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Feb 11, 2021
May 17, 2024
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MOD Info?

Download Fly Corp MOD APK latest version. You will open new routes, buy new planes, and upgrade them to increase the capacity of airports.

  • Unlimited Money (never decrease whUnlimited Money (never decrease when you spent)en you spend)


Fly Corp MOD APK is a game where you can build your own transport network in various countries and cities. You will open new routes, buy new planes and upgrade them to increase the capacity of airports. Fly Corporation offers hours upon hours of gameplay with exciting challenges for any aviation enthusiast!

About Fly Corp: Airline Manager

Airline Manager is a fantastic game from the renowned CASUAL AZUR GAMES software development studio. This time, players must build their own air transportation network that connects countries all around the world.

fly corp game

Connect the world

In this airline commander game, the planet is your plaything! Almost 200 countries and thousands of cities from around the world are accessible for airport construction and growth. Build airports in almost every country in the world and create your own airliner dynasty that will stand the test of time!

Develop air transport routes

Airlines in different cities will require excellent managing skills since you’ll have to deal with a variety of circumstances. European distances are short, and passenger flow is simple to manage, but popular transatlantic routes may cause you to consider travel time and money.

fly corp download

Control the passenger flow

The airport game includes a sophisticated passenger flow system. All of the cities are modeled after their real-world counterparts, and the populations are accurate. The more population figures there are, the more people want to fly by your airplanes. Each passenger has their own destination in mind and will travel using transfers unless there are no direct flights available.

Upgrade airports & aircrafts

Since you don’t have enough cash to link each city to all of the others, you should think about it and make important decisions about where the transportation center will be located. Airlines and airports have their maximal capacity. Even if one of them becomes overbooked, you’ll lose money. As a result, you must learn how to operate your airline business as quickly as possible!

fly corp mod

Play various game modes

The idle tycoon airplane game includes three exciting game modes: Unlock All Nations, Scenarios, and Free Play!

  • In the Unlock All Nations mode, you must open every nation on earth and complete the game map with your airline network. You must unlock a new nation every 6 minutes or you will lose progress.
  • Scenarios are fictional situations with specified pre-determined goals and conditions. Your airline, for example, should last for a while or generate a specific amount of money. Each scenario is distinct: for example, because to viral pandemics in a nation, you must connect swiftly and constantly unlocking airports or restore your air transport network.
  • Free Play is a fantastic choice for those who enjoy idle tycoon games. Create your own air network in various countries as long as you can do so without limitation. Could you become the world’s only airline entrepreneur at an airport?

Meet regular challenges

You’ll never get bored in this airline management game because random events won’t allow it! Your typical business administration procedure will be followed by good (e.g., expenditures to your firm), bad (flights being delayed due to disasters blocking access to certain countries or departure), and even absurd (a businessman suing you over spilled coffee in a turbulent zone) occurrences. In this manager game, you’ll never know what to anticipate!

fly corp mod apk unlimited money

Compete with others

Compete against the world’s best airline managers and top them on the leaderboard! Transport passengers to earn extra game points, finish missions, and make money to purchase more sophisticated airport infrastructure. Climb the corporate ladder of success and become a better airline manager!

Graphics and sound

Fly Corp: Airline Manager does not have outstanding graphical characteristics. The majority of the material is quite schematic, although the visuals are not crucial in this sort of game. There is also no sound in the project. The player can discover all of the game’s features, as well as some of the world’s major cities with airports, by downloading it. This will help players learn about other countries and regions around the globe.

MOD Features

When you start the game, you must complete verification, but you may choose to play offline. In this situation, you will not have immediate and extreme challenges enabled. However, if you download the Fly Corp Mod APK, you will be able to use all modes regardless of whether you are playing as a guest or not. It also allows for the ramping up of funds when spending money. To enable this feature, click in the round button in the left corner of the screen and adjust the slider to your desired position.

Download Fly Corp Mod APK for Android

Are you up to the challenge of becoming a real airline magnate? Create the world’s largest air transport network in Fly Corp! The airline tycoon game is now available for download for free!


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