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Nov 29, 2023
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MOD Info?

Beholder Mod Apk: Experience the dystopian landlord simulator with enhanced features. Explore dark themes of surveillance and control in this chilling game.

  • Unlimited Money


In Beholder, the dystopian world is brought to life in a manner that makes you see through the eyes of a totalitarian regime. The unsettling game explores themes such as surveillance and privacy invasion that are central to being a government-installed landlord. Natural movement and mere speaking may now become lethal.

For those who enjoy games with complex moral dilemmas and dark aspects of power, this primer on Beholder will provide everything you need for an effective start. What the game is about, what makes it interesting and useful tips for navigating its treacherous choices-and-consequences maze will be discussed.



Beholder, this is the test of your personality. You are one member, entering a world future in a dystopian state. The rulers of the country have already implemented policies that make things worse for everyone and now you must balance on the narrow rope between ethics and personal interests. However, you are just a link in their system. To make important decisions, you need to be on top of it all. Prepare to take over the national leadership position while staying true to your ethics as much as you can.

What Is This Game?

Fundamental Game Play

With its blend of simulation, surveillance, and choice-driven storytelling, Beholder presents something distinctively strange and disturbing. In this unkind society which has appointed you Carl as their new landlord your main job is spying on your tenants. One installs cameras at each corner; rummages through their things; listens to them in secret. All done with an intention of exposing any activity or conversation or possession which threatens state’s authority.

Its Ever Present Theme

The video game’s chilling gloominess mirrors a world where personal space means nothing anymore. You cannot escape being torn between a harsh government that needs you alive and some bit of kindness towards your tenants. It is this struggle within yourself that defines the terrifying context presented by the game.

Its Significant Elements/Functions

  • Invasive Surveillance: Turn observation into action with cameras, bugs, searches for personal items etc., to gather valuable information about tenants.
  • Abusing Power: To keep them loyal to Motherland put illegal drugs in apartments or make up false charges against tenants until they break down,
  • High Stakes Decisions: Every choice has an impact on not only you but also inhabitants’ lives.
  • Multiple Endings Your actions shape how story ends up thus there are many different outcomes all depending on what you do.


Why Should I Play This Game?

Target Market

Beholder can appeal to several types of players, including:

  • Enthusiasts of Dystopian Fiction: Beholder’s setting is perfect for anyone who adores narratives about oppression, government control and eradication of privacy. If you enjoy games like Criminal Case, where investigation is key, this game offers a darker, more morally complex angle on surveillance and investigation.
  • Conscience Hunters: There are no right or wrong answers in this video game. It will help you train your brain to tackle controversies.
  • Planners and Writers: Understand how resource management (money, reputation, authority) can be blended with the storyline created by your own action, as you play Beholder.

What is Unique about It?

Unlike many other games, Beholder focuses on the human side of maintaining a totalitarian regime. You’ve been bestowed with so much power as Carl over other characters’ lives. In the end, see how what you do trickles down and forms a narrative molded by your very sense of ethics.

Getting Into The Game: What To Know

Know Your Part

Beholder is a game that puts you on a knife’s edge between total submission to the state and empathy for those who suffer under its oppression. It becomes more interesting when, as part of your duty in surveillance, you see some humanity in these people.

Resources and Choices

Managing money, reputation or time is essential. By fulfilling tasks for the state and completing tenant requests, tenants will pay money to you. But each action has its price; it can be time spent or consequences faced. Make wise choices because resources are limited and choices form other people’s opinions about you.


Observation is Key

Your biggest weapon is thorough surveillance. Listen attentively to what your tenants say, silently study their belongings and observe their movements. In Beholder, write detailed reports, detect contraband items and establish links between things. Knowledge is power; one can either hinder the activities of the state or assist others.

Multiple Endings

In Beholder there are no “proper” ways of playing the game. The story unfolds as a result of your actions and decisions which determine how it will eventually end up with you Experiment with it, play again or try out different routes so as to see what happens at both ends.

No Right Answers

Beholder confronts players with situations characterized by moral ambiguity. As such, there may not be an easy choice between following orders while endangering oneself or showing compassion while defying the regime. This duality makes Beholder a unique mind challenging experience.


Beholder’s substance is uniquely chilling and morally complex unlike most games available today. Combining survivalist resource management elements along with branching narratives rooted in player-choice make this truly worthwhile in terms of exploring themes around totalitarianism and personal struggle within oppressive systems.

If dystopian stories fascinate you, if you love making difficult decisions and need a game where your choices result in real outcomes then Beholder awaits! Assume the role of watchful landlord and find out what fate you have in store for you and those who are within your reach.


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