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MOD Info?

AfterFocus Pro Mod Apk: Get DSLR-like blurred backgrounds effortlessly. Unlock premium features for professional-looking photos.

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With AfterFocus Pro, you can create DSLR style background blurred photo by simply selecting focus area. Also, various filter effects offer you to create the most natural and realistic photo.


This powerful Android app empowers you to regain control. With AfterFocus Pro, you can achieve stunning photos with professional-looking blurred backgrounds that make your subject pop – the kind of shots you’d typically expect from a fancy DSLR camera.


What is AfterFocus Pro?

  • Definition: AfterFocus Pro is an advanced photo editing application specifically tailored for Android devices. The aim behind making this app was to reproduce one of the beautiful qualities of photography called “Bokeh” which high end camera lens gives as a result of blurring the whole background.
  • Achieving Professional Results: With AfterFocus Pro, you can draw attention to your main subject and create a sense of depth that gives your photos a polished look. This app has got all it takes whether you want undesirable backgrounds removed,get great portraits or just give them an artistic touch.

Key Features (Overview): To get there, After Focus Pro offers some features such as:

  • Its Smart Selection Tools: This means easily defining your focus areas.
  • Background Blur Styles: Get out of focus images like various camera settings would produce.
  • Filters and Adjustments: Allowing full range editing options.


Why You Should Use AfterFocus Pro

  • Common Photography Woes: Sometimes, the right picture will come at a cost. For example, imagine taking an amazing landscape photo only to realize that overhead power lines were hanging directly down in front of it; or when someone happened to pass through your family’s group picture; or perhaps shooting something close-up but unwanted objects ended up spoiling it at the back.
  • AfterFocus Pro to the Rescue: This is where AfterFocus comes in handy. Rather than never looking at them again because they are not perfect, what if we can focus on just one point of interest?

Beyond Just Fixing Mistakes: Background blur is not only about eliminating distractions. With AfterFocus Pro you can:

  • Isolate Subjects: Perfect for portraits where you want the person to stand out.
  • Add Depth and Drama: Guide the viewer’s eye and make your images look more artistic.
  • Cost-Effective Alternative: Achieve high-end results without the hefty price tag of professional camera gear.

Who’s it For? AfterFocus Pro is fantastic for:

  • Smartphone Photographers: Revamp your ordinary photos with a few simple tweaks.
  • Hobbyists: Professionalize your photography skills without complex software terms.
  • Social Media Enthusiasts: Bring out your content among many others from this crowd.


AfterFocus Pro Key Features

Smart Selection Tools

  • Effortless Focus: After Focus makes it easy to define what stays sharp in photo. So, you will need to draw rough lines around and inside main object. This app’s smart algorithms are able to detect edges almost precisely making it possible to achieve desired results by doing less work during post processing stage.
  • Precision Adjustments: If you require greater control, there are more advanced options that allow you to refine edge selections so as to have an even transition between focused and blurry parts of the background image created using this application.

Diverse Blur Styles

  • Mimic Real Lenses: Bokeh effect varies from one lens to another and this has been looked at in AfterFocus Pro which is why there are several blur styles that imitate different cameras lenses. These may vary from soft, smooth focuses onto much pronounced circular bokeh depending on how one would like their pictures too look like.
  • Creative Control: Discover background blurs that complement overall moods and looks in photographs by experimenting on these effects some other time

Filter Effects and Other Tools

Complete Editing Experience: AfterFocus Pro is not limited to mere blurring. It provides filters of different kinds, color adjustments and other editing tools such that you can make your images as perfect as possible.

Filters that give your photos a classic touch by adding vintage effects, boosting colours or trying black and white.

Brightness and Contrast-Enhancement: Adjust brightness and contrast for better results overall.

AfterFocus Pro is a specialized and superior tool in the field of specific background blurring. On the other hand, if you are looking for versatile editing tools, PicsArt Pro is a very comprehensive photo and video editing app with many features other than background blurring.


Enhancing Your Photography with After Focus Pro: We’ve seen that AfterFocus Pro is so much more than just correcting bad pictures; it’s an invaluable tool in pushing mobile photography to the edge. If you seek to brush up your everyday images, improve your social media posts or just show off your artistic prowess, this application is one of the best additions you can make to your photo editing kit.


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