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Gone are the days when video editing was done on bulky workstations, as today it has blended seamlessly into the mobile world. The quest for user-friendly editing tools has led to an upsurge in the number of rather efficient softwares that can be used by travelling content creators. However, AVU editor distinguishes itself as a robust and flexible video editor app that was purposely tailored for Android devices.


The domain of video editing has moved beyond the heavy work-stations of the past that you could only use in one place to being accessible remotely through smartphones. Android devices have become major centers for creative video production as there is an increased need for friendly and functional editing tools. One of the most prominent names in this field is VITA, a sophisticated app that allows both social media gurus and beginner video editors to create awesome videos which will captivate their viewers.

AVU editor Apk

What is AVU editor?

AVU editor is a robust video editor for Android devices. It goes over and above being a basic editing tool, providing a complete package of features that meet various video editing needs. Fundamentally, AVU editor inspires users to create visual projects, enabling them to:

  • Exact cut, split and merge clips: this guarantees smoothness and removes unnecessary scenes.
  • Include striking transitions between shots: these serve as a final touch in making your footage professional.
  • Tune the speed of videos at a very fine level: creating slow motion scenes for dramatic effects or speeding up for active and energetic mood.

Apart from the basic editing aspects, AVU editor differentiates itself with its outstanding motion graphics and visual effects (VFX) capabilities. This helps you move your own video production from ordinary to extraordinary.

Key Features of AVU editor

Pro Editing at Your Fingertips

When it comes to video editing, AVU editor doesn’t shy away from the complexities. It enables you to attack projects with the precision and control that is expected from professional editing suites. Frame-by-frame video sculpting is facilitated by the intuitive editing tools.

AVU editor Apk

  • Trimming, cutting, splitting and merging of clips are some of the finer aspects surrounding video structuring. You can remove unwanted segments with ease, rearrange footage in order for it to flow at its best and combine multiple clips into one single narrative.
  • Adding transitions between scenes can add a touch of cinematic flair. Choose among a wide range of transitions that will smooth your edits thus giving them a professional shine.
  • Video speed can be manipulated with user’s desired level of detail. When dramatic moments are heightened by creating captivating slow motion sequences or footage is accelerated in order to instill an energetic feel into projects, that’s when video speed manipulation happens.

AVU editor makes polished videos within reach whether you’ve been in the game for long or you’re starting out, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Unleash Your Inner VFX Wizard

Where AVU editor really excels is in motion graphics and visual effects (VFX). This distinguishes it from basic editing apps which turn your videos into something beyond ordinary.

AVU editor Apk

Imagine seamlessly integrating professionally-designed animations into your projects, adding a dynamic and engaging element to your storytelling. Therefore, a broader array of stunning effects includes:

  • Blur effects: Subtly soften specific areas of your video or create a dramatic dream-like sequence with various blur choices.
  • 3D Manipulation: By warping and manipulating video elements in the third dimension, this adds depth and dimensionality to your projects.
  • Scatter effects: By scattering video elements across the screen , one introduces playfulness/dynamics producing visually arresting effect.
  • Particle animations: Introduce mesmerizing, dancing and swirling particle effects across your videos to create an ethereal and energetic feel.

These are just some of the wide range VFX library offered by AVU editor. The app could even have pre-made templates or effect packs that would allow you to use these amazing visuals with ease in your project.


AVU editor has become an Android video editing app that is powerful and convenient. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field, this platform’s simple appearance alongside its full-featured set of tools makes it possible to create interesting videos for anyone. AVU editor has everything one needs, right from accurate editing manuals to amazing motion graphics as well as visual effects that will aid you in realizing your creative ideas.

Join other people on social media with AVU editor and embrace your passion for making videos! You can download the application today at the Google Play Store and begin your journey in mobile video editing. At, we urge you to be adventurous, inventive and present your astounding video creations to everyone!


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