Zombie Haters Mod Apk 8.1.0 (Unlimited Money) Download

Jan 25, 2022
6.0 and up
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If you are a fan of zombie games, Zombie Haters will be worth a try for you. The game will transport you to a future where the planet is engulfed in radiation and millions of zombies roam the streets. With many missions in the game, you will not have time to boredom with the simple intuitive controls in dozens of chores, and various interesting locations. Enjoy the game and survive the apocalypse and survive the zombie apocalypse.

Introducing to Zombie Haters Mod Apk

Zombie Haters MOD APK is a fast-paced arcade about the theme of fighting zombies. The game has low polygon visuals and active road survival of vanquished zombies. In the game, you will take control of a small man who must kill the enemy by shooting accurately while also keeping other people alive and unifying them in their efforts. You will control a group of survivors, and has function as a unified system. This considerably boosts firepower and allows for more efficient task performance.


The game has attractive gameplay, you will play game with a group of two people. After upgrading, you can play with three or four people. You will move and fight any zombies attempting to take your life. You only need to move, the characters in game will automatically shoot when zombies approach.

The game has attractive gameplay

Many people also share your aim and are waiting for you, so you can move closer to them to add another member to your team. You have more members in your team, you will enhance your firepower. You need to locate survivors, that is also the best way to increase your chances of surviving. Survivors highlighted with a blue arrow can be used to determine their location and distance from you. Survivors have been injured, so you can save them as well as save the world.

Battles in the game

To fight against many scary zombies and stay alive, you need to keep moving, keep a safe distance from zombies, and fire bullets at them. You need to hit, run, avoid becoming stuck in a dead end. You can see zombies everywhere, and you need to run away if you can’t keep up with them. Especial, when you fight against boss, you can you can lose one or more members with just one hit from him.

Fight against many scary zombies and stay alive

Idle mod in the game

You can switch to Zombie Haters‘ idle mode if you are weary of fighting zombies all the time. When you are offline, your characters will automatically fight. You can also gain power, and pick up money in this mode. Open Idle mode, then go to sleep and wake up with a large sum of money. Besides, you can play this game with play vs players mode, or PVP mode.

You can switch to Zombie Haters' idle mode


Zombie Haters is an action game with the theme of zombies with beautiful 3D graphics. The graphics in the game have a variety of colorful cubes with houses, trees, automobiles, stones, fences, and other objects that are designed straightforwardly and amusingly.

An action game with beautiful 3D graphics.

Besides, the game has a top-down view, so you can see the entire map. You can see what’s going on in towards concealed places because the structure will automatically become translucent.


Besides the graphics, the sound adds to the game’s excitement and tension. You will experience the apocalyptic heavy, dark atmosphere, along with the frightening roar of zombies. You will test your courage through this game.

What are special about Zombie Haters Mod Apk?

Zombie Haters is a fast-paced action zombie game in which players must team up with other survivors to kill zombies. You will fight against many zombies and boss. To win and survive, you will need to buy more new weapons and upgrade your current weapons. You also can purchase unique characters to build your strong team. You will need to buy some items, characters with real money. But downloading this Mod Apk, you can enjoy the game with unlimited money and no ads. So, you can purchase characters, weapons and other items that you don’t need to use real money.

How to download Zombie Haters Mod Apk?

To download this game for your Android devices, you need to ensure that third-party apps are permitted on your device before you can install it. Then, you can click the “Download Apk” above and wait till the complete download.

  • Step 1: To check for unknown sources: Choose Menu >> Setting >> Security >> Unknown Sources >> Turn it ON
  • Step2: Go to Techtodown.Net, then type: “Zombie Haters Mod Apk”.
  • Step 3: Choose: “install” and wait till it finishes installing.
  • Step 4: Open the game that you have downloaded and enjoy.


Zombie Haters has engrossing gameplay, you can play with other player in different game mode. You can unlock other survivors, discover new world and fight against zombies with them. You can play in idle mode and get reward in the game. Many interesting things you can find in the game. Let download and enjoy!

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