are many different types of abilities and skill combinations for each hero which is a lot of fun when trying out new characters but also requires time investment because some combos require certain prerequisites before they can be unlocked. You’ll want to plan carefully if you’re going down this route!


The game has an assortment of rare’s such as weapons, armors, stones (which give bonuses), potions, etc., so there’s a lot of different types of equipment you can find to equip your heroes. There are also legendary sets that drop randomly from battles and it’s really exciting when you’re able to get some for your team!

Idle Heroes Mod Apk download free


The game has no combat encounters with non-combat enemies, which is nice because players won’t have to be worried about the hero dying in those instances or wasting gold on reviving them afterward. The towns all seem rather deserted but there are still NPCs around who will offer quests and provide information – take advantage of these people as much as possible for easy experience points!


It’s going to be hard for players who aren’t skilled in controls and reflexes, but they’ll still have a chance of winning as long as they can utilize the “auto” skills. The game also has many features that will make it easier for these players – like auto-hit mechanics and more! This is one aspect of Idle Heroes that make this mobile title so unique.

Tips for playing Idle Heroes MOD APK

Maximize the experience points you get from every quest and make sure to explore all of these opportunities for a quick boost! – use your Idle Heroes wisely – they’re not just there as aesthetic decoration. They can be assigned quests or even used in battle. You’ll need them when it comes time to fight, so don’t hesitate to beef up this aspect of your team later on once you’ve leveled up enough! – other than that, make sure to take advantage of auto skills and equip any “auto” abilities that will help you out during combat if possible. This helps more inexperienced players avoid getting overwhelmed by their opponents too quickly by making things easier at first glance!” – Idle Heroes is a game that’s played entirely in the background. You’ll be able to use your phone for other tasks while you play!

Idle Heroes Mod Apk free

If you’re low on resources like coins or gems then it might not hurt to spend some time gathering loot with your heroes just by visiting different buildings and tapping on them continuously. Your Idle Heroes will continue doing this until they level up (you can tell when one has because their XP bar at the bottom of their portrait flashes). When they do, make sure to notice how many experience points have been earned so you know what rewards are coming next!

Apart from attacking by tapping on enemies constantly or using their skills whenever they can, it’s advantageous if you use your Idle Heroes as much as possible too so they level up faster! They’ll still do this even when you’re not playing though – just make sure you give them sometime off now and then.

You can also unlock new heroes with the in-game currency which means no need to grind for hours just to get them. Create the ultimate idle team by combining four different classes: melee fighters, ranged attackers, healers, and mages – each of these has its own skillsets. Choose the best for you. – And if things start getting too tough there are more than 50 bosses available who will provide plenty of rewards after being defeated. Unlocking some characters requires specific items or a number of kills so don’t be disappointed if you have to come back another time! – The game is available in English, Russian, and Korean. This can make it difficult for some players but Google Translate usually does the job or there are plenty of guides on YouTube that will provide step-by-step instructions on how to get started.


Idle Heroes Mod Apk offers an interesting gameplay experience with many challenges for players to overcome – download now!



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