Art of War: Legions

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You are a commander of an army and your mission is to lead troops to victory. You need some tactical skill, luck, and knowledge of the terrain to achieve your goal! If you want complete control over troops on battlefields then download Art of War Mod APK and experience the top-notch military gameplay for free!


Introduce about Art of War: Legions

Strategy games have been around for a long time, and they’ve evolved over time.. It has a large audience because of the fascinating gameplay, not too loud and complicated as the role-playing genre but nonetheless keeping them off of the phone for hours at a time. Art of War: Legions is one of the most popular and successful strategy games to date. This game has over 10 million downloads on Google Play alone, which proves how popular it is! This strategic game differs from Clash Royale in that it is more pleasurable. If you enjoy planning ahead and playing your cards properly, this one’s for you! Continue reading to discover more.



You’ll take command of your army and lead them to the field in order to defeat the opposing forces in Art of War MOD APK. The number of soldiers and units you will encounter at each level varies. Of course, the enemy will grow stronger over time, so you must plan ahead for tactics, units, and arrange them in a sensible formation before battle begins. Because archers can fire from afar while the infantry, Common Troop, and hero troops block the opponent’s movement, I usually station them at the rear. At the start, the field was tiny, with only a handful of troops (not including heroes) allowed. However, as the level rises, it will expand to allow you to build up more soldiers.


Hero collection

Although it is classified as a strategy game, if your troops are too feeble, you will not be able to triumph. As a result, the arrival of the heroes is intended to improve matters. They are extremely powerful and have unique personal abilities. You may tap the icons at the bottom of the screen to utilize them during each waiting period to recover your energy. Where can you discover a hero? You must purchase them with Gems if you remain in the card box or the hero box. What kind of hero are you? There are three kinds: uncommon, legendary, and epic. At the same time, this is also the method to split up power and rarity when obtaining a card. Legendary heroes are the most powerful. They have higher stats than other heroes, but you’ll need a lot of cards to get them. What about strength? The heroes, as well as the military units, played a role in this game’s tactics. Bull Demon King – Minotaur, for example, has greater offensive stats and can help to raise all soldiers’ defenses. And Little of Life – Green may be used to increase the HP of team members during battle. Choose a hero that suits your strategy to enhance your chances of winning.


Troops and heroes can be improved. However, depending on the strategy, they have distinct purposes. The heroes have their own upgradescreen, which allows them to improve the level of impact of individual skills, such as defense and attack stats. When preparing for battle, soldier units can only be improved. You must purchase units first before combining them. If an army is destroyed, you’ll have to replenish your resources again from level 1 in the worst-case scenario. However, using the Barracks function can help you speed up the process. They will combine all of the troops of the same rank together into one unit. There are two steps to both processes: coins and gems are required.

Task system

A bonus quest system is included in Art of War MOD APK. You will earn coins and gems each time you finish the game. They may be used to recruit soldiers in combat or buy cards from the shop for a chance to obtain heroes. The system becomes available at level 15. However, there are currently only two parts, “Snow adventure” and “Desert treasure hunt,” that have been released. Each of them has five challenges, but you can complete them all and return again as many times as you wish. Finally, in each daily activity, you must score achievements by fighting to complete it. For example, destroy 50 archers, utilize the hero’s abilities ten times, improve troops or accomplish tasks in the arena.


This game has stunning 3D visuals, but the viewpoint is up. As with Clash Royale, this game is set up similarly. However, as you begin to battle, your troops and opponents automatically start battling each other, resulting in an incredible fight sequence. Each soldier was created with a fun purpose in mind. Consider them as Legos fighting each other while wearing military uniforms instead of helmets. This is without a doubt a kid-friendly combat and strategy game.

Simple control scheme

There are no complicated controls since this is a strategy game. All you have to do to begin the fight is touch the “fight” option at the lower middle area of the screen. Before each bout, you may relocate your troops in search of ideal deployment locations. Then, as soon as the battle starts, tap the hero icons near the bottom of the screen to utilize your heroes.


This game features two currencies: coins and gems. The more common money is the coins, which you’ll acquire frequently as you fight in battles. You can rarely obtain gems through games, but you may use these two to recruit additional troops and purchase more heroes. You can also utilize them to raise their level.

Tips for Playing Art of War: Legions

The graphics and gameplay in this game may appear to be a lot of fun. However, as this is a strategy game, there is much to learn. Here are some pointers for novices:

  • Know your heroes and troops – In this game, knowing your troops’ and heroes’ strengths and weaknesses is crucial to winning. Knowing them will enable you to develop a strategy that works for your team. Also, before pressing the fight button, make sure your troops are correctly positioned so that they can contribute to your strategy.
  • Have the best troops – In Art of War MOD APK, you can unlock and upgrade your heroes. You should level up your heroes as much as possible so that they become stronger than ever before.
  • Don’t give up – The first few times you play this game may be difficult but don’t lose hope! Keep trying to improve on your strategy and eventually, things will start going well for you. It’s all about practice, and learning from your mistakes.. Never forget to have fun while playing too!

Final words

The Art of War: Legions is a simple, engaging game with tactical elements, so it will keep you enthralled for hours. After you’ve downloaded this app to your Android device, the monotonous moments will be a thing of the past.



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