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Do you ever want to control legions of stick figures battling over terrain? That’s the unique experience you get from Conquer the Tower 2! With inclined simplicity, it is a mobile game that you can only describe as deceptive. Your task in this game is to establish your “stick figure” army, conquer towers and expand your colourful empire.

Conquer the Tower 2 offers short and sweet gameplay sessions. Each match is an exhilarating race to grow your troops and systematically take over enemy towers one by one. This addictive progression together with easy mechanics will hook you right after your first battle.


What Makes Conquer the Tower 2 Addictive

It combines simple design with unexpected depth in strategic thinking which makes fun yet challenging experience for players. What makes it so accessible and at the same time very hard to stop playing are as follows:

  • Simple-yet-Strategic: The main idea behind this concept is easy to understand. To overwhelm and capture an opponent’s stronghold, all you need to do is swipe across towers thus uniting them into one line sending hordes of stick figure soldiers into its depths. However, knowing when and which tower to attack requires careful consideration, adding a thrilling layer of tactical decision-making.
  • Fast-Paced Excitement: Matches in Conquer the Tower 2 are designed to be quick and intense. You’ll always have to adjust as battlefield changes constantly keeping you on your toes. After every satisfying victory, there will always be an itch for next conquest.
  • The Joy of Expansion: There’s nothing more exciting than watching how territory grows along with the number of stick figure troops spread out over map surface like they are some kind of infection or virus spreading everywhere. Every new structure under your command means additional strength resources that help strengthen your position further making sure that no other player can stand between you and total conquest of level area.


Conquer the Tower 2 Tips for Beginners

Starting out with Conquer the Tower 2 can be a big rush. To help you secure early victories and learn the ropes, here are some essential tips:

Focus on Growth

When you start out in the game, prioritize increasing your main tower’s stick figure production. Additionally faster accumulation of units will allow you to quickly form an overpowering force that will gobble up towers around.

Choose Your Targets Wisely

Just before you attack take time assessing the enemy tower strength. In case they have more units than you do it might be better to gather your forces a bit or consider attacking another target that is weaker. Attacking haphazardly can lead to loss of soldiers and therefore delay.

Upgrade Strategically

For every victory, coins will be earned which in turn can be used for upgrades. There are basically two forms:

  • Unit Production: Increase how fast new stick figures get generated by your towers.
  • Tower Defense: Strengthen the number of units required to capture your towers.
  • The blend between these kinds of upgrades is important but depends on how one plays.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

The best way to learn in Conquer the Tower 2 is by doing. Do not feel bad with a failure and try different strategies to see what suits you best. After each combat, tactical knowledge about this game increases!


Why You’ll Love Conquer the Tower 2

If you enjoy fun mobile games that give you something engagingly different then Conquer the Tower 2 would serve you well:

  • Casual Yet Competitive: With such simplicity any player can participate in the game irrespective of their background. However, achieving mastery over its sophisticated tactics and outwitting adversaries will provide an experience akin to competitive gaming hence will make your heart pound hard enough for it to burst from within. It has a perfect balance that appeals both casual players and those who play more often.
  • Various Maps and Challenges: Conquer the Tower 2 has a wide range of maps, each with different scenery and layouts. This way, game play is kept fresh since tactics have to be adjusted according to the territory on which one fights.
  • Satisfying Development: By winning battles, you are able to earn coins that can be used for upgrading and unlocking features.  It motivates you by providing direct benefits for your wins and thereby giving a sense of progression in every match.

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If you like strategic games loaded with satisfyingly paced actions but without too much hassle then it’s time for you to try out Conquer the Tower 2. The minimalistic approach belies a curiously addictive gameplay loop that will keep having you plot your next invasion long after you stop playing.


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