Auto Hero: Auto-shooting game
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Nov 2, 2020
Mar 12, 2024
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What would you do if the world was threatened by terrifying monsters? Are you ready to arm yourself and go to war to protect the peace? If you are ready, join the war in Auto Hero Mod Apk. You will experience an action game with the theme of superheroes that is designed in a cartoon style.

With simple controls and a diverse character system, you will have a great experience with this game. The game has received more than 500000 downloads and installs from Google Play. Download the game, collect heavy metal weapons and join the battle right away.

What is Auto Hero Mod Apk about?

Auto Hero is an arcade action shooting game, published by Angles Game Studio. You will participate in cross-border shooting battles to protect your homeland against the forces coming from the dungeon. The game has a storyline about an invasion of cosmic monsters that possess advanced and dangerous weapons.


Your mission is to gather the most elite warriors to fight against these monsters. During the battle, your characters will automatically shoot at the enemies, so you just need to dodge their attacks and jump on the platform. After each victory in the stages, you will be rewarded with additional destructive abilities, and you can use them for the next rounds to destroy the opponent.

Why do you need Auto Hero Mod Apk?

Auto Hero is an attractive automatic shooting game that is provided for free on Google Play. You can experience the game without paying any fees but there will be an in-app purchase that can make you unhappy. You can also strive to complete quests in this game to receive prizes and equip necessary items.

If you are not ready to purchase the original, you can download our website Auto Hero Mod Apk. This version will give you a full and great game experience without paying anything.


Highlight features of Auto Hero Mod Apk

Play as a muscular commando shooter

Participating in the dynamic shooting game Auto Hero, you will play as a muscular commando shooter who owns powerful guns, vicious monsters. You will have challenging missions to become a superhero and protect the world from the dark forces. Those monsters will become stronger after each challenge, so you will need to upgrade your hero to have more power to fight them.

Fight a lot of strong opponents

In Auto Hero, you will have to fight a lot of strong opponents and you will not be able to rest for a second against the invasion of demons, monsters, and many other scary creatures. You will also have to face huge bosses so fight hard, upgrade your hero to win this war.


2D and side-scroller platforms

Auto Hero has built engaging battles on 2D and side-scroller platforms that combine exciting automatic shooting gameplay. You will only need to navigate the movement for your character, the shooting will be completely automatic. You will surely love the simple controls in this game and enjoy the automatic shooting in this game.

Some other features

  • Beautiful and very modern visuals with an easy-to-play 2D platform
  • Shooting gameplay to overcome the elite warrior style attractive.
  • Provide a diverse weapon system about 140 types of weapons with great destructive power with many upgrades
  • You can change the character’s skin 360 degrees.
  • The most advanced automatic fire mode is that you only need to control the shooter to move the target to dodge bullets from enemies.
  • Cyber-style plot and graphics.
  • You will join the ultimate battle against over 100 types of monsters
  • You will experience the challenge of more than 150 combat missions with seven different maps until you save the Earth.
  • The game provides a rich superhero system for you to choose from Archer, Bomber, Metal soldier, Robot, Spaceship, Ninja, Panda with a laser gun, so on.
  • An offline game without internet


How to play Auto Hero Mod Apk

  • To play the Auto Hero automatic shooting game, you can follow these instructions:
  • You will control your hero’s moves to help him dodge attacks from enemies.
  • You will only need to control the movement, the shooting will be automatic, and after each time you kill the enemy, you will receive coins and gems to upgrade the strength of your soldiers.
  • You will collect the super warrior pieces, and new heroes will gradually appear.
  • Let’s collect all the mission stars of the mission to save the world in this game.


If you love shooting action games, you definitely cannot ignore Auto Hero Mod Apk. Download the game to equip yourself with powerful weapons, lead an army of soldiers and fight against the dark forces to protect your earth. You can also have fun with this game anytime, anywhere thanks to the offline mode. Feel free to enjoy the features included in the free app with our mod version.



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