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American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is a mobile game based on the popular American animated series featuring huge action scenes. The game offers unique strategies as well as base-building gameplay that will provide you with endless fun moments. A little bit of RPG strategy comes into play in this game and it has an appealing story to give you great experiences.



Remember when Stan was kidnapped by aliens and Roger had to step in for him as a substitute teacher? They’re back, but this time they’ve only gone and taken over Langley Falls! Build your underground base, gather up a hilarious army of Roger clones, and get ready to save Stan (and the world!). This mobile RPG combines base-building strategy and crazy turn-based fighting with all the classic humour of American Dad! If you want some nonsensical fun then this guide is what you need to get started on American Dad! Apocalypse Soon.

What is American Dad! Apocalypse Soon?

You land into an alien invasion mess with American Dad! Apocalypse Soon. Your mission: transform Smith’s family residence into a sprawling underground stronghold for fighting back. This Base-Building Role-Playing Game will keep you busy printing money, creating resources, and most importantly cloning Roger!

As you progress through the game, more familiar faces from the show will be unlocked who are equipped with increasingly bizarre weaponry sent out on missions against these annoying aliens in turn-based strategic battles. The game captures perfectly the comedy and lunacy of American Dad!, integrating beloved characters and stories throughout its play elements. Prepare to chuckle while saving lives!


Why You Should Play American Dad! Apocalypse Soon

Regardless of whether you’re already smitten by American Dad or just like exciting mobile games in general; there are several reasons why playing American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is worth considering:

    • The True American Dad Experience: If you have watched this show then playing it would be like dreaming come true. All your favorite characters including Roger in all his different crazy forms, Stan, Francine, Steve, Hayley and Klaus among others. Experience iconic moments from the episodes as well as uncovering comical new storylines specifically designed for this game.
    • Build Your Base, Your Way: Fans of city-building games will enjoy the strategic challenges of growing Smith’s Family. Construct rooms for specific purposes, optimize resource production, and create the perfect underground fortress to launch your counterattack against the aliens.
    • Roger Twisted RPG Fun: Get a wide range of insane gear from improvised alien fighting equipment up to hilarious outfits that give you unique battle advantages. If you want some funny and effective combat strategies then try out a variety of combinations on your Roger clones.
    • Free-to-Play Done Right: The game does have in-app purchases but it is still perfectly possible to enjoy this game competitively without spending any money at all. You can achieve everything with a little patience and strategic play.
    • For Fans of Idle RPGs: If you enjoy collecting unique characters, team-building with a side of humor, and games that reward you even when you’re offline, Goddess Connect might be another fun option to explore.

Beginner’s Guide to American Dad! Apocalypse Soon

Beginning your journey into American Dad! Apocalypse Soon can feel much like being launched into Roger’s spaceship; there is so much happening and one doesn’t know where he or she should start from. But let’s make it simple!

Start Strong – Early Tips

  • Brainstorming and Early Game Strategy: The first approach to take is to prioritize your resources, the first rooms that should be built are the ones producing basic resources for instance food, money and energy. Upgrade these rooms regularly in order to expand your base and train Rogers.
  • Home Sweet Home: Don’t forget about basics as you start building. Construct resource-producing rooms even if they are not needed at once – this will generate constant income at later stages!
  • Initial Combat Focus: Upgrade your fighting rooms to level up your initial Rogers clones. A good early team can give a head start in campaign mode thus unlocking more features of the game when completing stages.

Roger Management

  • Equip and Evolve: Each Roger has an option of equipping weapons, armors and accessories. Dress them up with different combinations that will make them powerful. Enhance experience points on each Roger so they become stronger than ever before.
  • Every Roger is Unique: When choosing a fighting style pay attention to their class – Fighter, Ranger etc as it determines their core fighting abilities including appropriate gear.
  • Special Skills Matter: As Rogers gain levels, they acquire special combat skills which can be used during battles hence these should be considered while developing an effective strategy.



Comic genius Seth MacFarlane has injected his sense of humor into another mobile game tie-in, American Dad! Apocalypse Soon. If you want something funny or challenging then play this game with all its playful narrative strategies. And also keep visiting – we are continuously discovering new strategies, event analyses and various fun guides that will help you beat hordes of aliens down and bring Stan back home where he belongs.



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