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Mar 29, 2013
Mar 18, 2024
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Unleash the full potential of your photos with Fotor Photo Editor Premium APK. Discover its advanced features for exceptional editing and unleash your creativity.

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User friendly and efficient, Fotor Photo Editor has made a name for itself as a perfect photo editing solution. But for those wanting to go further with their creativity and open the door to advanced editing of possibilities, there is Fotor Photo Editor Premium APK.

Fotor Photo Editor Premium: A Comprehensive Editing Powerhouse

Fotor Photo Editor Premium features have been designed to transform your photos from everyday shots into stunning works of art. What follows are some of these most outstanding functionalities that raise your editing experience:

Unparalleled Control with Advanced Editing Tools

Fotor Photo Editor Premium APK

A professional grade toolkit is what Fotor Photo Editor Premium gives you.

  • Selective Adjustments: Make fine adjustments in specific areas of your image with exactnesss. You may want to make the background ambiance more appealing by focusing on your subject or adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation selectively on certain parts.
  • HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) Editing: Take a dive into color manipulation through HSL editing. This tool lets you adjust Hue (color itself), Saturation (intensity of the color), and Lightness (brightness of the color) independently. It allows one to fine tune specific color ranges or create dramatic effects while maintaining good control over them.
  • Curve Adjustment: For experienced editors, nothing comes closer than Curve Adjustment because it offers the best way to work with tonal values in your images. In this case, you can adjust how bright a picture will be across its entire tonal range for accurate adjustments resulting in a professional look.

Unleash Your Creativity with Cutting-Edge Features

However, Fotor Photo Editor Premium does not only provide technical superiority but also fuels one’s creative spark.

  • AI Background Removal: No more tedious background selections! Just replace you background using this AI-enabled feature which enables effortless removals from any given photographs creating photographic compositions; artistic ones or allowing users integrate their pictures into design projects smoothly.
  • AI Image Generator: Is there’s a creative block? The AI Image Generator uses artificial intelligence to create completely new images depending on the keywords or descriptions you choose. This innovative tool can help visualize concepts, spark inspiration or just offer an unexpected fun and creative outlet.
  • AI Sky Replacement: Alter the mood and appearance of your pictures with AI Sky Replacement. You can either choose from a ready-made library of skies or upload your own to be seamlessly integrated into your image by the software for a natural, realistic feel.

Effortless Workflow Enhancements

Fotor Photo Editor Premium APK

Your photo editing processes will be more streamlined in Fotor Photo Editor Premium thus allowing you to concentrate on what really matters; making great photos.

  • Batch Editing: Save time by editing multiple photos at once. Make sure that all edits are applied to multiple photos within an album, thereby maintaining consistency and efficiency across the whole editing workflow.
  • Non-Destructive Editing: Edit without fear! It is designed for non-destructive editing which means that it leaves the original photographs as they were before any modifications were made. In addition to this, one has freedom of experimentation with different edits since there is always an option of returning back to the original version if need be.
  • Cloud Storage: Access your photos and edits from anywhere with Fotor’s cloud storage integration. Your works will never leave your side as long as you have Fotor service installed on them irrespective of their type.


Fotor Photo Editor Premium is a great photo editor that lets you make professional-looking images. Thus, Fotor Photo Editor Premium opens up new possibilities for photographers at every skill level through its comprehensive editing toolkit, cutting-edge AI features, and workflow-enhancing functionalities.


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