ELCHRONICLE Mod Apk 2.0.0 (Unlimited Money) Download Free

January 21, 2021
4.3 and up
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ELCHRONICLE Mod Apk is a game that marks the return of the extremely attractive JRPG genre with many breakthroughs. With sharp 3D graphics in legendary gameplay. Start now the adventure into the world of the ancient gods, slaying hordes of cruel monsters! The ELCHRONICLE Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, One Hit) allows you to get all items for free and has unlimited money – so it’s time to start playing!



ELCHRONICLE is a new role-playing game by developers Cravemob. it has various new upgrades from the previous generation of games especially the animation graphics and now a much longer storyline. This anime RPG will surely keep you on the edge of your seat as you play. Join the adventure in ELCHRONICLE and explore the vast fantasy world continent of Balam! Gain experience and grow your main character as well as any additional characters you gain through your journey. You can use different items to change the stats of your player depending on what powers you like most.


The gameplay is very unique. Compared to the traditional JRPGs, players will have less time waiting for enemies or attacking because of a system called “Action Time,” which limits the player’s action in battle. What you need to do is just as fast as possible when fighting against monsters and destroy their HP before they kill us. Players can choose from three different classes: warriors, archers, wizards; each class has its own advantages and disadvantages such as strong defense armor but low attack power on archers who are more nimble but weak defense. In addition, ELCHRONICLE MOD APK download for the android game also introduces some systems that allow players to see how much damage we inflict per second with our weapons and what percentage chance of hitting the enemy, which helps players to choose weapons that suit their style of play.


Quest Reward

The player’s team will be given quests. For each quest, the rewards are different according to difficulty and time took. If you have a lot of free time, then it is recommended that you choose more difficult missions for a greater reward! Some Quests: The Devil in White – This is one of the daily events on ELCHRONICLE Mod Apk where many monsters can only be found here. It was created as an event with high difficulty but also has great benefits when completed successfully. There are three difficulties: Normal (Bronze), Hard (Silver), Expert (Gold). Players need at least two players or higher-level skills to complete this mission; The Masked Knight  Daily Event – The Masked Knight event is a daily quest that requires difficult skills and a high level. The difficulty of this quest varies according to your level, the more you can do it at the higher levels;

The Boss World Event – BOSS WORLD EVENT: This new event for ELCHRONICLE Mod Apk was created to allow players from different factions to compete against each other on a large scale! Each player can battle one time every day with four monsters they chose themselves which will be randomly selected by the system. We hope we have made an interesting game mode for all our favorite gamers out there who want some competition now and then something fresh!


The game will use the latest technology to provide you with a completely dazzling and more realistic experience. It has an excellent battle engine that allows players to fully execute combos in battles. In addition, ELCHRONICLE MOD APK is one for both large screens and small screens, so you can play it at any time anywhere on your phone! Level up system: You need real points from leveling up elc levels (Elchronicles) to upgrade your characters’ skills or purchase items required by quests; Daily rewards: Re daily treasure chests every day and enjoy rich treasures inside! Open are many different types of chests such as Hero Chest, Quest Chest etc., all corresponding to various difficulties; Exploration mode: Explore unknown maps with your friends on an adventure to the ends of the world. Event Board: Explore and participate in limited time events, earn rewards for many achievements;


Elite mode: Achieve a higher rank by upgrading elc levels (Elchronicles) which will make you invincible! You have only three chances per week to challenge this battle that takes place at level 30! The monsters here are not fake but powerful real counterparts. In addition, there is also a strategy system where players can use tactics against opponents according to their own needs; Skill tree change: Players can upgrade skills quickly through each class’s skill trees so it has never been easier than before. There are new combos available when using different classes’ skills together; Enhanced maps: With new and more attractive graphics, the maps have never been easier than before with a better view of enemies’ battles. New stages: It is about time for you to explore these ancient ruins in this brand new adventure! The game also has many other features such as bonus quests and survival mode which players will enjoy playing.

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