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Mar 25, 2024
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Perhaps, the most common and convenient means of communication between people today is the smartphone. You can quickly and easily call or send a message to someone when you need to discuss issues in life. And certainly, you will also receive many daily calls, including scams, spam, so on calls. If you prevent those scams, immediately download the Hiya Premium APK application to your phone. This is an effective tool with attractive features for you to avoid scam incidents. Continue reading to learn more details.

Introducing to Hiya Premium APK

Hiya Mod Apk is a useful program for your Android phones, researched and created by the same-named maker – Hiya. This program ensures that you are protected from spam calls, promotional calls, marketing, and spam.

It features a built-in feature that allows it to remember undesirable calls, block and halt them before they connect to your phone, and send a warning message to that number. With this app, you are no longer bothered and can eliminate bad usage problems for safer and more effective results.

What is special in Hiya Premium APK?

Hiya Premium APK

Hiya Premium APK is a modified version of the app that we provide for free on our website Techtodown with many advanced features. This is the premium version full of great features of the app that you can enjoy without paying anything. This version unlocked all of the amazing features, so you can easily use it to block spam calls, advertising calls, marketing, spam, so on. Download this version, and make sure it’s safe from unknown calls to your phone.

What does Hiya Premium APK can do?

Has a user-friendly interface

Hiya has a user-friendly interface and a straightforward layout. Furthermore, the application allows you to modify the display color to make it more attractive and diversified, preventing the sensation of monotony and boredom that comes with prolonged use. The application uses advanced AI technology that has made the Hiya successful application a necessary application for your phone.

Send notifications once having an incoming call

Hiya will warn you when there are any spam calls. It is a multi-featured tool that you will have access to all incoming call information. You can seek the source of that phone number, as well as the contact’s identity.

The app will also send notifications every time you have an incoming call, and you will know the specifics of every phone call. You will find this useful and user-friendly function to greatly assist you when there are incoming calls, helping you to understand the information of those calls.

Warn about scammers

This app will warn about scammers so you can avoid receiving those calls. You can enter a list of phishing or spam phone numbers that the program will look for. If someone adds something, it will be seen by all other app users.

This application will help warn the numbers that the users have entered so that everyone can avoid them. When there is a call from these numbers, you can use the auto-block option to prevent the call from being heard.

Hiya Premium APK

Manage your contacts

Hiya can manage your contacts in the phonebook. It works like the default setting in your phone. You can change the name, picture of contacts in contacts.

How to use Hiya Premium APK?

When you start using the Hiya app, you will be prompted to create a user account. Then you begin entering the required information, such as your first and last names, your mobile phone number, your email address, and lastly your login password.

After that, your phone’s contact list will be automatically saved in the system memory, and when you receive a call from an unknown number, the name and address will be displayed. Keep your device safe and avoid counterfeit calls with the most popular call detective software available today.

Furthermore, when someone you don’t know phones you and demands for personal information such as banking information, etc. Hiya will assist you in removing all of these dangers.

Final words

That’s all about Hiya Mod Apk. This is a really useful app for your phone. To avoid scams, unjust money loss from unknown numbers, or annoying calls for advice, marketing, and advertising, this application will be an effective solution for you. It will send you notifications of incoming calls, integrate call memos, and block and stop unwanted contacts for you. You will find the usefulness that this app brings to you, so download it right away.


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