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Mar 7, 2024
5.1 and up
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Arceus X is a gateway leading to an expansive world of Pokemon. With it, you can dive into the sprawling epic and create your journey, encountering legendary Pokemon in places you’d never guess they’d be and changing history with each step you take.  Battle with a newfound energy that was unimaginable before, bond with your Pokemon on entirely new levels and forge your destiny with a level of freedom that’s unprecedented in any other franchise.

Arceus X: The Fusions of Legends and Unveiling Destiny

Pokémon lovers…Prepare for a drastic change. Arceus X destroys all expectations and grants players an adventure that carries the roots that made it popular along with providing new captivating territory. This is not your average game where you just beat trainers. In this reality, there is no such thing as a trainer or Pokémon because everything is blurred — including the lines between the past, present, and future.

Cracked Time

The creator itself has called out to you to fix its own mistakes. The world is falling apart due to temporal distortions running rampant through space and time — history is collapsing right before your eyes. Even though you might see some familiar faces in this unusual setting, be warned that they are completely different now with their origins being distorted by the fabric of reality. Be cautious and don’t let curiosity take control.

World Conqueror or Befriend?

Saying goodbye to the overused route formula of past games, Arceus X introduces an open-world concept where every corner of nature holds secrets about a past civilization waiting to be revealed. It’s up to you whether you want to follow the whispers of prophecy or take destiny into your own hands by creating your story as you explore aimlessly.

Evolving Encounters

Wild Pokémon roam freely throughout this world with behavior differing from one species to another. Some may approach you with open arms while others might run away at first glance, but rarely some will test their strength against yours then and there. Either way, each encounter should be considered a learning experience because the more knowledge obtained from them leads to stronger bonds being built between Pokémon and trainer –  especially if both worlds are explored simultaneously via Pokémon GO!

Battles Intensify

Perfectly timed strategy will now play a factor during battles in Arceus X! Although they will remain true to their turn-based roots, the addition of real-time action will put players on their toes. Timing is everything in this new system and by dodging attacks, positioning your Pokémon, and carefully choosing when to strike with an attack of your own could very well determine the outcome.


There’s no stopping creativity in this game! Players now have more options than ever before to express themselves through their avatars. Many accessories and customizable markings exist for trainers to use in order to show off their style. As for the Pokémon… Each one can be treated like a walking canvas that carries the memories of training together as a reflection of shared adventures.

The Heart of a Hero

A trainer’s bond with their Pokémon has never been stronger, thanks to Arceus X! All choices made together, moments cared for, and victories earned as a team will shape them into warriors capable of overpowering any threat thrown at them.

Journey Through Epochs

Yes, the Temporal rift was only the beginning! This new world found in Arceus X is filled with so much more content that it could fit within one cartridge — which means there’s plenty to do if you want 100%! The search for rare and powerful Pokémon doesn’t seem too bad but how about taking on side quests that are practically full-length games? If online competition is what you’re after, then be ready because arenas swarming with trainers from around the globe await. Lastly, there’s even a breeding system for those who aim to create nothing short of perfection when it comes to putting together the ultimate competitive team.

Do you think you’re prepared enough?

It doesn’t end here, Arceus X is just the catalyst for a whole new age of Pokemon. Do you want to be the very best? Do you dominate every other trainer out there? Become a walking Pokedex? Or just take your time and enjoy the view with your team of six? Only you can decide. What kind of legend are you going to be this time around?


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