Cyber Dead: Super Squad
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Feb 8, 2020
Feb 15, 2024
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Save the Earth from the tech dome in Cyber Dead: Super Squad, an arcade action platformer now! The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future world where cybernetic mutants have ruled the earth. Because these animals are on the verge of demolishing all life, you must act as quickly as possible. This is the role of a brave soldier who is constantly shooting down opponents and bosses. In the Cyber Dead Mod APK version, you can improve your character’s skills by earning bonus points and purchasing new ammunition and weapons.

What’s all about Cyber Dead: Super Squad?

Cyber Dead: Super Squad – Zombies are invading and destroying humanity in droves. Play as a powerful soldier in order to combat the horde of dirty zombies. You can command heroes with various skills to fight in ferocious fights. Of course, modern weapons such as guns are required to combat the fastest foes. Players must not only battle but also devise tactics to save survivors from death in a variety of environments.


Cyber Dead – the most standard platform game

Cyber Dead is the most standard platform game you have ever played. The game has been relaunched with significant investment and new difficulties. Hundreds of tasks, each equivalent to a tough conflict, will provide gamers with a diverse set of experiences.

With each level of play, the challenge will climb steadily; to win, you must have a smooth mix of action and shooting. To conquer the storylines, follow the basic run and gun steps.

Build your own strength

The world needs heroes like you, people who are prepared to put their life on the line to keep everyone safe. Join Cyber Dead and engage in tough combat to save people from waves of savage zombies.

When you join this game, you will be given a variety of objectives to complete, many of which are extremely risky. When you first start this game, the first thing you must do is construct your own stronghold using the greatest items available. It served as a military zone as well as a safe haven for non-infected humans.


Control 9 heroes with various powers and battle styles

To have more time to fully immerse oneself in the battles. You take command of the heroes and lead them to the battlefield to eliminate the filthy zombies. You only have control over a newcomer to the game with limited combat skills.

As you gain enough fighting experience and opportunity, you will be able to unlock all nine heroes. They differ in terms of skills, fighting tactics, and action mechanics.

Fierce battles and 50+ different evil enemies

Prepare to sacrifice and shed blood to protect the ramparts and complete the final quest in Cyber Dead. Face more than 50 distinct types of nasty opponents in a series of intense confrontations.

The game will send different waves of zombies toward you depending on the difficulty level. After all, adversaries have set lethal traps on each level. Not only that, but you will have to deal with more than ten additional crafty bosses in some stages.


Conquer more than 150 new challenging levels

Countless monsters and evil bosses are salivating at the prospect of annihilating heroes like you. Because if you are defeated, this world will be engulfed in horrific bloodshed. To avoid this, you will need a well-balanced blend of offensive and defensive techniques.

Both the enemy and the survivors in the ramparts must be destroyed. In addition, more than 150 new hard levels are available to be conquered. The enemies will be exterminated once all tasks are finished, and the Earth will be at peace once more.

Exploit your arsenal in Cyber Dead

With normal human strength, no one can beat those insane zombie troops. In Cyber Dead, you must not only rely on the heroes’ superpowers but also prepare and use your arsenal. They are all the most advanced weaponry employed in military zones, with over 70 unique weapons in their hands.

To accompany you in combat, select the most powerful equipment. While the conflict is still going on, swap guns and resupply ammunition. Furthermore, if necessary, the weapon kinds will be modified further.


Cyber Dead: Super Squad APK main features

  • The first stage in mentally preparing for intense conflicts is to construct a stronghold with the best items.
  • Take command of one of nine heroes, each with their own abilities and fighting techniques, such as Bomberman, Robot, and others.
  • Taking part in intense battles in order to completely kill more than 50 distinct sorts of opponents as well as more than ten tough bosses.
  • Defeat all monsters, save mankind from infection, and preserve the Earth safe from a pandemic by completing 150+ hard levels.
  • Use over 70 different advanced firearms to constantly develop your unique arsenal, the number of which can be increased as you progress through each stage.

How to play Cyber Dead: Super Squad APK

To progress through the stages, use the movement buttons to control the super soldiers and run and gun zombies. “Run fast, shoot faster,” as the saying goes.

  • To avoid obstacles, press the jump button.
  • To strengthen your metal squad, use coins and gems.
  • To unlock new super troops, collect puzzle pieces. Metal squads will be a strong opponent.
  • In this side-scrolling action game, complete daily missions and events to earn new gear.
  • It is finally time for you to fight like a true super-soldier! In the Cyber Dead action game, you may enjoy the excitement of metal gun shooting.

Cyber Dead: Super Squad Mod APK Latest Version

One Hit/ God Mode

You will get the best and most experienced features in this version of Cyber Dead: Super Squad Mod APK. Your battle experience will be raised a notch. Let’s try it now!

Safe to download

Cyber Dead: Super Squad Mod APK is 100% safe because the application was scanned by our Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were detected.


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