Boost for Reddit MOD APK v1.12.7 (Premium Unlocked) Download

Rubén Mayayo
March 16, 2023
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Long-time Reddit users may find the social media network’s layouts to be a little boring, and the mobile version may occasionally be lacking in features. As a result, if you want to offer your social media network a new look and feel, this unique mobile application of Boost for reddit MOD APK is unquestionably a fantastic tool to employ.

What to know about Boost for reddit

Boost for reddit is a fantastic Reddit client for Android that provides a slew of new choices for customizing your Reddit feed, as well as a slew of useful utilities for those of us that frequent Reddit.

Multiple view modes

Boost for reddit brings various new and interesting features to the old Reddit browsing experiences. Each subreddit will have multiple display modes, allowing you to customize different graphic components to your liking.


To improve visibility on social media networks, for example, you can choose cards with large photographs. Activate the slideshow view to quickly scroll through posts. Enjoy the visually engaging content by viewing your picture subreddits as an image gallery. Provide short cards with thumbnails for better visibility in crowded newsfeeds. There are numerous more display modes available to meet the requirements of all users.

Convenient browsing experiences

Boost for reddit provides intuitive and interactive touch controls for the most convenient browsing experiences. You can simply work with media in this app thanks to the automated preview settings, which allow the app to display photographs, play GIFs, GFYCAT, GIFV, albums, and videos without you having to open the postings.

The app will automatically mark posts and subreddits as read as you read them, indicating that you’ve checked in. Subscribing to your favorite subreddits or adding them to your favorites is easy with the quick access buttons. You may then go back to your saved posts at any time.


Freely customize anything

For those who are interested, Boost for reddit now allows you to freely personalize the various themes and color combinations.

Start by choosing different colors for different portions of your layouts from the app’s millions of options. Use Material Design to choose your main color and up to 70 accent colors for your great Reddit interfaces. Also, have a look at the presets, which let you choose colors from a range of categories, including Light, Dark, and AMOLE.

You may also utilize the advanced theme manager to customize the app interfaces to your liking. Customize the software with the many theme settings, which include vibrant colors and unique graphic components.

Furthermore, you may alter the text on your social media pages by changing the font kinds, sizes, and colors, allowing you to acquire well-adapted text layouts for the current colors and themes. To get the most out of the new Reddit interfaces on your mobile devices, combine all of the available options.

Use the home screen widget to quickly access the app

You can access social network pages while staying on the home screen using Boost for reddit, or you can open the app right away by clicking on the widget. Adjust the sizes of the widget to meet your needs and place it wherever you like on your home screen.


Multi-function filter

You can use the filter to find information and prevent unwanted items from displaying. For instance, look for articles about animals or nature. Alternatively, go through the products and films available through your search options.

In the search field, you must select the goods that you are interested in. It will provide you with important news or articles with the most recent content. Feel free to browse the internet without thinking about anything else. You can quickly switch your options to other aspects of your life if you become bored. Diversify the sources of knowledge you intend to use.

What will you have in Boost for reddit MOD APK?

If you want to use the amazing mobile app Boost for reddit but don’t want to pay the premium features, you can now get the unlocked version of the app on our website instead. Here, we provide the Boost for reddit MOD APK with some more features. All you have to do is download the Boost for reddit Mod APK and follow the instructions to get started.

MOD features:

  • Premium unlocked
  • No ads



Boost for reddit MOD APK is a fantastic application for you to use instead of online browsers, delivering more easy and current features for the finest experience. Download it right now and unwind in your spare time.

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