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For many people, learning a new language is difficult and unenjoyable because of the large vocabulary and grammar. Drops is an excellent language-learning tool that relieves you of the boredom associated with learning a new language. This program was created by Daniel Farkas and Mark Szulyovszky.

All of them are anxious about the previous learning language they have previously learnt, which piques their interest in finding a more efficient learning tool. Many different languages are available for selection in the software, and learners may select their favorite language. This is a combination of a learning style with an entertaining game that will keep students engaged while teaching them relevant words.

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Drops is a free language learning software with tiny and colorful games that help people to learn. With a wide range of languages, this program has a large number of followers and plays, making it one of the most popular exercise programs in just a short period of time. This is an excellent studying tool with amusing animations for each term, making it simple for users to recall words using pictures.

The app is split into several categories, including travel and automobiles, business and technology, sports and fitness, social and political issues, fashion, and many others. Each category will be subdivided into smaller components. The application also includes the ability to save words you’ve learnt to your collection for later review. The 5-minute duration limit for each lesson only adds to the game’s appeal.


Drops is a fantastic educational visualizer that makes you want to learn more, and the images in it help you memorize words faster and longer. This program will assist you in learning effectively by generating 2-4 pictures and a word that you have previously studied. You may drag the term down to the image that best matches its meaning.

The games in the app are pleasant and engaging, making it simple to learn. This is a one-of-a-kind learning experience that combines learning with play; nevertheless, you won’t waste time playing games; instead, you’ll master important new language information. Game-based teaching may seem strange, but it may well be more effective and less tedious for language learners.

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With this Drops app, you only learn 5 minutes a day, unlike other apps that you may learn as long as you like. Limiting time might appear to be common sense, but it makes this program appealing to learners. Many people believe that 5 minutes is too little; however, no, it’s just right because, during that time, you’ll learn enough words so that when you return the next day, you’ll remember it better.

With the higher target, students will have regular learning habits and won’t be bored. This software will continuously remind you to study daily since if you don’t study every day, your application is meaningless. This is a program that helps you learn how to adapt your mind and improve your language skills. If you want to enhance your studying time, consider purchasing an extra premium package.


Because you only learn vocabulary through the game and surfing component, the Drops app will not include a word typing feature. To learn words, you must swipe and tap, which is simple and effective. Furthermore, there are only 5 minutes for study time in this application. So it takes advantage of learning more new words by employing this method to reduce time and take advantage of memory recall. Additionally, learning with images is greater than typing each term and helps users to remember longer.

There will be no grammar in this program since the emphasis is on vocabulary. As a result, it targets beginning to advanced vocabulary for learners who are just getting started or already have some knowledge of the language. Furthermore, alphabet lessons are provided for people learning Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian as their second language. Because this app has a large lexicon, you’ll find it quite beneficial in enhancing your studying abilities.

Download Drops right now if you get bored with learning a new language. You’ll be more interested in learning interesting games that provide greater knowledge and help you remember longer.



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