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Mar 7, 2024
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The GPS Map Camera Mod Apk app is the perfect way to capture your favorite moments on the go. With its Live Location with photos function, you can easily find and take pictures of your current surroundings. Additionally, the Track Photo Location feature lets you keep tabs on all the places you’ve been and photographed. And if that’s not enough, there’s also a Custom Camera function that allows for even more creativity when snapping pics!

About GPS Map Camera Mod Apk

With GPS Map Camera, you can track not only your current location but also the locations of any photos you take with it. This way, you can send your family and friends geo-located pictures of all the incredible places you’ve been and let them know exactly where they are.

About GPS Map Camera Mod Apk

Save tourist locations

You may use a GPS Map Camera Mod Apk app to stamp your photographs with their locations if you’re interested in saving your travel memories with GPS data. This software enables you to add latitude and longitude to your pictures. When you select a photo, the app adds GPS coordinates immediately.

The GPS Map Camera is a free and popular Android app that helps you to geotag your photos. The geo-tagging function allows you to add a location stamp to your pictures, as well as share the information with friends. You may also geotag photographs with an address stamp using the software. Multiple file-naming schemes are supported by the program.

Live locations of photos

If you’re passionate about photography and would like an app that also records GPS data for your pictures, the GPS Map Camera app might be perfect for you. With this application, there’s no limit to how many pictures you can take. Not only does it allow you to geotag your photos, but there are also a number of different camera settings available.

The GPS Map Camera app’s features include Live Position and Timeline. It also has a grid for viewing photographs, a heatmap, and front and selfie cameras. Users may change the flash setting, as well as the duration of the timer or even the video sound. The app allows you to pick map data for each photograph automatically or manually. You can also see how popular the program has been over time based on the number of people who have downloaded it.

Customize the camera

The GPS Map Camera app offers users the ability to customize a number of its features, one being the viewing angle. The angle can be set to 0 or 90 degrees and will ultimately determine what part of the map is shown when focusing on a certain area.

The ability to add GPS location stamps to your photographs is yet another excellent feature of the GPS Map Camera app. The app supports a variety of camera types, including a front and self-portrait camera, a flash, and a timer. When capturing a picture with the device’s built-in camera, the stamp is automatically pulled. You can modify this either automatically or manually by editing the stamp’s parameters in the Expert Templat.

Track the location of the photo

GPS Map Camera makes it a breeze to keep tabs on where your photos were taken. This app logs the GPS data of wherever you took your photo and lets you alter the pic with said information. You can also change up the location template and add extras like a compass or weather forecast. Though the interface looks basic, this app is packed with features!

This app does not use the camera’s battery, unlike other tracking software. It is powered by your phone’s battery. The program can work even if there is no cellular signal. GPS, on the other hand, isn’t as precise as other tracking systems and may take a while to plot your photographs’ locations on a map.

GPS Map Camera Mod Apk Download

New features

With the GPS Map Camera Mod Apk app, you can add location data to your images. You may also adjust the exposure, white balance, ISO, and color effects. It also has flash, timing, and sound recording features. The camera interface is simple to use, and it allows you to modify settings. You can even get a GPS stamp on your photograph and customize its appearance. Furthermore, you have the option of altering the dimensions and quality of your photos.

The GPS Map Camera app also allows you to add a date and location stamp to your photographs. You may also change the latitude and longitude of the capture site, as well as the magnetic field. This function is particularly useful if you’re shooting at a specific spot. The GPS Map Camera app also enables you to modify and create personalized address labels on your images.


The GPS Map Camera Mod Apk is a great tool for photographers who want to add GPS stamps to their photos. It’s easy to use and has a lot of customization options. You can even change the appearance of the GPS stamp. If you’re looking for an app to add GPS stamps to your photos, this is the one you should get.


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