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Want to easily erase unwanted objects in your pictures or insert those who did not get captured? Try the amazing Cut Paste Photos, a simple photo editing app that can do this. Cut Paste Photos has an intuitive cutting and pasting feature which allows users to be creative by making unique photo edits within minutes. Nevertheless, this is beyond cutting out shapes done in the most basic way possible; it offers features like background removal, collage creation and artistic filters among others which are important to anyone who wants better looking photos.

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What is Cut Paste Photos?

Cut Paste Photos simplifies editing of your pictures because you can cut out people or items from one image and paste them into another one fluidly. Therefore, you will always have that summer beach picture without the blighter and friendless family birthday party with her added back at any time you may want such changes. Even if you have never taken a photo editing course before, these modifications are achievable through Cut Paste Photos.

Who is Cut Paste Photos For?

This tool appeals to a wide range of people as already mentioned above. For just quick touch-ups on their images, casual photography lovers can consider using this software as it doesn’t require complicated skills. Thus those with relatively more experience on matters touching photography could make use of options such as erasing background and even creating collages so that their images appear much better than what they were before editing them with other similar tools including but not limited to these ones. With its particularly user-friendly interface and high accuracy level for its cutting tool, Cut Paste Photos differs from other apps in the same category thereby making it ideal for individuals new to photographic art who might find advanced programs intimidating.

auto cut paste photo editor mod apk

The Advantages of Using Cut Paste Photos

  • Erase Unwanted Objects Effortlessly: Photobombers, distractions or pimples on your pictures will no longer exist anymore once you start using this app for instance. With precision, isolate plus take away whatever undesired objects from your frame using Cut Paste Photos.
  • Add People/ Things into Pictures: You can make your dream photo come true. Perhaps, you would like to add one of the family members who were left out when you were taking a group picture or else create an unreal photo-montage then Cut Paste Photos will help you in that.
  • Set Your Creativity Free: Anything is possible with Cut Paste Photos. Create hilarious photo edits, personalize greeting cards or simply boost the visual appeal of your regular pictures.

Main Features of Cut Paste Photos

Cutting and Pasting People and Objects

Cut Paste Photos is characterized by its simple cutting and pasting feature. When it comes to selecting that object for manipulation, there are two main methods offered:

  • Automatic Cutting Tool: This option is designed for users who want a quick solution. It works on using advanced algorithms which are able to identify lines between a person or thing being cut off and the rest of a background of an image, edges surrounding an area with irregular shape having curves which are not straight at times. To achieve this clean and sharp outline, the user just needs to draw some rough boundaries around it that will be afterwards refined intelligently by means of advanced technology used by our application known as Clean Edge.

cut paste photos mod apk download

  • Manual Selection Tool: The manual selection tool provided by Cut Paste Photos is useful when one has complex backgrounds or more sophisticated shapes to cut out manually. This tool enables you to take a lot of time tracing around an item with your finger or stylus so as to have maximum control over it.
  • Precision is a top priority in Cut Paste Photos’ cutting tool.  It also has an automatic cutting tool that is surprisingly accurate, even on objects with soft edges or intricate details like hair.  Furthermore, the manual selection tool lets you make minor adjustments to the selection borders by zooming in and out.  Additionally, after an initial cut, Cut Paste Photos provides tools for refining any rough edges that may be visible.
  • Seamless Pasting: After meticulously cutting out your object, pasting it onto a new background is as easy as ABC.  Simply choose your desired background image from your camera roll or explore the built-in library of backgrounds offered within the app.  Moreover, one can reposition and resize the pasted object according to his/her requirements so that it integrates well with the new background.

Background Removal

Cut Paste Photos has a feature of automatically removing background, which makes editing easier where you want your subject to really pop out. This smart technology discerns between foreground object and its surrounding using this amazing tool for instance all you need to do is just click once and have yourself a clean cutout photo complete with transparent background; ideal for creating photo collages or adding subjects into different images.

Accuracy and Complex Backgrounds: Nevertheless, though the automatic feature for background removal performs excellently over time it’s worth noting that its accuracy varies based on how complexer an image’s background is. For example plain solid coloured backgrounds have minimal details making them perfect completion while doing this process otherwise detail-oriented backdrops may require some manual tweaking during invocation of auto-tool.

cut and paste photo mod apk

Photo Collages

Unlock Your Creativity with Collages: In addition to simple cutouts or paste jobs, Cut Paste Photos features a user-friendly collage maker. The feature allows users to put several pictures together in an impressive way. Either you can select one among various preset layouts for collages or create any design you like. Furthermore, Cut Paste Photos enables clients to personalize their collages by adjusting the space around pictures, rounding off the picture’s shape and even setting a special background for a collage.

While Cut Paste Photos excels at manipulating objects within a photo, another popular app, Remini, focuses on enhancing the overall quality of photos, bringing blurry or grainy images into sharp focus.


Cut Paste Photos is an easy-to-use app that can be employed for editing photos with the option of cutting out or copying and pasting people and objects in them.  Moreover, Cut Paste Photos has an intuitive interface, sharp cutting tools and other features such as backgrounds removal and collaging.  Whether you are an amateur willing to delete unwanted items from your images or a professional photo editor aiming at creating something unique out of those photos, then we recommend that one to try it.


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