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With the Dungeon Village Mod Apk, you will have unlimited money to build your village. The goal of this game is to transform into a talented commander and rebuild your village with stronger defensive structures, train elite warriors and teach the villagers magic to resist the onslaught of monsters. You will also need to manage resources like food, wood and iron ore in order to improve your defenses against enemies!

Introducing Dungeon Village Mod Apk

You can build the best village ever made by yourself in this game. You will become a talented commander and expand your town with stronger defensive structures to protect it from monsters attack easily. Dungeon Village is an intellectual, action-packed strategy game for android devices that are available on Google Play Store. You must transform into a great leader and rebuild your town with strong warriors to protect themselves against monster attacks as well as teach villagers magic so they won’t be terrorized anymore by all sorts of enemies: orcs, goblins, trolls or anything else that comes their way. There’s also some risks coming from outside like dragons who will try to burn the whole place down if you don’t take care of them. You will need to gather all sorts of resources in order to build buildings such as houses, marketplaces or others and make sure they are well equipped for the upcoming battles.



Dungeon Village is a role-playing game that features an up-and-coming village that needs to defend itself from monsters. The objective of Dungeon Village is for adventurers to come and fight the monsters that lurk outside the city. To attract explorers, you must request the city to arrange exciting and renowned events, particularly as your town develops and upgrades new structures. Then, when monsters appear, you will be required to lead them in combat and offer thank-you presents. The more renowned your location, the more heroes will come. First, they will fight monsters for a set length of time before heading off to explore the town and purchase goods. If they own a house in your city, they will eventually return home after doing all of this. When monsters defeat them, either pass out for a while or wait until another Adventurer takes them to the Inn.


Explore new lands

There is a limit of 25 Adventurers that may live in your settlement. They use their own weapons and attire, and they can transform roles at will. Upgrading them to the maximum extent allows them to work for others longer. You get a reward depending on the individual when an Adventurer establishes residence in your town. There are several jobs available in your settlement for Adventurers. This has an impact on not just their combat stats, but also the cost of items and the growth rate of your town, resulting in a higher number and quality of Adventurers. Everything in Dungeon Village is joined, linked, and bound to each other, making the game perfect.



Quests are the way to acquire new equipment and items for your Adventurers. Although exploring the dungeon may appear to be time-consuming, it can also help you earn some things, weapons, or even a little experience. Consumable goods may be used on Adventurers to improve their statistics, which are then utilized on structures to increase their efficacy. The game will also offer players with Cauldrons where they can obtain new gear, weapons, and other items to outfit their heroes with. When you fight monsters, you will gain experience and money, as well as raise your monthly point total. These points may be used to plan interesting events, unlock unique occasions: characteristics or job upgrades for Adventurers. A Boss may enter your town and wreak havoc, destroying hamlets and villages; when it is in a fury, your settlement’s popularity decreases. This has a significant influence on your community , therefore you must eliminate it as soon as possible. After defeating the Boss, you will receive many large rewards.


Download Dungeon Village Mod Apk

Download Dungeon Village Mod Apk now to become a talented leader and make your hometown more developed. Download now!


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