Game of Khans
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Mar 20, 2024
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Description The first ever wildly successful strategy game based on Mongol conquests, Game of Khans, has now been released! It has received excellent reviews from actors, actresses, and YouTubers! Come and play Game of Khans MOD APK with us to become the next greatest ruler of Eurasia! You’re going to be the next mightiest ruler of Eurasia! Features

  • Levy: Gather in-depth information with a simple click!
  • Ruling: Issue decrees to resolve multiple disputes!
  • Recruitment: Call in big names as your consultants!
  • Harem: Visit and meet stunning beauties from all around the world!
  • Horde: Collaborate with other players to compete for control!
  • Hunting: Take aim and fire at the massive creatures. Tame them!

Quirky stuff? Let me settle it! What? Your troops impersonated robbers and preyed on several chieftains! Will you punish the soldiers? You’re either for them or against them, my Great Khan! We’re getting anywhere fighting! You must be a god of war as a Great Khan, murdering everyone in your path! You may also delegate authority to your ministers to run your villages and earn handsome bonuses! Take the Main Fortress in Horde Battle! The fight for the Main Fortress is close to erupting! Start a rally with your troop members to defeat strong rivals! Different hordes employ distinct tactics. What’s yours? It’s time to turn up the charm! In the World Travel, you’ll encounter a variety of cultures and meet all sorts of people. How will you win the hearts of stunning ladies and bring them home? Give birth to heirs and expand the empire! Visiting consorts might produce children. Make sure your kids are safe until they become adults and get married! You have the option to let your heirs marry freely or commit them to other Khans. Engage the greatest fighters to assist you in battle! The Proving Ground is a holy ground where you may summon all of your advisors from across the world. Tossing the Seal is as simple as swiping up with your finger. Which advisor will you receive? I wish you luck in your endeavor! We want something casual and fun! There are a variety of time-limited casual games with basic gameplay, such as The Ram Festival, Gemstone Clash, and Jewelry. You may also participate in several steppe-themed activities, such as Lasso, Archery, and so on. So, what are you waiting for? Download Game of Khans MOD APK for Android now!



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