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Are you a basketball fan? Do you enjoy the feeling of excitement when playing with your friends in a friendly match or practicing on your own? Basketball Battle is an exciting sports game that will bring this experience to life. With simple controls, it can be launched even on the weakest devices and has no lag time. Download Basketball Battle MOD APK now and join the battle!

About Basketball Battle

Show the world your basketball skills and become the best team of all times. Train your players, make them stronger and help them win cups. In this game you will be able to find a lot of different prizes – contracts with sponsors that will ensure income for you and basketball fields where battles take place between teams from different countries or cities. Players are divided into two categories: members of an elite club who can get better by completing levels in practice mode as well as beginners who have their own training arena where they can improve their skills just like on level one but without any time limits! As soon as you start playing Basketball Battle MOD APK, there is no need to look for opponents because the game includes both single player campaign mode and multiplayer against other people online using wifi connection.

Basketball Battle mod apk


– You have to move your finger on the screen and shoot for a basket. – In Basketball Battle MOD APK you can play not only as one but also two players (one player is taking up each side of the device). – The game has three modes – quick match, campaign mode and multiplayer. Quick Match offers both singleplayer with AI opponents or multiplayer against other people over internet connection via wifi. Campaign Mode contains 20 levels in which every victory unlocks new features such as boosters, various balls, arenas etc. Multiplayer allows playing games with friends around who are online at that time! It’s very simple: just type their gamertag from your list of contacts into search field and start a battle right away!

Additional tips on how to play better

You should try out all possible combinations of dribbling, shooting and jumping using various items from the store including ones that give special bonuses such as long range shots. They are not only great because they improve your game but also because they help you get through more levels.

Basketball Battle MOD APK Unlimited Money

Features of Basketball Battle MOD APK

Campaign mode with 20 levels:

– Every victory unlocks new features such as boosters, various balls and arenas. Multiplayer for battles between friends!

Unlimited Money (MOD)

It’s a great opportunity to buy everything in the store without spending money on it! Cool booster items give your team an edge over opponents. Basketball Battle MOD APK also has lots of other amazing features that will not let you get bored anytime soon!

Simple and intuitive controls

The game is very easy to play! You just need your device and a basketball. Basketball Battle APK (MOD) contains only one in-game button, which will make the ball fly during every battle.

Variety of arenas

Choose an arena that you like for each victory in Campaign mode or create your own with various items from the store. Watch out for opponents while playing on different fields! It’s not so simple as it seems at first glance; they are all unique and offer some benefits such as short range shots, long range shots or other awesome bonuses related to specific features of this field!

Dribble, shoot and jump

Shoot the ball in different ways by swiping on the screen or touching it. You can choose between three types of shots – power (longer range), curveball shot (a curved trajectory) and a normal one. The last type is good for close-range battles as you will still be able to beat your opponent with a fast attack! Try these moves when playing Basketball Battle MOD APK Unlimited Money now!

basketball battle mod apk free download

Free to customize and upgrade your team

Basketball Battle MOD APK offers players a chance to choose the team members they want and sort them according to positions. You have at your disposal three types of basketball teams – Kids, College and Proteams! All you need is just an attention for each player’s statistics (such as their shooting accuracy) and skill set offered by Basketball Battle MOD APK game. Basketball Battle mod apk has many power ups that can be activated in different ways during games or even before it starts. The most important ones are rebounds which will make your opponent miss shots when they’re closer than you; steal which makes it so easy to take the ball from opponents who don’t pay close enough attention while dribbling the ball and block, which makes it possible to stop opponents shots if they’re close enough.

The power-ups will make Basketball Battle APK game more interesting! In order to get these basketball powers you’ll have to spend in-game currency called coins that can be earned by playing games or obtained from a premium purchase with real money. You may also use them for other purposes such as upgrading your team’s statistics before beginning new matches, but don’t worry – there is always an option of getting free bonuses every day.

Enjoy playing the game with friends in local multiplayer

Basketball Battle was created with the best multiplayer experience in mind. You can control as many players on the same device and challenge your friends or any other player from around the world.

basketball battle mod apk techtodown

Download Basketball Battle MOD APK for Android

If you’re interested in Basketball Battle (MOD, Unlimited Money) – A great sports game about basketball, feel like a trianer. Train your own team and recruit the strongest players to win. Earn cups and win championships, conclude contracts and earn money for it., then go right ahead! Download Basketball Battle MOD APK from our website without hesitation.


Is it possible to play Basketball Battle on PC?

Yes, you can download and install the Android emulator. We highly recommend that you use BlueStacks for this purpose. You should also have a keyboard and mouse connected to your device. This will make playing much easier.

I want another team in my game?

You can buy another team with rubies in the shop or receive it as a reward for completing contracts and cups, then go right ahead! Download Basketball Battle MOD APK from our website without hesitation.

Is Basketball Battle free?

Yes, absolutely – download games is completely free of charge and does not contain any hidden fees.

How to get more rubies?

If you have completed contracts, cups and missions then congratulations, because now you can earn them with no difficulty! You will also receive a certain amount of freebies every day – so do not miss the chance to use it wisely and win in Basketball Battle!


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