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Nov 3, 2012
Jul 6, 2023
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Dictionary Pro MOD APK is your go-to app for those of you who want to learn new languages. With the help of this software, you can effortlessly and quickly search up and discover the definition of any words you don’t understand. The features that the program offers are entirely up to you.


Introduce to the app Dictionary Pro

Vocabulary development is the first thing you must do while learning a new language because it will be crucial for the subsequent phases of language learning. Due to this, you’ll undoubtedly discover Dictionary Pro‘s intriguing mobile app to be of great assistance. Here, Android users will discover themselves using a variety of in-app capabilities to learn new words in a variety of languages that are available.

Look up every word effectively

Users will soon have the chance to search and checkup each word in Dictionary Pro in order to comprehend its meaning more completely. You will receive several matches from numerous sources, so please select the one that best serves your goal. You can learn many additional languages by using the support available here. Every individual has specific requirements. 

Look up antonyms and synonyms

With the aid of Dictionary Pro, you may discover synonyms for the original word, and the antonyms are also presented in the most precise and clear manner. Also easily expressed are a few related comments. Additionally, you can learn terms by reading their explanations and some remarkably accurate example phrases. You will also see more examples to help you understand the meaning of the new word. You can use voice search to seek for a term, other persons, or a subject.

dictionary-pro mod apk 

Re-pronounce the word and listen to it spoken properly

Knowing a word isn’t enough to memorize it; you also need to practice pronouncing it. The most challenging words will be provided to you, and this software will assist you with reading them. This will thrill and impress many people with the depth and breadth of the program.

Furthermore, as a youngster, all you wanted was to be a teacher and practice marking the first session. Enjoy a variety of intriguing puzzles with the most recent content to draw attention from those around you. Don’t forget to share this app with your true love or your social circle. 

Support various languages

As you may know, this is a dictionary app, thus different languages are supported, including German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, Italian, and more. This app’s ability to translate English sentences into more than 40 different languages is undoubtedly a remarkable feature. Additionally, this software has additional features that you can use in accordance with your needs, like idioms, science, legal, and medical terms. 

Customize anything you desire

You have full access to all of this app’s capabilities, so you can quickly modify or tweak anything to your liking. You can edit your homepage by adding or removing articles. The text size may be changed for a clean appearance, and it’s fantastic that bookmarks can be saved. To find your words, you can type or speak into the search box.

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What is special about the app Dictionary Pro MOD APK from TechToDown?

As you may know, you have to pay around $4 to download and install this app from Google Play store. Save yourself that amount of money by using the Dictionary Pro MOD APK on our website. This MOD provides you with all packed features of the app with nothing at all. Just download its APK files, follow our instruction to install the app. And then you can start using this great dictionary app.


Dictionary Pro MOD APK is unquestionably one of the top dictionary apps for Android users, offering intriguing features and accurate information. You can learn a ton of useful things here about many different languages, not just English. Most importantly, the app will always give you the most comfortable and authentic learning opportunities.


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