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Oct 31, 2021
Feb 21, 2024
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Ever wondered what it’d be like to have four legs and a tail? Well now you can in DogLife: BitLife Dogs! This captivating text-based simulator lets you experience a dog’s life, giving you choices and surprising moments. The creators of the popular game BitLife are back with a fun twist on pet simulations. With DogLife, you can explore a world of different breeds, hilarious encounters, and shape your dog’s destiny.


DogLife: BitLife Dogs Features

Becoming Your Pup

Your journey as a dog kicks off with one important choice – your breed.  Pick from a variety of puppies including Golden Retrievers, Pugs, Huskies, or any other cute one that catches your eye! Each breed comes with its own personality traits that’ll play into the rest of your gameplay.

The Choices You’ll Make

A dog’s life is full of surprises! In DogLife: BitLife Dogs, you’ll come across all sorts of weird situations like grumpy cats or questionable humans. Do you chase squirrels? Or do you leave strangers alone? At the end of the day it’s up to you but just remember that each choice has repercussions!

Each Choice Matters

As your pup grows older they’ll build relationships and face new challenges along their journey. These encounters will unlock heartwarming (or funny) achievements and could even bring some twists to their story too!


Why You Should Play DogLife: BitLife Dogs

Creators Of Bitlife

Bitlife was such an addicting game so why shouldn’t this one be too? Candywriter has been able to add its signature sense of humor into every one of their games including DogLife. Fans who enjoyed playing as humans will find joy in picking up this game.

More Than a Pet Game

Taking care of pets is fun but that’s not all this game has to offer. DogLife: BitLife Dogs allows you to have complex social interactions, crazy moral situations (what if I dig up flowers?), and finally see your dog grow and learn. This game really shines with the sense of progression.

Community Driven

Games are always better when connecting with others and DogLife doesn’t lack in that area. With features like the Kennel, players will be able to interact with other people’s dogs, adding a new level of excitement not seen in single player games. The replayability also makes it easy for fans to share their random experiences too!

Who Should Play DogLife: BitLife Dogs?

  • Dog Lovers: If you think dogs are amazing then you’ll love this game! Get ready to take on the world as your favorite breed and inhale everything with your wet nose.
  • Simulation Devotees: If you dig all things choice-driven and simulations that are a little on the odd side, then we think DogLife is a game you’ll grow to adore. It’s got an easy-going vibe that’s both lighthearted and approachable.
  • bitizens – As someone who already loves BitLife, the core gameplay of DogLife (while being absolutely absurd) should come as no shocker. Take it as a silly offshoot from our main app about your favorite four-legged pals.
  • casual mobile gamers: Need something quick and painless? We’ve got ya covered! The short play sessions in this quirky game will keep you entertained without any added stress. Mix fun storylines with simple mechanics, and what do you get? Fun at its finest!

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Whether dogs have been your best friend since childhood or you’re just looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, DogLife is here to help. With its wide array of different breeds, crazy scenarios, and heartwarming moments – it’s hard not to see why this tail-wagging app is worth trying out. So put on your virtual collar, get down on all fours, and start your own journey today!


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