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Embark on an adventure of epic proportions with Dracula City Master MOD APK! Recruit and lead your own vampire army, expanding it at the tap of a finger. Unleash hordes upon the world in pursuit of one goal – total domination! Battle enemies while defending your tower in this thrilling horror-filled idle game.

About Dracula City Master: Idle Army

Dracula City Master: Idle Army is an incredibly easy and fun game designed to keep the evil tower safe! Assemble a team of vampiric fiends and embark on a journey to conquer and dominate the world. With your powerful battalion, you can seize victory in every battle. Unleash your bloodthirsty minions upon the earth so they may reign supreme over all lands! Command an ever-growing and powerful force that is eager to fight. Increase your army’s strength as you seize towns and villages. Regarded by many as the most effective idle horror tower defense strategy game, build a legion of bloodthirsty monsters to achieve global domination! Unleash their power for ultimate victory.

Dracula City Master MOD APK latest version


Dracula City Master stands apart from traditional tower defense games with its unique concept. As the master of a growing horde, you can turn anyone and everyone into zombies as your swarm through villages and cities. When it comes to victory, there is only one sure strategy – make them all vampires! Take over the world with an unstoppable army and let no man stand in your way as you cause destruction and mayhem until nothing challenges your rule!

Dracula City Master: Idle Army is a classic strategy game that doesn’t require you to spend hours accumulating your skills and abilities. This feature of the game adds fun, but it can be brutally challenging! You won’t have to waste minutes or even hours repeating mundane tasks in this riveting idle army because we want you to enjoy every moment of playing Dracula City Master. By employing mods in the game, you can forget about tedious processes and enjoy the exciting gameplay. With straightforward steps, building an impressive army is effortless. Let your dominating vampires invade the virtual world so that they can compete for a spot at the top of leaderboards together with you!

download Dracula City Master MOD APK

Lead the bloodthirsty army

You will be the leader of your own bloodthirsty legion. Stake your claim on this world, transforming every human you encounter into one of your own kind. The more humans converted to vampires, the stronger and larger your army becomes! Attack cities and villages with impunity; convert them all to become part of your growing empire. Advance through towers as a united front – devise strategies for success for each battle ahead. Spread vampiric dominance across the planet, forging an unstoppable force that is yours alone!

Dracula City Master MOD APK for android

Upgrade your army

You will be unstoppable on your quest for world domination as you strengthen your army from every place and acquire valuable resources. Upgrade the skills of your troops to easily defeat all challengers, then collect special rewards along each level that make this game irresistibly enjoyable with its simple-to-use interface. Revel in the wealth obtained from taking treasure in every city conquered and reap even more bountiful rewards! Unlock the ultimate army with upgrade milestones! Strategically move and deploy your monsters for maximum effect to defeat opponents, collect rewards, and enhance your forces. Experience an effortless approach that allows you to instantly access battles – the more victories you achieve, the larger your army grows. With our efficient system of play, make sure that no challenge is too tough for you to conquer!

Dracula City Master MOD APK

Collect and breed vampires

As you play the game, random vampire eggs will appear on your screen! From those eggs can be born a variety of vampires with differing abilities that are eager to join your army. Alternatively, you can also gain access to new vampires by collecting rewards throughout the levels. Afterward, upgrade them and increase their skills and power level so they become an even more powerful part of your force – remember: the more vampires in your squadron; the better off you’ll be as there will be many opportunities available for upgrades!

Download Dracula City Master MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

Are you ready to take control of the planet with an army of vampires under your command? Download Dracula City Master MOD APK and join the vampire horde. Invite your friends and family to stay in this download house, have more fun together, click a button to let vampires appear and put them at your service. As you progress further through the game, become more powerful as you can direct these creatures anywhere! So what are you waiting for? Lead your own Dracula Army now – get ready for a thrilling adventure!


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