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Apr 19, 2017
Apr 2, 2024
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Looking for that Counter-Terrorist action on a smaller screen? Look no further! Critical Strike CS takes the heart of classic Counter-Strike and stuffs it into your mobile device. Get ready to dive headfirst into this first-person shooter (FPS) game that captures everything you love about one of the most notable competitive games ever.

Choose your side, join either counter-terrorists or terrorists as you duke it out across fan-favorite maps and competitive modes. Experience fast-paced gameplay designed specifically for touchscreens. All we have to say is good luck soldier.


Key Features & Gameplay

Same Classic Modes, Different Game

This game mode delivers all of the classics reimagined:

  • Team Deathmatch: Show off your combat skills in all-out shootouts where kills equal wins.
  • Bomb Defusal: Experience the strategy behind sticking a bomb somewhere, if you’re a terrorist, or defusing it before detonation, if you’re not.
  • More Modes: The game has more modes like Arms Race or custom game variations that add even more variation to your experience.

Familiar Arsenal

Equip yourself with weapons everyone knows and loves:

  • Pistols: Glock-18, Desert Eagle, USP-S and more.
  • Rifles: AK-47, M4A4,AUG plus sniper rifles as well.
  • Shotguns & SMGs: Take down baddies with powerful shotguns XM1014 or versatile MP5 submachine guns.
  • Explosives : Of course there are grenades too along with C4 as well–for that classic tactical feel.

Mobile-Focused Action

  • Translating that PC precision to a small touchscreen is quite difficult but somehow Critical Strike CS makes it work seamlessly. Who knew?
  • Customizable Controls: Adjust button placement and sensitivity to find what feels right for you!
  • Aim Assist (Optional): If you’re new to the game and havin’ trouble, don’t worry they got you covered.
  • Smooth Performance: Runs great on a variety of devices so you won’t have to worry about lagging.

Competition Meets Community

Critical Strike CS wants nothing more than for you to bring your competitive spirit to the table. They’ve set up plenty of features to help get those juices flowing:

  • Ranked Matches (If Available): Climb that ladder and prove your skill against increasingly challenging opponents.
  • Active Community: Join in on social media or forum discussions–or go farther and find a clan or team to join for that extra level of interaction!


Why Players Love Critical Strike CS

The Classics, Simplified

Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, Critical Strike CS welcomes everyone:

  • Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: Mechanics are simple enough for anyone while the skill ceiling is so high it’ll keep the pros engaged as well.
  • Mobile Convenience: Play quick rounds on the bus or hunker down for hours at home if you prefer–it’s all up to you!
  • Shorter Matches: Just because it’s mobile doesn’t mean the fun has been shortened. This way there’s always time for some explosive action!
  • Tactical strategy: Coordinate with your teammates, use the terrain to your advantage, and outsmart your enemies.
  • Rewarding skill: The more you practice, the better you’ll get. And with this game, putting in the work means improving reflexes and decision-making.

A commitment to growth

Critical Strike CS is a constantly-changing experience that’s shaped by its developers through updates and community interaction:

  • New content: Players can always look forward to new maps, weapons, or even game modes.
  • Balancing & Patches: If one weapon or strategy gets too dominant, expect the creators to hear players out and correct it.
  • Esports potential: If Critical Strike CS gets big enough for pro play, expect official tournaments.

Beginner Tips

  • Ease into gameplay by starting with Team Deathmatch mode. It’s fast-paced but simple enough for newcomers.
  • If voice chat is enabled in-game then communicate often for maximum success.
  • Knowing map layouts will give you tactical advantages over opponents who don’t take time to learn them well-known maps provide significant tactical advantages
  • Don’t get discouraged by early losses; instead, focus on the fun and know that your skills will improve over time.



Whether you’re a fan of Counter-Strike or just want intense FPS action on your phone, Critical Strike CS is a must-try. With classic modes, a wide arsenal to choose from, and gameplay that’s been optimized for mobile but still captures the feeling of Counter-Strike, this game delivers.

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