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Do you wish to go back and experience the good old times of RPGs, where sprawled handcrafted worlds, intricate character builds, and real decisions were made? Then Exiled Kingdoms RPG is the game for you – it is a contemporary masterpiece that captures everything about those classic role-playing games and rekindles that sense of awe in new adventurers.

This thrilling single-player action RPG available on Android and PC platforms takes players to Varannar, a harsh land with an absorbing background. If you have been playing Baldur’s Gate or Icewind Dale until your eyes bled or if you are looking for an immersive role-playing game (RPG), then Exiled Kingdoms RPG will be an adventure of a lifetime.

A World Shaped by Exile

Shattered Empire: A Reshaped World

Exiled Kingdoms RPG’s world doesn’t fit into the usual mold of fantasy settings. It is a land bearing scars from time immemorial, speaking through crumbling monuments and forgotten tales. Centuries ago, the mighty Andorian Empire stretched across this land, standing as a beacon amidst the wildness. Nevertheless, this golden period came to an end abruptly by one event known only as The Horrors which remains mysterious up-to-date. This enigmatic incident shattered reality allowing nightmare-ish beasts to run riot while leaving Andorian Empire in ruins.


Fragile Kingdoms: Struggle for Survival

Following The Horrors’ aftermath humanity was driven back into isolated island called Varannar. Within this vast wasteland four new kingdoms sprouted in search of survival among harsh landscapes teeming with unknown dangers: Valandria – self-proclaimed successor to Andorian heritage; Greyhaven – sanctuary for exiles and mercenaries; Xem – a secretive society hidden within the folds of magic; and Kassard – a brutal nation of warriors. The infantile countries joined hands to be more powerful, though in reality individual kingdoms’ alliance is a fragile thin cover hiding their boiling conflicts.

Whispers Beyond the Known: Untamed Wild

The territories known about by the exiled kingdoms represent only a small part of Varannar. Their boundaries are washed by unexplored wilderness enclosed in mist where untold perils lurk. Ruins, remains of an extinct civilization, wait for those brave enough to venture into the unknown. Lost treasures, powerful artifacts and terrible monsters lurking in dark corners fill the minds of treasure hunters and adventurers. Can you be the one to reveal “the secrets behind which lie hidden beyond the settled lands?


Exiled Kingdoms RPG starts you out right in the middle of the action.  It’s not just about picking a race and class; it’s about telling your own story as part of Varannar’s history.  Are you a noble survivor from the fallen Andorian Empire, clutching at remnants of past glory?  Or maybe, you are a toughened mercenary who bears scars inflicted by Varannar’s harsh realities and is now looking for gold and a reason to live in this insane world.   Alternatively, you may be an unknown character: someone whose amnesia has blanked their memories and left them with a clean slate upon which they can draw anything.

Controlling Fate

Exiled Kingdoms RPG isn’t about fighting and exploring alone; it depends on how you choose to handle situations to determine how things will end up being like. There is branching dialogue that helps define your hero and influence the storyline. What will be your choice? Will you attempt diplomacy in order to build alliances or use force in order to intimidate anyone blocking his way? Your every line spoken during conversations matters since any decision made can change everything.

A Multitude of Paths – Building Your Legend

Exiled Kingdoms RPG doesn’t just offer the usual class system approach that other games have. In addition to choosing a starting specialization such as mage, warrior or rogue, there is huge freedom for character building within Exiled Kingdoms RPG. Skill trees offer variety of possible abilities for developing a unique hero indeed. Will he be an armored giant with two-handed axe terrifying every enemy? Perhaps, he will be invisible victor using shadows and stealth arts against rivals – what do you think of this idea? Only your imagination limits the options available when advancing through the game.


A World of Challenge and Discovery

Classic Combat Evolved: A Dance of Strategy & Skill

The combat system in Exiled Kingdoms RPG pays homage to the turn based tactical battles of classic RPGs with a modern twist.  While familiar elements like positioning and resource management are crucial for success, the game injects a layer of real-time action, keeping encounters dynamic and engaging.  The strategic use of your character’s abilities coupled with tactical placements on the battlefield will prove decisive when dealing with formidable foes.  You’ll also need to manage resources such as mana and stamina in order to make decisions that are well-thought-out during battles.

Unveiling the Unknown: A World Ripe for Exploration

Varannar is a world with many secrets begging to be revealed through exploration.  Exiled Kingdoms RPG encourages a sense of exploration and discovery.  Its world map is not just a static picture but rather an animated landscape filled with hidden passages, perilous mountain trails and leafy jungles inhabited by thriving fauna.  Sometimes adventurers might find hidden shrines having potent artifacts within them, solve environmental riddles that open forgotten dungeons or even discover ancient lore which provides some insight into its background.

A World that Reacts to Your Choices: A Butterfly Effect in Action

The world of Exiled Kingdoms RPG is never just a backdrop, but rather a breathing and living organism that reacts to your actions. The choices you make, the alliances you form, and conflicts resolved by you all have real consequences on the world around you. Factions may react differently depending on your reputation and past deeds. Helping a village in need from bandit’s attack may be repaid by their loyalty and open up new trade opportunities, while ignoring them will cause you problems in future. Your actions can tip the balance because Varannar is not just an ecosystem but a complex one.


Unique Encounters and the Thrill of Discovery

Exiled Kingdoms RPG doesn’t confine itself to being a linear questline. For that matter, it has random encounters across the board which give an element of surprise as well as keep players on toes. It could mean running into a merchant who is peddling rare items for sale out in nowhere or perhaps meeting solitary traveler who might require your help or even facing fabled beasts whispered about with hushed expectancy. These unexpected encounters add richness and unpredictability to the world thereby rewarding exploration as well as encouraging deeper exploration into unknown places.

A Timeless Experience Reforged

Modern Enhancements for a Modern Audience

While Exiled Kingdoms RPG draws inspiration from the golden age of RPGs, it does not feel like an ancient artifact at all. The game developers have thus incorporated modern conveniences so that players from different generations should continue experiencing smooth adventures. Managing your gear and potions are made easy with intuitive inventory system whereas auto-save function prevents losing important progress points along the way. Additionally, this game comes with straightforward user interface that keeps vital information in sight without cluttering up screens.

A Soundtrack that Captures the World’s Essence

Through its atmospheric soundtrack, Exiled Kingdoms RPG immerses gamers deep within Varannar’s world. During epic battles, the grand orchestral pieces crescendo while eerie melodies are used to portray the enigma and peril that lurk in ancient ruins. Furthermore, these ambient sounds such as howling winds or chirping insects also contribute to greater immersion that makes you really feel like you’ve been transported into this hazardous world.


A Return to Form: The Essence of Classic RPGs Reborn

Exiled Kingdoms RPG is not just another RPG, but a love letter to the golden age of this genre. It captures the true spirit of what made those classic games so great – intricate character creation, meaningful choices, and rich worlds full of secrets. But it’s not merely an imitation; it brings modern conveniences and a bit of real-time combat into play for a fresh experience that contemporary audiences will find appealing. Whether you’re seasoned player looking for an immersive campaign or a new entrant in this field, Exiled Kingdoms RPG offers a timeless journey that won’t disappoint.


Exiled Kingdoms RPG isn’t just another RPG; instead, it is an intricately designed masterpiece meant for discerning gamers. This captivating title combines traditional elements with modern ideas making it suitable for both veterans and amateur players who wish to have unforgettable experiences in their lives.

Want some RPGs like the good old days, where you could explore places, develop your characters and make meaningful choices?  Try out Exiled Kingdoms RPG now.  Download or purchase this game today and embark on a hero’s journey across the ruthless but enthralling world of Varannar.  Hidden gem: Exiled Kingdoms RPG.

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