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Master Alight Motion Mod Apk! Create stunning videos with keyframe animations, effects, motion graphics, and more. Completely free with unique mod features with

  • Premium, Pro features are now available
  • Support XML Export/Import.


Powerful motion graphics and video editing app for smartphones and tablets, known as Alight Motion. The groundbreaking view allows for creation of fine videos through your mobile device in the easiest manner.

What is Alight Motion and Why Use It?

What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is an extremely powerful application for video editing and motion graphics which works well with tablets and smartphones. This distance fills between social media editing tools that are simple and complex desktop software thus giving the mobile device an unexpectedly creative power.Alight Motion offers exceptional control for video editing and animations, but if you’re looking for an even more beginner-friendly tool with a focus on quick edits and trendy effects, consider exploring CapCut as well. You can learn more about it on our website

Why Choose Alight Motion?

Here’s why Alight Motion stands out among the many mobile editing apps on the market:

  • User-Friendly Interface: With a small learning curve designed to cater to beginners but deep enough to retain experts, this app reaches its audience.
  • Impressive Features for a Mobile App: Discover Keyframe animation, different visual effects, color correction tools, layering, etc!
  • Flexibility: Be it touch-ups for a TikTok video or YouTube intro that keeps one glued or even a fully animated short project; surprisingly, Alight Motion is flexible enough to handle all these tasks.
  • Active Community and Resources: Get support from online tutorials, forums where you can make inquiries and other artists’ works that will help you when studying any multimedia sphere.

Alight Motion mod apk

Alight Motion – how to begin with it.

For starting your creative journey through Alight Motion, it is simple. Simply follow the steps below in order:

Project Initialization

  • Open the app: Open your device and click on the Alight Motion app after installing it.
  • New project: To create a new project, tap on the big plus sign (“+”) at the lower right corner of your screen.

Project setup

  • Aspect ratio: The aspect ratio will be chosen based on suitability for either platform or video use (square, landscape, portrait…)
  • Resolution: Select an appropriate resolution (e.g., 1080p for Full HD or 4K for better quality).
  • Frames per second (FPS): Choose frame rate (24fps, 30fps, 60fps …)
  • Background: You can choose whatever kind of color background or background image you would like to use here.

Introducing Workspace

Know about Alight Motion’s main working area:

  • Timeline: This is where you put together videos by arranging them, cutting tangibly and changing their time (for example music, images art clips texts effects,…).
  • Toolbar: It consists of major tools that help to add content into your work as well as modifying their impacts and properties,…
  • Previewer: When editing, this displays the view of what you are editing right now in form of a video clip.
  • Layers : These are useful such as when arranging so that Photoshop could facilitate its user in tidying up content better yet flexibly than before.

Ready to import your resources and start creating!


Alight Motion MOD APK free download

Alight Motion’s Outstanding Attributes

Now let’s get deep into the features of Alight Motion that make your videos more impressive.

Basic editing

It provides basic tools to take full charge of your video’s core components. Cut clips to remove unwanted parts for smooth flow and split longer ones for focused edits or dynamic scene changes.  Making a seamless transition between clips in order to make interesting montages out of several movies or merging different camera angles are other two options for you. Change playback speed to add creativity, highlight dramatic moments by slowing motion or increase speed creating an energetic mood. Incorporating background music, sound effects or voiceovers enhances the atmosphere and requires balancing audio levels as well as applying fade-in/fade-out effects which will allow the listener to experience smooth transitions between different sounds. Lastly, polish your edits with various professional-looking transitions like dissolves or wipes that help in bridging gaps between your clips.

Motion Graphics & Animation

This is where Alight Motion really shines: motion graphics and animation! At its heart is keyframe animation whereby you specify certain points in time where aspects of an object (like position, rotation, opacity) should change. The software takes care of filling in these spaces using frames that are intermediate between the keyframes thus producing an animation. Even better, you can create custom easing curves so that objects move naturally – speeding up, slowing down, and everything else in-between shapes and masks are extremely flexible; they can be utilized as simple geometric patterns, hand-drawn shapes or used strategically to selectively reveal and hide parts of images/videos creating striking visual impacts. To save time, use one of the many available pre-made animations from Alight Motion’s library of presets which can be applied to elements onscreen with just a few taps.

Applications and Color Correction

Give your videos a new look with these powerful features

  • Color Adjustment: Besides the ordinary adjustment sliders such as exposure and contrast correction ,the use of this tool can enable one to correct color balance,vibrancy,saturation and other attributes. This comprises creating distinctive color palettes, achieving cinematic looks and enhancing emotions in the videos.

Alight Motion MOD APK Premium Subscription Unlocked


Alight Motion is not only an app; instead, it’s a mobile creative shop. This way, with its user-friendly interface coupled with strong animation effects as well as supportive community, you can easily bring your unique idea into life. Being a beginner or a skilled video editor does not matter though, don’t hesitate to experiment, speak out and see where your creativity leads you! Therefore, this is the onset of Alight Motion for you on which you would be expected to embark. Thus embrace the possibilities that lie ahead of you, never stop learning and above all have fun when turning your ideas into engaging videos.


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