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May 24, 2019
Jul 22, 2022
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With Hello Hero All Stars, enjoy the evolution of 3D idle RPGs. Start a journey with some legendary heroes and completely new ones! Help them win against enemies in an endless arena across multiple universes – it’s time for the clash between good versus evil!

HelloHero All Stars is the best idle RPG and clicker game you’ve ever played. With detailed 3D cartoon graphics, and an all-new navigation system that will have your mind blown with how cool it looks on screen – this new generation of heroes needs to be collected ASAP!

Hello Hero All Stars universe is one that’s unlike any other RPG games you’ve played before. There are classic heroes such as knights and archers, but also completely new ones with special abilities like trumpeters or donut fighters! Choose your favorite character to make them stronger in this interesting world of ours.

HelloHero AllStars: Idle League Mod Apk downlaod

Enjoy the features of HelloHero AllStars: Idle League

Fun and easy game

While you are playing, don’t stress! Enjoy an easy yet fun idle RPG. The included clicker content gives your heroes all the motivation they need with no hassle or complicated mechanics to get in their way – it’s perfect for anyone who wants some lighthearted gaming on their phone anytime soon enough!

Own all the heroes

Rescue the cutest heroes as you take on more challenging boss fights and run further along this arena! Each character has their own special skills that can help them in battle, so it’s important for us to collect all possible companions.

Grow everything

There are no strongest characters in this game. Choose your favorite hero and use upgrades to evolve them! You can upgrade just about everything from skills, items, or even genetic traits that will affect how they look – there’s something for everyone here so get picking while you still have time before combat begins on day one of the classes start up again tomorrow morning!

HelloHero AllStars:Idle League MOD APK Free

Control all-new coordinate system

HelloHero, All Stars is a new coordination game where you get big rewards for hitting the perfect combination of coordinates. No hero goes wasted and every single one counts in this challenging but rewarding system!

Realistic 3D animated graphics

Heroes of the game will make you laugh, smile, and even feel a lump in your throat. You’ll find yourself smiling at some heroes that remind us of our favorite characters from cartoons or animations, but don’t worry because there are also cute little guys who add an extra layer to collect!


HelloHero All Stars is a 3D Idle RPG that allows you to start your journey with the legendary heroes from Hello Hero, and completely new heroes. With stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, you will have a great time conquering the stages. Collect powerful equipment to power up your team and take on the most challenging bosses!


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