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Ball King MOD APK is an excellent high-scoring timewaster. Physics has long been a favorite in the game industry. Skateboard and BMX physics, for example. It just seems appropriate to play a game with highly tuned, consistent physics. We’re not sure why these games are so popular, but they’re damn rewarding. That is how Ball King MOD APK is described. It’s a lot of fun to play.

Introduce to Ball King

Ball King is a 2D basketball game in which you only have to worry about one thing: shooting baskets. The gameplay is as easy as it is enjoyable: tap the screen and drag it slightly downward to create an oval in the direction of the ball. You can change the curve of the ball by moving your finger across the screen, and you’ll have to use this to try and land the ball in the basket. It’s not simple, though, because the basket moves with each shot.


2 different game modes

There are two game modes: challenge and time trial. In the first, you shoot until you miss. The basket moves across the right side of the screen at random while the simple touch controls allow you to adjust the angle of your shot accordingly. The idea is quite straightforward and wonderfully done. After a few missed shots, you’ll also have to contend with three different types of wind that can blow in either direction; this is when the men and boys diverge.

In the second, you have sixty seconds to make as many shots as you can. Three points are awarded for a clean shot, sometimes known as a swish. You are now on fire if you make three straight clean shots. Any shots made while on fire will get five points. Furthermore, clean shots extend the clock by the same amount of time that they are worth in points. When the timer runs out, you have an infinite amount of time to take your final shot. Well, you can extend the timer here by three or five seconds as well, and if you’re a really horrible guy, you can stretch it virtually indefinitely.


Lots of balls

Basketballs aren’t the only thing you’ll be hurling at the basket in this game; you’ll also be hurling soccer balls, baseballs, snowballs, severed zombie heads, tree frogs, turkey legs, rubber ducks, cacti, floppy discs (jokingly dubbed Save Icons), and a ton more. There are roughly 50 randomly selected objects that can be used in place of balls, and they all exhibit some aspect of the physical and aerodynamic characteristics of a basketball.


Vivid sound effects and visual effects

Most of the time, the game has fantastic music effects and graphics. The fishbowl is like some sort of doorway to the ocean where countless fish can come flopping through, and the tree frog chirps, the fried turkey leg gobbles, the giant heart expels floaty hearts, and the skull scatters bones everywhere. You understand. You’ll want to keep playing to unlock more because all of these effects are either adorable or entertaining in some manner.


Download the latest version of Ball King MOD APK from TechToDown

Ball King offers some stuff for you to unlock, as you might already know. You can try to win any ball by spending 100 diamonds on the mystery prize boxes, or you can purchase any ball for one dollar IAP. Moreover, you may purchase the Piggy Bank, which doubles the value of ad watching and provides you 1000 diamonds to spend in addition to adding higher value diamonds to the mix.

You see, you will need lots of diamonds.  That is where Ball King MOD APK comes to help. With that said, this MOD will make your gaming experience less stressful and more enjoyable with the Unlimited Money option. There is no need to watch annoying ads, just play and enjoy your time.

Key features of Ball King MOD APK:

  • Unlimited Money
  • All balls unlocked
  • All maps unlocked
  • No ads

Should I download Ball King MOD APK?

To sum up, Ball King MOD APK is quite addictive. Without even realizing it, I put on an arbitrary podcast and continued playing it for an entire hour. With this game, time flies as quickly as your throws, and sessions are usually brief, making it the ideal pass time. So what are you waiting for? Download the game for free at TechToDown and have fun!  Check out the game Basketball Battles if you love playing basketball.


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