DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak Mod Apk 1.2.8 (Unlimited Money)

October 20, 2018
4.0 and up
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The world goes mad. A DEAD PLAGUE, a lethal virus, has traveled across the planet, making many people become zombies that are mindless. The society comes down as the humanity is at the edge of the termination. Survival is an ongoing battle in this new desolated world.

But you won’t be alone. DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak is a shooting game for survival on mobiles which plunge you into middle of this apocalyptic nightmare. In there, you will strive to stay alive and scavenge for resources or even discover a solution to DEAD PLAGUE one day itself when you play as one of our survivors. This can lead to death from zombies if not dealt with carefully.


The DEAD PLAGUE Outbreak

No exact origins of DEAD PLAGUE have been discovered so far. Some mention evil projects by government while others blame a bioweapon made by an outlaw state as being responsible for this ailment’s emergence among human beings. Irrespective of their sources, it went through people within shortest time possible turning them into hungry man-eating monsters.

Whole societies shattered under pressure caused by ill-preparedness during such an outbreak of infected people. Urban spaces turned into wastelands; once lively arenas became haunted with groans of those who had died but not dead yet – undead or zombies. There was no option but fight hopelessly back against overwhelming odds else face imminent doom from these flesh eaters who knew no boundaries except satisfying their insatiable thirst for human blood.

This showed that mankind had just gotten lucky over the years without anything serious happening until that moment which led us up until now while all this was going on around us; most of our cities fell into ruin, the death toll kept mounting daily higher than ever before recorded by any other time in history.

Gameplay Overview

DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak throws you headfirst into a brutal fight for survival. This top-down shooter experience emphasizes strategic resource management, crafting, and base building alongside intense combat encounters.

Survival of the Fittest:

Your primary objective in DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak is to stay alive. This means scavenging for essential resources like food, water, and medicine. The world is a desolate wasteland, and these supplies are scarce. You’ll need to explore abandoned buildings, clear out infested zones, and strategically manage your inventory to ensure you have what you need to survive another day.

Crafting Your Way Out:

DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak features a robust crafting system that allows you to transform scavenged materials into invaluable tools and weapons. From crude wooden clubs for close-quarters combat to makeshift firearms for ranged takedowns, crafting provides you with the means to defend yourself and overcome the ever-present threat of the undead. As you progress, you’ll unlock new crafting recipes, allowing you to create more powerful and specialized equipment to face increasingly dangerous enemies.

Building a Safe Haven:

In the unforgiving world of DEAD PLAGUE: Outbreak, establishing a secure base camp is paramount. Your base serves as a central location to store your hard-earned loot, craft essential gear, and rest before venturing out into the perilous world. Fortify your base with barricades and traps to deter roaming hordes, and create designated areas for crafting, storage, and even farming (if available). A well-maintained base camp becomes a critical element in your fight for survival.

Mastering the Art of Combat:

While resource management and base building are essential, DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak ultimately boils down to intense combat encounters. The game utilizes a twin-stick control scheme, allowing you to move and aim independently. Mastering this system is crucial for effective combat.

Firearms offer superior range and damage output, but require careful ammo management. Melee weapons are ideal for clearing out close-quarters threats but can be risky against large groups of enemies. Learning enemy attack patterns and weaknesses is vital for strategic combat. Dodging, flanking maneuvers, and well-timed attacks will be your key to success against the relentless hordes of the undead.

This section provides a foundational understanding of the core gameplay loop in DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak. In the next section, we’ll delve deeper into the various game modes available, offering you a glimpse into the diverse ways you can experience the thrilling world of DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak.


Game Modes

There are several game modes in DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak that will fit into any style of playing. Below is a breakdown of the main modes you will encounter.

Campaign with Story:

In a single-player campaign, players can get into nerve-racking situations that explain the emergence of DEAD PLAGUE. As a survivor, you will be assigned missions to complete for information on the virus and perhaps even its antidote. Challenging missions, tough bosses and valuable rewards for character progression make this campaign an exclusive narrative experience.

Multiplayer in Cooperation:

There is also an opportunity to take part in cooperative multiplayer with your friends and other survivors involved in it. In order to scavenge for resources, beat challenging objectives and defeat swarms of zombies together as a team. This mode also calls for communication and coordination plus working as a team. Together with using tactical planning and merging your individual capabilities gives you better chances of surviving in post-apocalyptic wasteland. Up to four participants can come together when forming alliances, comradeships against common enemies during this high-octane mode.

Player vs Player (PvP) (Optional- if there is available):

When players have not enough time for all these activities or they just want to taste blood, they may go on PvP servers where skills are checked out right away under nail-biting conditions. You will find yourself fighting other players online here. Through dominant battling by use of honed combat skills together with tactical advantages developed weapons. PvP way brings fair competition within DEAD PLAGUE encouraging gamers test their potentiality against others until they turn out to be the best among those who made it through.

Character Development

DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak has a robust character development system, which enables you to personalize and strengthen your survivor as you play. Here is a breakdown of some key elements:

  • Skill Trees and Perks: The game probably employs a skill tree system where you use points earned in the gameplay to unlock different skills and perks divided into categories. Such categories may include combat proficiency, crafting expertise, resource management or even survival skills such as lock picking or first aid. All of them have their advantages and can be used by players to focus on specific aspects of their characters that they are interested in. For instance, concentrating on battle abilities allows greater damage output as well as faster weapon handling or better critical hit chance. Skills relevant to crafting open up advanced recipes for powerful weapons and equipment.
  • Character Customization (Optional): Even though the game might not particularly emphasize character customization, DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak could provide some level of it. It can give players an opportunity to choose different clothes, hairstyles or facial expressions (if available) thus enabling them setting personal outlooks for their survivors.
  • Upgradable Gear and Equipment: During your journey, you will find or produce many types of weapons, armor and other equipment. Quite often these items also come with slots for upgrades that allow you to use collected resources on improving their stats. As far as battling the undead is concerned, gear upgrade enhances the efficiency with which your character handles fightsand gathers resources.

By investing wisely into skill trees, customizing your character and upgrading your gears,you will turn him from an ordinary newbie into an invincible warrior against hordes of zombies in Dead Plague. In this part we shall discuss various types of enemies encountered in DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak so that one can plan accordingly while entering each situation.

Enemies and Threats

DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak is not only a desolate world crawling with mindless hordes. Fierce enemies of DEAD PLAGUE virus require different approaches. So, what threats can you expect?

  • Classic Infected; These are the usual slow zombies featured in zombie stories becoming the main menace when they are large in number. The basic enemy can be effectively eliminated by strategic choke points, possible explosives and timely melee attacks.
  • Evolved Infected; All those infected with DEAD PLAGUE do not face the same fate as others as some experience mutations which make them more powerful. Besides being faster or stronger, Evolve Infected may have other special skills like ranged attack or acid splash. To deal with fast moving ones use ranges weapons; close quarter fighting against bruisers should be prepared for while dodging missile launchers.
  • Lurker: Lurkers are infected beings that camouflage themselves into their surroundings making them an extremely treacherous entity. They attack from the dark, surprising people who think they are safe. Flares or noise grenades plus situational awareness can help solve this problem by driving out such lurking predators.
  • Boss: You will meet powerful bosses in DEAD PLAGUE story mode as well as some challenging game modes too. These creatures which could be individuals with a stronger strain of the virus or those who have mutated through time possess great strength and unique attacking systems that usually need specific strategies to beat them down. Understanding boss mechanics either by studying it or repeating encounters is how one overcomes these challenges.

Meanwhile, besides infected things, DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak might offer additional menaces to your survival. They include:

  • Hostile Factions; Desperation arises within post-apocalyptic worlds whereby there might be rival groups of survivors vying for limited supplies resulting into conflict and human foes requiring strategy combat.
  • Environmental Hazards; Even the deteriorating world itself can be hazardous with fallen buildings, radiated zones or bad weather conditions that can necessitate change of approach and careful handling of these environmental hazards.

Survival Tips and Tricks

DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak takes you to a brutal world. Here are some important hints to improve your chances of surviving:

  • Put Resource Management First: They’re rare, those resources such as food, water and ammunition. Plunder carefully, value what you carry and throw away things that have no use to come up with the weight in your inventory. Always be on the lookout for other sources of food and water while developing containers or establishing farms (if they exist) to make sure it is sustainable. Prudently manage your bullets; opt for powerful guns only when necessary; as well as less expensive ones for smaller fights.
  • Strengthen Your Base: The base camp is an area of safety. Secure it with barricades, traps and defensive structures so that marauding gangs do not disturb you but use it as a seclusion where you can reunite yourselves in peace. As much as possible improve your base making provisions for crafting, storing items even resting.
  • Choose the right weapon: DEAD PLAGUE has various weapons each having its own advantages and disadvantages. Guns shoot from far distances but need careful attention because of limited ammo availability. Melee weapons are perfect for combats at a close range though they may be dangerous in large groups whereas groupings are best done by different types of weapons available depending on their uses alone with others inclusive so that they meet specific requirements during encounters.
  • Use Tactical Combat: Do not blunder into hordes just like that. Look around for narrow passages then bait several enemies together before taking them out in turn starting from the first one killed.Cunningly exploit your environment – lay traps or even explode barrels near enemy positions.Think about how enemies move before attacking them.Good luck! You should run around them a lot if you want to survive!
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (For Co-op Mode): In case you are playing with your friends in multiplayer, teamwork and communication is key. Combine efforts to clear areas, plan how resources will be shared and bring back those allies that have been defeated. Assign roles based on specializations; some players can focus on long range fighting while others can act as tanks.Effective cooperation among players greatly improves the chances for survival in DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak’s dangerous world.

Bear in mind that these are just a start. There are even more tips and strategies to face the challenges as you delve deeper into DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak. Stay alert, adapt to your environment and never lose hope! Let us now move on to the next part where we shall wrap up this guide comprehensively.



This guide has supplied you with the information and plans that will help you to successfully survive in DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak. Through base construction and management, resource management, strategic combat tactics, and enemy weak-points, you are now better armed to encounter the horrors of the DEAD PLAGUE.

Download DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak today and enjoy a front row seat to an apocalypse! Please remember that on you can find everything about DEAD PLAGUE. We have more guides, reviews, and community discussions that will increase your game experience.

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