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Heroes Charge MOD APK is an online strategy and RPG game in which you must collect and train heroes from a roster of over 50! Create your lineup from the ground up, ensuring that their skills complement one another. They will eventually be strong enough to defeat other players on your behalf! Isn’t it thrilling? Follow us if you want to learn more about this game.

Introducing to Heroes Charge

Heroes Charge is a good blend of RPG and strategy, with simple, addictive gameplay and stunning graphics (inspired by games like DOTA 2 and LOL). Have a look at what the game has to offer:

Select from over 50 different characters

Players assemble their own team of heroes by selecting from a variety of over fifty different types. You can choose to play as pirates, witches, archers, dark lords, barbarians…, and each one has its own set of abilities. The dark elf archer, for example, can rain arrows on all visible enemies, whereas the fire mage can cast a powerful spell that deals massive damage to a single enemy.


Moreover, Heroes Charge allows you to customize your group in a variety of ways aside from choosing from over fifty heroes. You can improve their character attributes by equipping them with various amulets, weapons, and armor.

Enjoy both single and multiplayer modes


And one of the most prominent part of Heroes Charge is that it allows players to enjoy themselves whether they are playing solo or multiplayer. There are dozens of missions in the single-player campaign where you can earn experience, money, gems, and new equipment. The multiplayer mode, on the other hand, allows you to compete against players from all over the world with your friends.

Tons of rewards on Special events


The variety of Special Events in Heroes Charge will keep the gameplay fresh. Make sure you don’t miss out on these events because you’ll be rewarded with one-of-a-kind heroes, items, equipment, and perks.

How to earn coins in Hero Charge?

And here are some activities that you can do to improve your earnings in this game:

  • Quest completion rewards: earn more coins by participating in daily events and quests.
  • Sell loot: You can complete missions in the campaign (Campaign) or the time loophole (Time Rift’s Dwarf Arsenal) and then sell the loot obtained.
  • Go to the shop and sell the items that will appear automatically (unlocked at the end of Chapter 2) Items can be found in the mailbox or as daily rewards. You can get rare items like “Ether” from gold chests or go on an expedition if you’re lucky. Each of these items is worth 500k coins.
  • Some players sell experience potions or soul stones, but this is not advised; experience potions are only useful at high levels. If you don’t intend to use the soul stone, it can be sold for 4000 gold. It can be used to summon heroes, evolve heroes, and spend more stars.
  • The higher the Arena Rank, the better the rewards; see “Rules” for details. It’s worth noting that arena rank has no bearing on the campaign’s difficulty.
  • Form a guild: If your Death Knight is around level 3650, form a clan. It’s entirely up to you; once you’ve reached a higher level, form a clan and begin recruiting players at level 32.

Download the latest version of Heroes Charge MOD APK at TechToDown

Although Heroes Charge is a free-to-play game, some in-game items must be purchased with real money or in-game coins. And for those who are unable to progress in the game due to a lack of funds, we have a solution. That is accomplished by utilizing the most recent version of Heroes Charge MOD APK. This is a modified version that gives you an endless supply of cash. As a result, you can make any purchase you want without fear.  MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No ads


In conclusion, Heroes Charge MOD APK is a fantastic online role-playing game (MOBA). Many players say the game is fast-paced, thrilling, and extremely addictive after a long time of playing. Right now, you can download it and try it out for yourself.



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