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Brilliant MOD APK is an educational program that allows us to learn important information about particular disciplines. Anyone who is interested in science and logical reasoning can get Brilliant MOD APK to use on their device every day, regardless of who they are or what job they have. To learn more in-depth details about this app, keep reading our words.

Introduce about Brilliant

Brilliant is a library of online lectures on topics related to math, science, and computer science. The learning process used by Brilliant is incredibly thought-provoking and not passive.

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The application assists you in developing a more logical method of thinking through puzzles. Questions frequently test your ability to recall information or think critically. There will be 4 to 6 different, more challenging questions for each course. You will receive a percentage rating for how accurately you answered each question after you have answered all of them. You can get step-by-step instructions to find the answer by clicking “Hide explanation” if you can’t figure out a question. You can thereafter fast advance your cognitive skills and information.

Brilliant now offers more than 60 courses that are divided into 3 different types of courses: Mathematics (blue), Science (yellow), Computer science (pink-orange).

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Have a look at what this app grants you:

Learning math

There are eight different course categories: mathematical thinking, logic, algebra, geometry, and so on. Although the questions initially appear straightforward, the answer is “no.” You must practice and think clearly to accurately respond to the questions. The majority of the questions will center on straightforward computations of numbers or, perhaps, the placement of the letters about a specific thinking requirement. Additionally, there will be a lot of problems that call for deep thought regarding real-world topics like stock trading.

Study the science

This is the physics and quantum mechanics enthusiast’s universe. To solve these riddles, draw on the physics knowledge you have acquired while learning. I still advise taking these courses even if your understanding of physics is shaky. Because you can use the accessible solutions to challenging problems to learn new information.

Become an expert in computer science

The idea of computer science is no longer foreign to us in the contemporary 4.0 era. These are the courses that are difficult to understand, yet it’s not hard to understand it. This is the course you ought to take if you’re an IT student or employee. Because it will help you with everything from data, python, and algorithm expertise to deeper understanding like neural networks.

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What to expect to Brilliant MOD APK from TechToDown?

As you may know the Brilliant app offers both a Free and Premium option. The Today tab with a preview of each day’s online courses is accessible with the free account, which also allows you to sync your progress between the web and mobile app.

While the Premium experience includes three distinct subscription tiers that all grant you unrestricted access to the 60+ courses, offline mode on mobile apps, and guided courses. Three methods of payment are available for the Premium plan:

  • Monthly: Pay $24.99 per month
  • Annual: Pay $149.85 per year (working out at $12.49 per month)
  • Groups of 3+: Pay $299.89 per year

If you are among those who feel the premium plan a little pricey then we have a better solution for you. That is using the Brilliant MOD APK from TechToDown. This is a modified version that opens up all the pro features without requiring you to pay anything. So awesome, isn’t it?

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MOD features:

  • Premium unlocked
  • Free


Brilliant MOD APK is the program you should use with your schoolwork if you are enthusiastic about science subjects and seeking the easiest approach to assimilate


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