Hero Survival IO MOD APK 1.5.5 (Unlimited Money/God Mode)

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Feb 19, 2023
May 9, 2024
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Mod Info

Embark on a thrilling journey in Hero Survival IO MOD APK – and battle hordes of monsters to save future Earth.

  • Attack Multiplier
  • God Mode
  • Instant Kill Enemy (NOT WORKING ON BOSS)
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gem
  • Stamina NOT Decreased


Hero Survival IO is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is thrilling, exciting and fast-paced. In this game you play as a hero who must battle it out against other players in a shrinking arena, where the last player standing wins.

This guide takes you through everything about Hero Survival IO, from understanding its basics to mastering winning strategies.



It’s an overhead shooter WASD keys are used to maneuver your hero character and left mouse button to shoot. Jumping can also be done using right mouse button.

The map is huge and starts getting smaller as the time goes by. Smaller maps force players close together making battles more intense.

The aim of playing this game is being the last person alive among all participants. Therefore, killing others and collecting power-ups is key in helping achieve this goal. Power-ups can boost one’s strength, speed or endurance as well.

If you enjoy the adrenaline rush of outsmarting opponents in a fast-paced arena, you’ll feel right at home in Hero Survival IO. And for those seeking a more immersive experience with rich character customization and a sprawling world to conquer, Dragon Raja might be your next adventure.


There are several features that make Hero Survival IO stand out as an amazing and special kind of game.

  • Fast-paced action: The game has high pace with lots of actions or events taking place within a short time span requiring you to be quick on your toes not only to survive but also to succeed at beating other contenders.
  • Large map: The map is so expansive giving enough space for players’ exploration and fighting one another.
  • Power-ups: These come in handy during fights, especially when one wants to overpower his enemy quickly before they have even noticed him or her approaching them at all.
  • Shrinking arena: As time passes by, this battlefield becomes smaller consequently pushing competitors toward proximity hence causing more fierce conflicts than before (Avery).
  • Free-to-play: This means anyone can enjoy it without spending any money on it since there are no charges at all (Steinberg).


Tips and Strategies

Below are some tips which will help players win Hero Survival IO:

  • To start with collect powerups first. They can increase your strength, speed and survivability.
  • Keep moving. Standing stationary will only make you an easy target for other players.
  • Take cover. There are many objects in the map that one can use as a shield thus enabling them to avoid being shot by opponents.
  • Watch out for others. This means paying attention to where other competitors are at a time and what they are doing thereby ensuring personal safety against any surprise attack (Avery).
  • Play it smart with your abilities. Every hero has special powers that could give him or her an edge over rivals during combats.
  • Practice is key! The more you play Hero Survival IO, the better you will get at it.



Hero Survival IO is such an interesting and thrilling game that will keep entertained hours on end. If you’re in need of some fast action packed gaming then Hero Survival IO is just right for you.


Want to know how I can kick off with Hero Survival IO?

It is a snap! After you have finished downloading, there will be a short tutorial of the basics that will include the controls and objectives. The main idea is surviving in a shrinking arena by defeating monsters and players. In other words, collect power-ups, upgrade or strengthen weapons, and use skills while lasting longer than any opponent.

How can I win Hero Survival IO?

Winning needs some luck, skill as well as strategy. Considerations:

  • You should prioritize picking up power-ups for an upper hand.
  • Remain mobile so you do not become an easy target.
  • Seek cover to avoid bullets from foe characters.
  • Keep your eyes wide open for what’s going on around you and predict where enemies are likely to go.
  • Test different heroes plus their abilities to determine what suits you best when it comes to play style

What’s the difference between official app and APK?

The basic gameplay is the same but the APK may have more features or changes than those found in the official version. Download only trusted sources of APKs because it minimizes security risks associated with this product.

I’m stuck on a hard level. Where can I get help?

The Hero Survival IO community is very helpful! You can look for guides, tips, strategies and discussions about this game on forums online or groups on social media or even within the game itself. If all fails ask other players for some advice although don’t worry about taking time before asking other players for pointers

Does Hero Survival IO have in-app purchases?

Yes, but they are mainly cosmetic items like skins and special effects. These purchases do not affect the core gameplay at all. Nevertheless, spend wisely if you do decide to invest into them in order to decorate your character accordingly


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